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Delorme Challenge Wyoming (shared, public)

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Caches for the Wyoming Delorme Challenge & also the "harder" letters for a ABC run. Includes hints so don't go here if you don't want them.

68A - Yellowstone Forever #2 - GCJKAC 68B - Stubbed Toe - GCX06G
68C - Black Mountain Vista 69A - Valley of Eden - GC85B3
69B - Sidon Canal - GCf03D 69C - Here's Your Sign - Again - GC1Q1VX
70A - No pavement here - GC1BX3G
70B - Welcome to Wyoming - GC1BX3A - Archived
71A - Deadwood Drop - GC1BX3K 71B - Wydak #5 - GC11JGV

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GC1A3RM Unknown Cache Cache Across Wyoming N 41° 34.758 W 110° 35.069
  he idea for this cache was taken from Cache Across Utah by bunkerdave, we had so much fun completing it we thought it would be fun to set one up for Wyoming. The cache IS at the posted coordinates, but in order to log this cache as "Found" you must have found at least one cache in each of the 23 counties of Wyoming. Please post your list in your log, as shown below, also, you are welcome to post a note and edit as you get more counties and then change it to a Found when you have completed all of them.  

GCRXQH Traditional Cache DCWY 18 - Quotes, Prayers, and Bumper Stickers N 41° 33.554 W 109° 14.960
  1/2 mile off of Blairtown Road on 4X4 road across from Halliburton. Turn Right at rock pile/art. OR- you can hike up from Quely Rd (between Mobile stall and Mobile Corrals). With 175 feet of dirt road. Checkbook box with qoutes, prayers and bumper sticker sayings written on slips of paper. Please contribute your own Quotes, prayers, and/or bumper sticker sayings to this silly little idea cache with the blank slips of paper in the box. Hint: It's lower than your knees  

GCGFF9 Traditional Cache DCWY 19 - Fifty States Rest I80 - N 41° 38.683 W 108° 32.78
  This is a magnetic mint tin. The idea behind this cache is to see if we can get geocachers from all fifty states to sign in. (Is it possible in this vast, sparsely populated area?) Bitter Creek Rest Area between Rawlins and Rock Springs. West bound access. PLEASE MENTION YOUR HOME STATE IN YOUR COMPUTER LOG. Hint: Eastern most picnic shelter. Look up!  

GC196RN Traditional Cache DCWY 19 - Global What? N 41° 39.131 W 108° 07.760
  Small cache, no pen or pencil. You can drive right up, no need to park along the highway or onramp. Follow the dirt road to the north of the cache. Hint: Drive to the north side of the cache. The road enters by the BP Stop sign. After that it's too easy for a hint. Congratulations! By stopping to retrieve this cache you have helped save the planet. The overpass you are bypassing has a huge bump much like the bumps in the road you encountered before you arrived here. Each time you hit one of these bumps your vehicle pushes down hard against the surface of the planet, bounces into the air and bounces down again hard. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore each time you bounce during the daytime hours while the your side of the planet is facing the sun you push the planet a minuscule distance away from the Sun. Now imagine all the hundreds of thousands of vehicles around the world doing this all day long. Earth is slowly....  

GC5EFF Traditional Cache DCWY 19 - TakeTen on I-80 East N 41° 38.516 W 108° 31.773
  Take a ten minute break and a ten cent coin in exchange for the one in the cache. Hint:Park at N 41° 38.519' W 108° 31.835', east of exit 142, walk east from parking area almost to the end of the fence, cache is hidden amongst a pile of man-made "rocks". Go beyond 4 foot light blue pipe, and then 3 holes in the ground with screw lids, look toward 3 fence posts with a special connection. (Found the cache at N 41 38.507 W 108 31.772) The container is a pink M&M container. It has no log, but does have a rolled up piece of paper inside with the dates of Roosevelt Dimes from 1965 through 2010. The list is duplicated below and will be updated as visits are made to the cache. There is nothing else in the container, except for the list, a single dime, and a black plastic spider. As of September 13, 2006 all the years have been represented, thanks to byonke for bringing a 1982 dime. Info about Roosevelt Dimes - (visit link)  

GC1A188 Traditional Cache DCWY 20 - Green 'N' Tan N 41° 40.727 W 107° 58.401
  This may or may not be easy depending on experiance. Parking on dirt road. Beware of oil field traffic. They don't slow down for anything. I'm not going to leave a clue. The title and background pictures (sword fighters) are all you get. It's a Nano. You might need something to prod the cache out of it's hiding place. Large tweezers would work. Watch out for snakes. They say there are no snakes in this area but I saw a rattler under someones camp trailer last year. Good Luck!  

GC1A19A Traditional Cache DCWY 20 - Green 'N' The RoughN 41° 40.187 W 107° 58.136
  Easy cache. There is a FTF prize inside for the first person. Mugglers are watching your every move!!!! This Cache is between two roads. Park on the dirt road to the west of the cache. The title and background are the clues. Good Luck!  

GC1CD5R Traditional Cache DCWY 20 - Hark, A Park N 41° 40.379 W 107° 58.877
  Nothing special, good place for a break after driving I-80 all day. Do some reading while your there. Good History. !W?????r??? I just had an extra cache container and I was bored. So I placed this cache for something to do. I'm not even doing the discription in HTML! No Clues!!!! Ha Ha.. Hint: Ok, I'll leave a clue...... It's a match holder.  

GC1A1AK Traditional Cache DCWY 20 - Small Red Mutant Eyes 41° 37.660 108° 00.016
  3.5/3.5 Short hike, uphill both ways. This is near the business end of a little used shooting range. Use caution. Mugglers generally won't be present. Park at the shooting range and walk or a good 4x4 can make the trip. I'm not one of those people that believes in Global Warming or much else that says we are killing the planet, BUT I do believe the chemicals we are spewing into the air may have a diverse effect on wildlife and man! One day while I was working in the area my hat was taken by the wind. All Wyoming men know that their hat is there most important possession. So I took off after it. Several hilltops later I found the hat resting in the area of the cache. As I was picking it up I saw an odd creature scurry away. It had small red eyes all over it's body and no legs that I could see. It was getting dark so I could not see where the creature went. If you see this creature, try to figure out what it was mutated from to have so many small red eyes all over it.

GC1A6F6 Traditional Cache DCWY 20 - Tarnish 'N' Brown N 41° 40.258 W 107° 59.251
  Easy cache, may be muddy. Not many Mugglers normally. The only clues you will get are Matchholder and Title. Here you will see a sign that says "City Park." Or Does It! Actually this is a flag planted by a race of alien beings from a world called 'Guttural Sound.' The name of their planet cannot be pronounced by human life forms without seriously damaging the vocal cords. Although the flag says 'City Park' in human, it actually says 'guttural sound, guttural sound, rrrrrrrrrrr, gurgle, gurgle, spit to the left.' Translated as, "We claim this planet in the name of Guttural Sound." I certainly hope this has been an educational cache for everyone who finds it.  

GCM4MF Traditional Cache DCWY 25 - Iron Horse N 41° 10.592 W 104° 04.530
  Small silver geocache {micro}

This area has several silhouettes seen from the freeway. From here you can see two of them. One is a depiction of the living, breathing animal that was so important for travel in the early West. the other shows the iron horse that brought the East and West coast together. Bring your own pencil. This Cache is accessible year round. Hint: cache is about waist high, and can be found day or night without a flashlight.

GC180H1 Earthcache DCWY 28 - Xenoliths of the Boars Tusk N 41° 57.728 W 109° 11.814
  Travel out to this site is over 15 miles of dirt road. Some is graded, but the last 3 miles or so are over a 2-track road through the bottom of the valley. Parking is at N 41 57.710 W 109 11.765. The volcanic neck consists of two spires. The southern spire has an outer zone of dense, non-vesicular lava with abundant native rock xenoliths. rock broke off, most melted, some was encased in the magma when it cooled. After erosion, these are now visible. The coordinates will take you to a large boulder on the southeast side of the Boars Tusk. This boulder has numerous visible xenoliths. To receive credit for this Earthcache: 1.) Count the xenoliths which are greater than 3” in diameter that you can see on the south face of the large boulder at the site of the coordinates. What color are most of the xenoliths you can see? After you have emailed me the answers to these questions, post at least 1 picture of you with your GPS receiver with the Boars Tusk in the background from this site.  

GCFE4 Traditional Cache DCWY 29 - Atlantic City N 42° 29.495 W 108° 44.689
  4/4 Hidden: 7/9/2001 Old West gold mining town. 27 miles, south of Lander on Hwy. 287 There are two old gold mining ghost towns, "South Pass", and "Atlantic City". There is plenty to see, and do here if you’re a history buff. Drive west of Atlantic City 1 mile, park, then it's just a short hike up a fairly steep hillside. Cache is in an ammo can. Beware of a roving band of goats that guard this cache. Hint: Hidden at the base of a small pine tree near the top of a rocky point. More hints from logs:Several noted: "Took the easier path back." "Park further down the road by the turnoff with the mining claim sign and angle up the hill, cross the ditch and up the draw. It is much easier but a little bit further." "My suggestion to every one is to go "east young men go east" "  

GC1BAGC Traditional Cache DCWY 29 - Atlantic City Overlook N 42° 29.646 W 108° 44.289
  After going to see the other cache in the area that was still under a LOT of snow and not accessible we thought that there should be a cache that could be accessed year round. This should be a cache and dash.  

GC126RP Traditional Cache DCWY 33 - Where are you "Russian" to? N 41° 59.269 W 105° 01.831
  Small cylinder container with no camoflage! Sign only log, bring a pencil. What we like most about caching is finding those little out of the way places that you wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for someone else. This small lake is very close to Wheatland Reservior #1. Sometimes, when you come to this place, there are cows all about. This is a great place to see prairie dogs up close. There are deer, antelope, raccoons and more in this area. Since so few people go here it does not take long for the critters to come out to the water. Be sure to bring your walking shoes.
It is an easy walk to the cache but it can be very hot even though you will be close to the water. Hint: Luckily these grow faster than the critters can eat them

GCJYN9 Traditional Cache DCWY 38 - Down To The Wire N 43° 11.771 W 110° 53.343
  The cache is an ammo can and can be reached by raft or by foot. The origional contents of the cache include:Three Hot Wheel cars, Two squirt guns, One caribeaner, Travel Bug, Log Book and Pen. This is a beautiful area rafted by many. Hint: You can hike down, but the stairs might be easier.  

GCGEKG Traditional Cache DCWY 38 - Rafters Below N 43° 12.268 W 110° 51.112
  A Beautiful view of the Snake River Rafters in the summer!
The Cache is in a camoflauged 50 MM ammo box. Park at SW end of parking area. Walk down the Mcdougal-Werk kayak access trail. Where the trail turns hard left, go straight off the trail. Hint: Its in a clump of Pine trees and behind a big, gray rock.

GCT6YZ Traditional Cache DCWY 39 - East Fork Fishing Hole N 42° 43.046 W 109° 40.752
  Turn East on Boulder Rearing Station Road. Proceed with caution by houses as kids are present. Turn left at the last white house and follow that road for about 1/2 mile. Park on the hill above the ponds. Note:During the winter months you probably won't be able to drive to the ponds. You may have to park and walk that last 1/2 mile in. The ponds have rainbow trout in them. A Wyoming Game and Fish fishing license is required. Read the fishing regulations for more details. Hint: Big Sage  

GC14ZNB Traditional Cache DCWY 39 - Sand Springs - A Stop on the Oregon Trail N 42° 37.584 W 109° 39.538
  This Site is a crossing of the Lander Cut-off - the northern fork of the Oregon Trail, following a route of the fur traders. It was suggested as an emigrant road by Mountain Man John Hockaday in order to avoid alkali plains of the desert, shorten the trip to the Pacific by five days and provide more water, grass and wood. In 1857 it was improved as a wagon road by the Government under the supervision of F.W. Lander and termed the Fort Kearney-South Pass-Honey Lake Road. As many as three hundred wagons and thousands of cattle, horses and mules passed here each day. An expanding nation moved with hope and high courage. The trail, cut deep into the dirt of the plains and the mountains, remains as a reminder of a great epoch."  

GCGTN4 Virtual Cache DCWY 40 - The Sinks N 42° 44.868 W 108° 48.598
  "The Sinks" is a natural formation that you should see if you are in the area of Lander, Wyoming. "The Sinks" is where the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie flows into a large, limestone cavern. The river comes above ground again at the "Rise of the Sinks". The Rise (N42-45.160' W108-48.333') is about 1/4 mile down canyon. By using dye tests, it has been found that it takes over two hours for the water to flow this distance. There is a trail down to the cavern, but its at least a two in terrain. There is a great increase in the flow rate during the spring runoff so be extra careful then. The coordinates given are for the The Sinks overlook, and is wheelchair accessible. There are two signs at this location. To qualify to log this cache, do one of these: * Post a photo of your visit, with both the cave and your GPS receiver visible. * Email me the four two-digit numbers (in parenthesis) on the sign with the map. Remember, do not post the numbers, even if encrypted  
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