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Resuscitator Caches - UK - List 7 - Updated 27 Jul 2022 (shared, public)

List Owner: Mario McTavish

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Part 7 - A list of UK caches that qualify (or nearly) for various resuscitator challenge caches around the country.

It's not exhaustive and I'll update it as and when I get time, so if you use it please check your target cache first to make sure it still qualifies

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC7TK64 Multi-cache Church Micro 11997...Woolfardisworthy - Methodis

GC2WQE3 Traditional Cache 23a Goosey's 161 Trail~ Amazon Experience

GC7NCAK Traditional Cache Lady Cross Ramble, Fish out of water

GC7NDRF Traditional Cache Lady Cross Ramble. Old pig sty

GC52MFG Unknown Cache N is for Nene - AlphaPet

GC3KQ39 Traditional Cache No Stile

GC8Y523 Traditional Cache On the corner

GC8X2FC Traditional Cache RFID Cache 11/50 - Eye Of The Treeee

GC6WCCM Traditional Cache 🌿 The Lost Cove 🌿

GC8C99J Traditional Cache Trebleclef 1

GCR2JG Traditional Cache "Billies Cache" Dog Wood

GC8GN1F Unknown Cache "Brides for Brothers"

GC8M0R7 Unknown Cache "Kathy Reichs - Code"

GC2M4DN Unknown Cache "The real people" part 2

GC551HH Traditional Cache #02 The Road To Work

GC2V42T Traditional Cache #1 Oldbury Round - Playing Field Crossing.

GC3F2RH Traditional Cache #1 The Old Tin Shed

GC4XN2W Traditional Cache #10 - 1st BSE Scout Hike

GC6VDRR Unknown Cache #10 Algebrador!

GC6ECQ1 Traditional Cache #11 St Georges (Running Man Pt2)
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