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My FTFs, more or less! (shared, public)

List Owner: foragess

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Once I had three FTFs, I thought it was time to create a bookmark list to keep track. :-) Also of note, some of these are not strictly FTFs in the usual sense but I include them here because I think of them as such, more or less, and so I can look back on their stories in this regard. Judgement fall where it may! ;-)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC37AV3 Traditional Cache 17 - Park and Grab

GC485V2 Unknown Cache Alpha
  First puzzle FTF!  

GC4R56B Wherigo Cache Arnold Arboretum Adventure
  I was FTF on this one after discovering it was live on the Wherigo site but actually didn't know it wasn't published on Geocaching site, too. When I went to log the find in the field, I found out it wasn't up on Geocaching site yet. Really?! Meanwhile, the COs didn't know it was live on the Wherigo site until I told them what happened. So, although I signed the log first, I didn't claim FTF thinking it had to be out on Geocaching site to do that. So we (COs and I) called it beta testing and someone else logged FTF after it got published on Geocaching (thumbs up to Bumble!); then I signed a second time. Whew. Anyway, since then, other FTFs have been logged for caches live on other sites first, like Letterbox site, etc. So, I'll claim FTF in relation to my being first to find it after it was published on Wherigo site, which was where it first appeared. A little something.... :-)  

GC452WC Traditional Cache Canton Town Line
  Co-FTF with bogeycache!  

GC4NEAQ Traditional Cache Cedar Swamp Gnome

GC5WA2G Earthcache Deer Island
  This is my most unusual such find to date and was not without controversy to the point I considered deleting the found log completely but decided that would go against the spirit of earthcaching and science itself, which, being a scientist, would have been heresy! ;-) So, I kept it in support of the scientific method and the spirit of discovery, however that best can happen! It was an aerial find with all logging requirements observed and recorded in the air via low flying plane, whereby observations related to the logging questions were better than they ever could have been from the ground. Simple fact. The open minded COs thought this was as cool as I did (natural scientists, they!) and agreed I was First to Flyover despite protests! ;-) Right place, right time, right observation platform! No container or log involved; it's an earthcache, afterall... and thanks to the times we are in, I was not burned at the stake. :-)  

GC47NA8 Earthcache Great Esker
  First EarthCache FTF!  

GC4B5HW Unknown Cache Hexaflexagon

GC4DPXG Traditional Cache Jack's Walk #1

GC5V8XX Traditional Cache M&J The Eye of the Storm
  700th milestone too  

GC3T7WB Traditional Cache Monastery Path

GC47CC9 Unknown Cache Omega
  Co-FTF with yervel! Fun puzzle and creative, a later published companion to bgsbog's Alpha puzzle, also a FTF.  

GC4XYEV Unknown Cache Our Record Collection

GC4CFH7 Traditional Cache Puff the Magic Dragon

GC2YMVW Traditional Cache Riverdale Park: Riverside
  My first FTF, a wonderful, thoughtfully placed cache in a lovely area. Very happy to have this be my very first FTF!  

GC452VY Traditional Cache Road to Signal Hill

GC35VX8 Unknown Cache The Logic of Lab Rats
  Technically, I was not FTF the cache for this one; I was STF; (FTFer cleverly found the cache based on an early hint, removed before I saw it, and without solving the puzzle; kudos in its own right!)... BUT I was first to actually solve the puzzle and find the cache from the solution. Given how hard this puzzle was, I include it in this list because that was quite an accomplishment... So, I was FTF using puzzle solution to find it! :-)  

GC60PCW Wherigo Cache The Logical Geocacher Wherigo
  My first WIG FTF! :-)  

GC4C6X4 Traditional Cache Two-thirds of a pew? [Sparhawk Series #5]
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