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ePete's List of Puzzles Worth Solving (shared, public)

List Owner: ePeterso2

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This is a list of my favorite puzzles. Here are some things that I feel make a great puzzle:

- Economy
- Surprisingness
- Inevitability
- Integration of the puzzle with the location
- Great hiding spot and great camouflage

If you have a recommendation for a puzzle that should be on this list, please let me know!

Thanks to all of the puzzle hiders on this list!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC11A2N Unknown Cache A Mystery Cache - AB4N - GC11A2N
  I have not solved this one, but I think I like it already.  

GCP2VH Unknown Cache A simple cipher? - JJmac - GCP2VH
  You'll need a crystal ball to solve this one.  

GC1A00Q Unknown Cache Halve and Halve - TeamGumbo - GC1A00Q
  I had toyed with doing something like this myself ... glad to see someone else beat me to it!  

GC114YW Unknown Cache Help from Ludwig - TinSparrow - GC114YW
  My favorite part about this cache is that you can't Google the answers - you actually have to get off of your butt and do real research.  

GC177PF Unknown Cache Just Another Day At The Park - antimony13 - GC177PF
  A great puzzle that has defied many attempts to crack it. It's not that hard, really!  

GCQXGW Unknown Cache Just say NO to SuDoku! - Cow Spots - GCQXGW
  Kudos to Cow Spots for creating a sudoku cache that doesn't have the standard solution!  

GCTG4C Unknown Cache Let the Games Begin! - Lj&Co - GCTG4C
  A cache that takes you on a quest across all of South Florida, then forces you to solve a logic problem, all of which gets you into one of the best fraternities a puzzlehead can imagine.  

GC11PYB Unknown Cache Mastermind - pfalstad - GC11PYB
  This is a strong candidate for Cleverest Puzzle Construction Ever.  

GCNQ7K Unknown Cache MISSION : Impossible - Punctatus - GCNQ7K
  I look forward to hearing more tales of the adventures of G. O'Cash in the future!  

GC2153M Unknown Cache Mother Of All Puzzles - Lttldude - GC2153M
  How many levels can you complete?  

GC1MM54 Unknown Cache Night's Tour - Harper117 - GC1MM54
  Just a hop, a skip, and a jump away from you!  

GCP0KH Unknown Cache Off the Deep End - Punctatus - GCP0KH
  I love all of Punctatus puzzles (every single one of them should be on this list), but I think this one does the best job in combining the most criteria of what I think makes a good puzzle.  

GC101X3 Unknown Cache Plimpton 322 - CaptainMath - GC101X3
  This is a great teaching puzzle. I never found it myself, but OBJets did the site work while I did the masterminding. Even though it's archived, it's still worth solving.  

GC1N7XY Unknown Cache Puzzle of the Month Club - March - Red Otter - GC1N7XY
  Anyone that doesn't like this cache is a commie pinko. Or not.  

GC10YXR Unknown Cache Seventeen Quarter Cache - mozzietucker - GC10YXR
  The puzzle is excellent, and the cache hider is as much a legend as she is a landmark.  

GCTTBP Unknown Cache The Spirit of Grey Wolf - Grey Wolf and Wild Rice - GCTTBP
  This one vexed me for a long time. There are very few ways (only one?) left to solve it. Kudos to you, GW!  

GC15VVA Unknown Cache ULTIMATE CODE - footTRAX - GC15VVA
  I liked this one as much for the adventure as I did for the puzzle.  

GC1GTQ7 Unknown Cache Very Hot Toddy - Hipointer and Capiti - GC1GTQ7
  Simple to state, complex to solve. Nice job!  

GC1P2WW Unknown Cache Vwllss - harper117 - GC1P2WW
  A well-constructed puzzle, well-integrated with the hint and the container. Nice job!  

GC1ZH26 Unknown Cache Welcome to Walton - WVAngler - GC1ZH26
  If I was the reviewer that had to approve this, I think I'd freak out.  
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