Texas Challenge Geocaches (shared, public)

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(Updated 14 MAY 15)
Active Challenge Geocaches in Texas.

Metro area codes:
(ABI) Abilene, (AUS) Austin, (BEA) Beaumont, (DEN) Denton, (DFW) Dallas-Fort Worth, (ELP) El Paso, (GAL) Galveston, (HOU) Houston, (LUB) Lubbock, (MCA) McAllen, (MID) Midland, (SAN) San Antonio, (SMA) San Marcos, (STE) Stephenville, (WAC) Waco (WIC) Wichita Falls.

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC5KQDN Unknown Cache (ABI) "Hysterical" Marker Challenge - BRONZE

GC5KQEF Unknown Cache (ABI) "Hysterical" Marker Challenge - GOLD

GC5KQE5 Unknown Cache (ABI) "Hysterical" Marker Challenge - SILVER

GC3WTX8 Unknown Cache (ABI) "One HUNDRED in One MONTH" Challenge

GC3VJMQ Unknown Cache (ABI) Abilene^Challenge

GC56QVK Unknown Cache (ABI) All 4 Grids Challenge (Texas Edition)

GC3WX3H Unknown Cache (ABI) Cee+Eye+Tee+Oh (CITO) Challenge

GC437JA Unknown Cache (ABI) Fishingkitty’s Lone Star State Challenge!

GC3WR4C Unknown Cache (ABI) Love Cachers’ 366 Days Challenge

GC3VHA0 Unknown Cache (ABI) LOVE`LOVE`LOVE Challenge

GC3WQT5 Unknown Cache (ABI) Nothin’ But Numbers # Challenge

GC3W7WW Unknown Cache (ABI) State Capital County Challenge

GC4J62N Unknown Cache (ABI) The Sequel Challenge
  S. Abilene  

GC50FW6 Unknown Cache (AUS) ? VIRTUAL TEJAS Challenge @ Slaughter Cemetery

GC39VEX Unknown Cache (AUS) 2012 ABC Alphabet Soup Challenge with a twist
  Cedar Park (N. Austin)  

GC4W6X9 Unknown Cache (AUS) 2014 ABC Challenge
  Round Rock  

GC5JFD0 Unknown Cache (AUS) 2015 ABC Challenge - CenTx Edition

GC3YNK9 Unknown Cache (AUS) 250 Texas Cemetery Challenge

GC4W4KG Unknown Cache (AUS) 5 Not-so-easy Pieces Challenge

GC5GQVG Unknown Cache (AUS) 500 Cemetery Finds Challenge
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