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rob3k's favorite caches (shared, public)

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Note: Now that Groundspeak has implemented favorites I'm not updating this list as often as I did in the past.

My favorite caches. I'm attempting to make this a top 5% of all caches I've found. There is no priority to the order, but those marked "1% -" are my top 1%. I'm sure that I'll fall behind with adding caches onto this list, but the goal is to maintain the level.

Modeled this after Markwell's list.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC15F1 Virtual Cache "Awakening"
  Virtual that highlights a stunning work of art and both the virtual and the piece have a neat kinetic history.  

GCJT5W Multi-cache 1% - A Little Difficult
  This and A Little Difficult "Too" - (visit link) are two awesome multis from an awesome cacher. Both feature a pleasant hike and some challenging hides. The original is tricky, but I managed to find it on my first shot. Number "too" took me multiple attempts and it felt great to make the find.  

GC14X8B Unknown Cache 1% - Be the Genealogist-Final
  I spent a long time working through the seven caches in this series, but each one is a great cache and the whole is well worth the effort to complete. One of the caching jewels in the Nova area.  

GC1BBC1 Unknown Cache 1% - Be the Gynecologist-Final
  Fun series with three well placed caches in the western section of Fountainhead. You can do them in a single outing with a bit of luck on your side. Clever and very well done.

This is the final, the two other caches in the series are Be the Gynecologist-Sugar and Spice (visit link) and Be the Gynecologist-Snips and Snails (visit link)

You need to find the other two first to obtain the coordinates for the final. If you are wondering about the series name, check the explanation on any of the cache pages.

GC1QVZ9 Multi-cache 1% - Black Box Multi-Cache
  All of the black box caches in this section of Fountainhead are great, this particular one being my favorite of the bunch.  

GC19X3Y Traditional Cache 1% - CAM 2008 - Haystack Mountain
  Fun short hike to an ammo box hidden steps from a spectacular view.  

GC1EQV1 Unknown Cache 1% - Frostburg State Little Pictures
  Western MD. Awesome concept, exquisitely executed. You start with known coords to picture #1, then work your way from picture to picture until the end.  

GC250NK Unknown Cache 1% - Joey-Jo Sheepsower Horked His Dad's Car
  Once you solve the puzzle you are lead on a letterbox style chase along Joey-Jo's path. Very fun cache.  

GCK12J Virtual Cache 1% - Last stop for a weary traveler
  One of many virtual caches on the National Mall, but this one shares a little hidden nugget (or 'easter egg' if you play video games) that I'm sure nearly ever visitor to this monument misses. Very nice!  

GC1H890 Earthcache 1% - Maryland's Highest Waterfall
  Excellent Earth cache that added to my enjoyment/appreciation of this park. The park itself is a very neat spot to check out with an easy few mile loop hike offering views of plenty of trees that grew around large rocks/boulders, a balancing rock formation, several falls, and a confluence.  

GC16AXH Traditional Cache 1% - Needle in the Haystack
  Park at the bottom along one of the roads west of the mountain and you are in for a fairly short hike but with a grueling elevation change -- I parked on Martz Lane. Also there's a good old fashioned ammo can waiting for you at the top!  

GC194GA Multi-cache 1% - the dueller's cache
  Savannah, GA. Cache is basically a short walking tour of a historic cemetery in Savannah. Make a point to do this one when visiting Savannah.  

GCXN63 Traditional Cache 1% - The Halloween Cache
  The feature for which this cache is named is very cool. Took a measure of creativity for the CO to wrap this one into a cache. Plus, I spotted an owl on the walk from this cache to the next!  

GC222ZW Unknown Cache 6 Trails-Bonus Cache
  Find the six caches along six different well maintained trails and then collect this bonus cache. Fun, fairly compact series that makes for a wonderful hike.  

GC13ZDZ Multi-cache A Walk in the Woods
  Had the pleasure of hunting for this cache with the CO as my guide.  

GC20D2H Unknown Cache A Yaqui Way of Caching (cache not here)
  One of those puzzle that you just have to stare at until it clicks. Might take 5 seconds or 5 days...  

GC1HTPC Traditional Cache ALLH#4- The Vienna Ambuscade
  The A Little Local History (ALLH) series is a set of caches highlighting spots with significant and/or interesting historical stories attached. Many of these deal with Civil War history and this one in particular is my favorite of the series. When we made the find, I read the attached history, and we imagined the battle raging all around us.  

GC1W076 Traditional Cache ASCI #10
  Bookmarking just one of the ASCI caches, but the set makes for a great hike. Love that a few of the hides have you hike around the man-made white water course. I'll have to give that a try... someday!  

GC80A6 Multi-cache Au Naturel Experience
  Excellent hike and a funny background story behind the cache name.  

GCQNJA Unknown Cache Burke Junction Micro Cache
  The first encrypted puzzle cache I solved and found. Tough (for me anyway) but the hints give you plenty of rope to get to the solution. Also the hiding spot ties into the cache name in more than one way. All that together makes for a wonderful cache. (And the location - Burke Lake Park - is studded with caches and makes for a great caching day walk/hike/bike ride.)  
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