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Earthcache Challenge - Dash-ers (shared, public)

List Owner: Dash-ers

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC17Y1Y Earthcache Bucksport Formation Intrusions
  Igneous (Plutonic) 10/2/11  

GC1JVDR Earthcache Cut bank erosion on Buffalo Creek
  Erosional 10/15/10  

GC15P0N Earthcache Deer Lick Cave
  Cave/karst feature 11/11/07  

GCZ5FP Earthcache Diabase Dikes – Schoodic Point, Acadia NP
  Igneous (Volcanic) 10/3/11  

GC1G4NF Earthcache Drive-By Geology
  Fold 4/13/09  

GC1Z4PZ Unknown Cache Earthcache Challenge
  The Challenge!  

GC134KE Earthcache Fossil Park Earthcache
  Fossil site 10/22/11  

GC26AZB Earthcache Geo-Eco-Rest Area Earthcache
  Other 9/27/10  

GC1DT58 Earthcache Giant Steps at Deep Lock Quarry
  Historical 3/30/10  

GC2B850 Earthcache Hatchie River's OXBOW- HART LAKE EC**
  River 8/28/10  

GC15C0A Earthcache Hell’s Hollow Trail McConnell’s Mill SP
  Geomorphological 9/12/11  

GCN16X Earthcache Here Ore There
  Mineral Site 4/15/09  

GC1QFHR Earthcache Humble's Artesian Well
  Hydrologic 10/4/10

Alternate hydrologic - Barber Springs GC1kjxv 4/14/09

GC115VD Earthcache Jeptha Knob Astrobleme
  Impact 11/4/11  

GC234FE Earthcache Layers of History, peek-a-boo through the trees
  Structural 10/2/11

GC13D8D Earthcache Lots of Sand at Headlands Dunes
  Coastal 9/13/11  

GC22Y9C Earthcache Mount Battie Conglomerate Quartzite
  Metamorphic 10/2/11  

GC1A35D Earthcache On the Cutting Edge at Princess Ledges
  Sedimentary 6/9/10  

GCZNR8 Earthcache Shiny Rocks - Crater of Diamonds
  Mining Site 10/14/10  

GC14VGG Earthcache The Bowling Green Fault
  Fault 10/22/11  
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