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7 events in 7 days (shared, public)

List Owner: tugies

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GC6HYK9 Event Cache 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th MTWRFS – A Six Year History! (06/21/2016)

GC4N2N4 Event Cache 3rd R? – Round-up Time (10/14/2013)

GC4JQV2 Unknown Cache A challenge along the road to GCD #3
  At least 7 events in 7 days. See bookmark  

GC6EQJ2 Event Cache A Morning Cup of Joe by the Shoreline Park Lake (06/17/2016)
  Bay Area MEGA. 06/17/2016.  

GC4F46K Event Cache A Night Under the Lights, Fremont Street Style M&G (10/10/2013)
  Geocoinfest, Las Vegas.  

GC4MEB0 Cache In Trash Out Event Alien Search & CITO - The Trash Strikes Back! (10/13/2013)
  Geocoinfest, Las Vegas, 2013.  

GC6K4DY Cache In Trash Out Event Anderson Lake Park CITO (06/18/2016)
  Bay Area MEGA. 06/18/2016.  

GC78G07 Event Cache Blue Bombers and Roughriders at the MEGA (07/20/2017)

GC5Z4XF Mega-Event Cache Cachin’ the Bay
  Bay Area MEGA. 06/18/2016.  

GC4F46R Event Cache Friday Night at the Apollo - Geocoinfest! (10/11/2013)
  Geocoinfest, Las Vegas, 2013.  

GC4GXHE Event Cache GeoCoin Poker Tourney & Meet-n-Greet (10/12/2013)
  Geocoinfest, Las Vegas, 2013.  

GC30FNQ Mega-Event Cache Geocoinfest 2013: Las Vegas, Nevada
  Geocoinfest, Las Vegas.  

GC6JJEV Event Cache GOLF? I'd Rather be Geocaching! (06/19/2016)
  Bay Area MEGA. 06/19/2016.  

GC6K2KY Event Cache Just a Friendly Dinner (06/18/2016)
  Bay Area MEGA. 06/18/2016.  

GC4KQC9 Cache In Trash Out Event NGA Adopt-a-Highway Fall Pre Geocoinfest CITO 2013 (10/12/2013)
  Geocoinfest, Las Vegas, 2013.  

GC4MECC Event Cache Post CITO Alien Cool Down! (10/13/2013)
  Geocoinfest, Las Vegas, 2013.  

GC4NY01 Event Cache Pre-Geocoinfest Flash Mob (10/12/2013)
  Geocoinfest, Las Vegas.  

GC70MMP Event Cache SCWC7 Geocoin/Pathtag Event (07/22/2017)

GC6YCB5 Event Cache SCWC7 Howdy Partner (07/21/2017)

GC6Y6WZ Event Cache SCWC7 Multi Mural Mystery Quest (07/21/2017)
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