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Active Caches Hidden in 2002 Volume 04 (shared, public)

List Owner: ewenger

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Caches hidden in 2002 worldwide that are still active. Sorted by date hidden. To find all of my bookmarks for this series. Click on my user name, then click on the "LIST" tab at the top of the page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to view my shared Bookmarks

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC55A8 Traditional Cache 05/06/2002 GC55A8
  Dahab 01 (Egypt)  

GC55CD Traditional Cache 05/06/2002 GC55CD
  Stacy Dam (Minnesota, United States)  

GC50DA Traditional Cache 05/07/2002 GC50DA
  Captain Morgans Treasure (British Virgin Islands)  

GC55A3 Unknown Cache 05/07/2002 GC55A3
  Time Marches On (District of Columbia, United States)  

GC55A6 Traditional Cache 05/07/2002 GC55A6
  Nathan's Overlook (California, United States)  

GC55AE Traditional Cache 05/07/2002 GC55AE
  Underground Water (Jönköping, Sweden)  

GC55B6 Traditional Cache 05/07/2002 GC55B6
  Spring Lake Cache (Wisconsin, United States)  

GC55B7 Traditional Cache 05/07/2002 GC55B7
  Pitcairn: Mutiny of Bligh's Bounty (California, United States)  

GC55B9 Traditional Cache 05/07/2002 GC55B9
  Juniper Cache (Texas, United States)  

GC55BE Virtual Cache 05/07/2002 GC55BE
  film set 09 "SAVANAH SMILES" (Utah, United States)  

GC55C0 Traditional Cache 05/07/2002 GC55C0
  Pirate Pasta (Tennessee, United States)  

GC55C9 Virtual Cache 05/07/2002 GC55C9
  Route 23 Art Gallery (New Jersey, United States)  

GC55D9 Traditional Cache 05/07/2002 GC55D9
  Pikes Peak Traveler (Colorado, United States)  

GC560D Virtual Cache 05/07/2002 GC560D
  A Square Deal (Utah, United States)  

GC590D Traditional Cache 05/07/2002 GC590D
  Taipan View (Victoria, Australia)  

GC6CAA Traditional Cache 05/07/2002 GC6CAA
  ZUID.NL (Netherlands)  

GC5393 Virtual Cache 05/08/2002 GC5393
  Virtually Cowtown IV: Stock Options (Texas, United States)  

GC55CC Unknown Cache 05/08/2002 GC55CC
  #52 The Furphy (New South Wales, Australia)  

GC55D8 Multi-cache 05/08/2002 GC55D8
  A Cunning Little Cache (Victoria, Australia)  

GC55E3 Multi-cache 05/08/2002 GC55E3
  Troll Heritage (Texas, United States)  
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