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Most Found Caches by U.S. State & Territory (shared)

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Physical caches found most often, listed by State.

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Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCA19B Traditional Cache *US Alabama - Bug Rest Stop
  1000+ finds (2002)  

GC127XV Traditional Cache *US Alaska - Anchorage - Big Wild Life
  1100+ finds (2007)  

GCJ2RF Traditional Cache *US Arizona - Grand Canyon Bug Cacher
  2000+ finds (2004)  

GCMMJ5 Traditional Cache *US Arkansas - CAA / I-30 Rest Area and Travel Bug Exchange
  800+ finds (2005)  

GCJT6J Traditional Cache *US California - Piering Around
  2000+ finds (2004)  

GCJVET Traditional Cache *US Colorado - OverLook Cache
  1500+ finds (2004)  

GCKPAM Traditional Cache *US Connecticut - C T Rest "A" rea
  1000+ finds (2004)  

GCRMFX Traditional Cache *US Connecticut - T.B. Hotel
  1000+ finds (2005)  

GCWJ40 Traditional Cache *US Delaware - SBUX - Where's the TEA?
  800+ finds (2006)  

GCJ4KV Traditional Cache *US Florida - O.C.C.C. TB Hotel
  2000+ finds (2004)  

GCM4R7 Traditional Cache *US Georgia - Pitchin' a Tent
  1400+ finds (2004)  

GC151F Traditional Cache *US Hawaii - Eddie's Nakalele Blowhole Hideout
  1200+ finds (2001)  

GCFD21 Traditional Cache *US Hawaii - Grandma's idea
  1100+ finds (2003)  

GCH9ZV Traditional Cache *US Idaho - Mountain Home TB Hideout
  600+ finds (2003)  

GCHG28 Traditional Cache *US Illinois - Navy Pier Micro
  1700+ finds (2004)  

GC7230 Traditional Cache *US Indiana - 80/90 Westbound Cache
  900+ finds (2002)  

GCTA8P Traditional Cache *US Iowa - Top of Iowa Cache
  1200+ finds (2006)  

GC30 Traditional Cache *US Kansas - Mingo
  2000+ finds - OLDEST ACTIVE CACHE IN THE WORLD (2000)  

GCD5EA Traditional Cache *US Kentucky - Wigwam Village
  800+ finds (2003)  

GCRJJG Traditional Cache *US Louisiana - Pirate Alley
  2000+ finds (2005)  
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