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🇨🇭Swiss Caches with 🇬🇧English Listing (VOL 2/3) (shared, public)

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Last Update: August 20, 2020

As frequent traveller to foreign countries I often wished to have some sort of guidance to "understandable" listings. Although often the coordinates are sufficient, it is nice to understand a little about the location, or to understand the hint.

Here a Compilation of Caches in Switzerland with English Listings. See also the other Bookmarks VOL 1: (visit link) VOL 3: (visit link)


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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC7RMTJ Traditional Cache Klein Matterhorn - small Matterhorn Reloaded

GC8Z1M6 Unknown Cache 🀟🏻 Mirror Mirror 🎸

GC8AKNE Letterbox Hybrid ! Borgonovo !

GC751QV Traditional Cache #03: Balade Bevaix

GC751R0 Traditional Cache #04: Balade Bevaix

GC751R7 Traditional Cache #05: Balade Bevaix

GC751R9 Traditional Cache #06: Balade Bevaix

GC87X5Q Traditional Cache #1 - Merci Thierry

GC8A8VK Letterbox Hybrid #1 Le zoo des vaudruziens - ElΓ©phant

GC88KG5 Traditional Cache #1 Soldat

GC88KMM Traditional Cache #10 Commandant de corps

GC8A8XQ Letterbox Hybrid #10 Le zoo des Vaudruziens - Girafe

GC87X63 Traditional Cache #2 - Merci Thierry

GC8A8VY Letterbox Hybrid #2 le zoo des Vaudruziens - Lion

GC88KJE Traditional Cache #2 Sergent

GC87X68 Traditional Cache #3 - Merci Thierry

GC8A8WB Letterbox Hybrid #3 le zoo des Vaudruziens - Zèbre

GC88KJR Traditional Cache #3 Sergent-Major

GC87X6C Traditional Cache #4 - Merci Thierry

GC88KKH Traditional Cache #4 Fourrier
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