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First 100 Geocaches (shared, public)

List Owner: Geocaching HQ

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This list documents the First 100 Geocaches.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC10 Traditional Cache GC10: First Divine
  CO: Dave Ulmer
Date placed: 5/8/2000
State: OR

GC12 Traditional Cache GC12 5/12/2000
  CO: Jerry Connelly
Date placed: 5/12/200
State: OR

GC13 Traditional Cache GC13: Billy Graham Lookout
  CO: Dave Ulmer
Date placed: 5/15/2000
State: OR

GC14 Traditional Cache GC14: Williams Lake
  CO: Dave Ulmer
Date placed: 5/16/2000
State: OR

GC15 Traditional Cache GC15: Goat Summit Geocache
  CO: Dave Ulmer
Date placed: 6/3/2000
State: OR

GC16 Traditional Cache GC16 6/4/2000
  CO: Jerry Connelly
Date placed: 6/4/2000
State: OR

GC17 Traditional Cache GC17: Geocache 7/21/00
  CO: Jerry Connelly (adopted by nmartin)
Date placed: 7/21/2000
State: OR

GC18 Traditional Cache GC18: Tarryall
  CO: Mike Frazier
Date placed: 7/2/2000
State: CO

GC19 Traditional Cache GC19: Geocache
  CO: Rob Garrison
Date placed: 7/20/2000
State: CO

GC1A Traditional Cache GC1A: Geocache
  CO: Mark Floyd
Date placed: 8/22/2000
State: CO

GC1B Traditional Cache GC1B: Gorilla Stash
  CO: Ed Normandy
Date placed: 6/27/2000
State: AR

GC1C Traditional Cache GC1C: LAX
  CO: James Coburn
Date placed: 5/9/2000
State: CA

GC1D Traditional Cache GC1D: Beaver Cache
  CO: Jim Gooch
Date placed: 6/3/2000
State: GA

GC1E Multi-cache GC1E: Tour of Stone Mountain
  CO: LostNFound
Date placed: 6/11/2000
State: GA

GC1F Traditional Cache GC1F: Chohutta Wilderness
  CO: Jim Pate
Date placed: 6/22/2000
State: GA

GC20 Traditional Cache GC20: Marooned
  CO: Jeff Andrews
Date placed: 7/17/2000
State: GA

GC21 Traditional Cache GC21: Lake Lanier
  CO: Allen L
Date placed: 8/16/2000
State: GA

GC23 Traditional Cache GC23: Geocache
  CO: Migoi (adopted by GeoGerms)
Date placed: 7/21/2000
State: HI

GC25 Traditional Cache GC25: Camels Prairie Stash
  CO: Moun10Bike
Date placed: 6/17/2000
State: ID

GC26 Traditional Cache GC26: Two roads
  CO: Ry Jones
Date placed: 6/21/2000
State: ID
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