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Bigrock95's Fizzy Challenge WRC Qualifying Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: Bigrock95

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This is a list of all qualifying caches for the Fizzy Challenge Well Rounded Cacher. It includes #'s (01)-(81) for the Difficulty/ Terrain Grids, #'s (82)-(88) for all the various cache types, and #'s (89 on) for Fizzy Challenge Caches.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCQV5M Earthcache (01) "The Cove" Earthcache at Mine Falls Park
  1.0/1.0 pub. 10/04/05
Found: 12/22/05

My first earthcache in New Hampshire with a very interesting, naturally formed and ever changing environment. It was fun to explore the are afrom several vantage points.

GCNRQ0 Traditional Cache (02) Maz16 - La Côte Magnétique / Magnetic Hill
  1.0/1.5 pub.05/04/05
Found: 06/07/08

Après avoir obtenu la permission des Etats-Unis et les patrouilles de frontières canadiennes, nous avons dirigé vers notre première aventure de Québec. Phil a pris la manière à côté de la route alternative- faisant plus beaucoup "bushwhacking" et boueux que nécessaire, c'était sombre et nous n'avons pas remarqué les pistes. Nous avons cherché un pendant que mais n'allaient pas échouer. Enfin le succès et astucieusement caché. Merci.


GC31DE Letterbox Hybrid (03) The Depot
1.0/2.0 pub. 01/12/02
Found: 05/31/2004

One of the most interesting surprises I have ever found while walking in the woods. Definitely, "A must see".

GCB383 Traditional Cache (04) Powderhouse
  1.0/2.5 pub. 12/10/02
Found: 03/26/2005

Interesting historic structure behind the Bolton Town Hall high atop the hill

GCP6MD Earthcache (05) Kettletown Geology Earthcache
1.0/3.0 pub. 06/05/05
Found: 06/12/2005 while at GeoJamboree 3. It was my first ever and in a very familiar park that I visited with my parents often during my younger years.


GC10741 Traditional Cache (06) Feel Sorry
  1.0/3.5 pub. 01/05/07
Found: 03/30/2007

GCV8QH Traditional Cache (07) Cedar Swamp Bushwack
  1.0/4.0 pub. 04/06/06
Found: 01/21/2007

GCGC0T Traditional Cache (08) Korner Kache 6
  1.0/4.5 pub. 06/08/03
Found: 12/13/2009

GCJNVW Traditional Cache (09) Log Cabbin Isle
  1.0/5.0 pub. 06/10/04
Found: 07/31/2005

GCND59 Multi-cache (10) Final Middlesex Canal Cache
1.5/1.0 pub. 04/08/05
Found: 04/11/05

The multi-cache of multi-caches. This multi-cache concludes the twelve multi-caches which together make up the Middlesex Canal Series developed for histori exploration of the 27 mile route of the Middlesex Canal which linked Boston Harbor to the Merrimack River in Lowell, Massachusetts.

GCHPW9 Multi-cache (11) Concrete Forest
  1.5/1.5 pub. 02/17/04
Found: 05/09/200

GCJ7FY Traditional Cache (12) The Fool on the Hill
  1.5/2.0 pub. 04/17/04
Found: 05/20/2004
First "solo" find and first in Massachusetts

GCKVW5 Traditional Cache (13) Bridge Over the River Something
  1.5/2.5 pub. 10/17/04
Found: 10/20/2004

GCA01 Traditional Cache (14) Sudbury/Concord River Cache 2
  1.5/3.0 pub. 05/20/01
Found: 02/09/09

GCZX6T Traditional Cache (15) Ives Forest Cache
  1.5/3.5 pub. 12/20/06
Found: 05/03/08

GCGYY9 Traditional Cache (16) Mugu Rock
  1.5/4.0 pub. 09/22/03
Found: 08/27/04

GCYT20 Traditional Cache (17) 4 Wheelin Adventure – Crossroads
  1.5/4.5 pub. 10/10/06
Found: 05/31/2010

GC19N7R Traditional Cache (18) Cache Rockabye
  1.5/5.0 pub. 02/24/08
Found: 06/06/2009
***Qualifier for NE and NY Fizzy, CA reqt's not met yet.

GCCC58 Webcam Cache (19) Pierpont Bay WebCam
2.0/1.0 pub. 01/29/03
First Webcam found in CA 9/29/2005

GCJZ4A Traditional Cache (20) Wister Point - Squam Lake
  2.0/1.5 pub. 07/11/2004
Found: 07/12/2004
First FTF in New Hampshire with Sandcacher
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