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WWFM IV (shared, public)

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The 4th Worldwide Flash Mob event.
11/08/08: 10:00-10:15 am PST (mostly).

Interactive Google Map HERE.

More WWFM info here & here.


20 Countries
Afghanistan (2)
Australia (6)
Belgium (6)
Canada (21) AB(3), BC(3), NB, NL(4), NS(3), ON(4), QC(2), SK
Czech Republic
Germany (2)
Netherlands (7)
New Zealand (2)
Norway (2)
Portugal (3)
Sweden (6)
United Kingdom (8)
USA (81)

39 States & Terrs.
AK, AL, AR(2), AZ, CA(7), CO(2), DE, FL(4), GA(4), GU, IA(3), ID, IN(2), KS , LA, MD, ME, MI(2), MO(2), MS(2), NB, NC(2), NH, NJ(2), NV, NY(3), OH(3), OR(3), PA(2), PR, RI, SC(2), SD, TN(6), TX(4), UT(2), VA(2), WI(4),WY(2)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1GZ14 Event Cache * WWFM IV - San Diego Hope and Happiness (11/08/2008)
  BY iTRAX AND FOXTAIL. San Diego, California, USA. 10am PST. The Original.  

GC1H25C Event Cache * AF: Bagram's Second WWFM Event (A WWFM IV Event) (11/08/2008)
  by Rickandjen. Bagram, AFGHANISTAN. 10:30pm (UTC+4:30)/10am PST. Git'r dun near Pritchard's Persuader.  

GC1FVJV Event Cache * AF: WWFM IV - Afghanistan in a Flash (11/08/2008)
  by SDAJumpmaster. Kandahar, AFGHANISTAN. 10:30PM (UTC+4:30)/10am PST. The first one published! "No Frills" at Tim Horton's.  

GC1HABC Event Cache * AU: WWFM - Pyjama Party! (11/09/2008)
  by Tealby. Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, AUSTRALIA. 5am Sunday EDT/10am PST. 5:00 a.m. Pyjama Party!  

GC1H393 Event Cache * AU: WWFM 1V - Hop On A Tram (11/08/2008)
  by Trams Adelaide. Adelaide, South Australia, AUSTRALIA. 10am CDT/3:30pm PST Friday. Mystery theme.  

GC1GF2H Event Cache * AU: WWFM IV - In the Riverland (11/08/2008)
  by Jardry. Loxton, South Australia, AUSTRALIA. 10am CDT/3:30pm PST Friday. Flashmob at the Rotunda.  

GC1HA6B Event Cache * AU: WWFM IV - In the Upper South East (11/08/2008)
  by Team Firesafe. Keith, South Australia, AUSTRALIA. 10am CDT/3:30pm PST. Flashmob on the Nature Strip.  

GC1GREV Event Cache * AU: WWFM IV - Lap of Honour (11/08/2008)
  by The Spindoctors. Homebush, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA. 10m EDT/3pm Friday PST. Sports theme near the Olympic Cauldron.  

GC1FYW3 Event Cache * AU: WWFM IV - Throw the book at it! (11/08/2008)
  by Rhinogeo and Facitman. Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA. 10am EDT/3pm Friday PST. Flashmob at the library.  

GC1HFFG Event Cache * BE: WWFM IV (Boom) - "Roetschen maar ..." (11/08/2008)
  by Pandabeertje. Boom, Antwerpen, BELGIUM. 7pm CEST/10am PST.  

GC1HEMX Event Cache * BE: WWFM IV (Bredene) - "ENZO'S FEEST" (11/08/2008)
  by Barontoo. West-Vlaanderen, BELGIUM. 7pm CEST/10am PST. A little party for little Enzo the dog.  

GC1HFHE Event Cache * BE: WWFM IV (Brussels) - "Atomium" (11/08/2008)
  by GeocacherQ. Brussels, BELGIUM. 7pm CEST/10am PST. Flashmob at the Atomium.  

GC1HET5 Event Cache * BE: WWFM IV (Hasselt) "TSJOE TSJOE FREEZE" (11/08/2008)
  by Team Cabdriver. Hasselt, Limburg, BELGIUM. 7pm CEST. CHOO-CHOO FREEZE.  

GC1HJ0R Event Cache * BE: WWFM IV (Liège) - Waffe di Lîdje (11/08/2008)
  by AHAA. Liège, BELGIUM. 7pm CEST/10am CEST. WAFFLES!  

GC1HJ24 Event Cache * BE: WWFM IV Leuven (11/08/2008)
  by Wodanza. Leuven, Vlaams-Brabant, BELGIUM. 7pm CEST/10am PST.  

GC1FW3Z Event Cache * CH: WWFM IV - Zurich, Switzerland (11/08/2008)
  by Team Vyrembi & tandemtour. Zurich, SWITZERLAND. 7pm CEST/10am PST. Flashlight flashmob.  

GC1HEA6 Event Cache * CZ: WWFM IV – Zlin, Czech Republic (11/08/2008)
  by MarcanC. Zlin, CZECH REPUBLIC. 7pm CEST/10am PST. MASKS!  

GC1HN2E Event Cache * DE: WWFM IV - Osnabrück, Germany (11/08/2008)
  by Sheepdogs&Friends. Osnabrück, Niedersachsen, GERMANY. 7pm CEST/10am PST.  

GC1HG6E Event Cache * DE: WWFM IV: Bonn joins the world event (11/08/2008)
  by broiler. Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GERMANY. 7pm CEST/10am PST. Beethoven's Fifth by Candlelight at Beethoven's Statue.  

GC1FVYM Event Cache * DK: WWFM IV - Århus (11/08/2008)
  by ProsperoDK. Århus, DENMARK. 7pm CEST/10am PST.  
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