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Resuscitator Caches - UK - List 1 - Updated 30 Dec 2019 (shared, public)

List Owner: Mario McTavish

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Part 1 - A list of UK caches that qualify (or nearly) for various resuscitator challenge caches around the country.

It's not exhaustive and I'll update it as and when I get time, so if you use it please check your target cache first to make sure it still qualifies

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3AE9G Unknown Cache 8 icon challenge ( 2012 )

GC7D4YZ Traditional Cache 'hole-y' tree

GC7DYNM Unknown Cache 幸运数字

GC35TYZ Unknown Cache "Got any 'ose?"

GC6B0AC Unknown Cache "Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman

GC2XK4M Traditional Cache "There's a snake"

GC63451 Traditional Cache #1 Shipley Tricky

GC2V6JZ Traditional Cache #16 Longcot Loop - Choo Choo Two

GC3ETZC Traditional Cache #2 ewhurst fields

GC6HZGM Traditional Cache #3 River Brue

GC3D97C Traditional Cache #4 Melksham to Lacock & back.

GC6347J Unknown Cache #4 Shipley Bridge

GC5R5NM Traditional Cache #Rugby clubs 12

GC3661C Unknown Cache . Coffee in the Kitchen

GC1YM3T Traditional Cache ... and another bridge

GC70131 Traditional Cache >>>>> South East Oxfordshire Treasure Quest (0) >>

GC796N5 Multi-cache 1. Till Death Us Do Part

GC39Y72 Unknown Cache 10

GC3G656 Traditional Cache 10 Pints of Lager,10 whisky Chasers and a bucket.

GC1Y130 Unknown Cache 1754
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