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CTD - Caches to Do List (shared, public)

List Owner: redlights

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This is a list of caches I would like to attempt.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCMZ97 Earthcache "Rock In" Down The Highway Earthcache

GC3BFPZ Unknown Cache 100 Favorite Points Challenge
  One of my favorite hiders Goldenhawk
GC1253A Eureka! = 33 pts
GCWVPR Zeros = 19 pts
GCZTBC Up, Up and Away 2 = 17 pts
GC12JAC Utilitease = 15 pts
GC1DV5K Leonardtown Blue Light Special = 13 pts
GCPT2G The Sneakier (Night Cache) = 12 pts
GC165ZE Captain Thomas Smith's Revenge = 5 pts

GC41H3Q Unknown Cache 12-12-12 Challenge - Hikers (12 one milers)
  Pretty sure but must check

GC1E7D CrissCross Reloaded found Feb, 20, 2011
GC1NKYW CAM 2009 Nanticoke River found April 19, 2009
GC1NKTA CAM 2009 Hoye Crest found April 9, 2009
GC5C6 Cat Cache found May 4, 2008
GC11NYG WWTBAM $1,000,000 found Sept. 13, 2009
GC3EAQC Livin' on the Edge found March 17, 2012
GCTJA6 Catz Eye found March 28, 2009
GCGZV1 Maryland Heights Pt. II found Feb. 20, 2011
GC58EA Mt. Nebo Excursion found July 18, 2011
GC2BE4 Ruined-Chicken Multicache found July 5, 2011
GC2570 Fair Hill Multicache found July 5, 2011
GC415HK Cedars and Pines at the Point found Dec. 27, 2012

GC41H4B Unknown Cache 12-12-12 Mini Challenge - 12 Different States
  Already qualify  

GC3KH7Z Unknown Cache 20 Reviewers Challenge
  Give it a try:
CT-> Pofe GCXC70 In The "Ghetto"
FL->BoJaB GC303VH Celebration Water Tower!
Crow T Robot GC1Y3HH M&M-183 Wherigo Whenican't...Downtown Disney
GA ->erik881-r GC12W8D The Great Doodlebug Search
IL->ILReviewer GCQH8R woodfield trolley cache #1
MD -> Dr. MD GC3D13C The Seven Heavenly Virtues - Psychomachia
MA ->geoaware GC1E67W Cape Cod Tidal Flats
MadMin GC1T8GB erycka & wichie's Letterbox Hybrid
NC-> NCReviewer GC2GAQG SWMBO Still Rings My Bell
OH->Keystone GC17NB7 Franklin Park Adventure
PA-> Mr. Ollivander GC263WF NCT - DevinC's NCT at Night
OReviewer GC21408 C.B. Watcher - The Tourist One?
Tom Bombadil GC29CVV NCT - Gravel Lick Letterbox
RI->gpsfun GC2H73B RG23 Our Favorite Places
VA->Dot Plotter GC1004R (FOR) - Over the Quarry
offline.cacher GC343H
DC->mtn-man GC1560Q I am not a crook!
WI -> Bec GC24TJ9 Kaminski Park
geoawareCA GC2RGK6 Erosion in the Dells

GC3HWWQ Unknown Cache 365 Challenge

GCZ8ZQ Earthcache Ape Cave

GCZNVY Earthcache Assateague Island On The Move

GCJYNE Traditional Cache Baltimore Hydrocache #1

GCQMPA Traditional Cache Baltimore Hydrocache #2

GCTHPW Multi-cache Beneath, Between and Behind

GC190EK Traditional Cache EVIL

GC2AGVN Traditional Cache Focal Point - Underwater Cache

GCGJ7W Virtual Cache I Spy, You Spy, She Spied

GC15DY2 Unknown Cache Kentucky's Fizzy Challenge: THE 81

GCRV3B Traditional Cache koz's konkrete kache (adopted by TW)
  This one looks fun.  

GC360ZH Unknown Cache Maryland Top 10 Challenge
  Spotted 04/05/2013  

GC2WRDV Unknown Cache MD - 20 Souvenirs Challenge

GC3CGPC Unknown Cache One Day D/T Challenge

GC3B1 Traditional Cache Pike Powder Hike
  Easter Break Trip - hopefully??  
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