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tourist in zurich (shared, public)

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some of the neat and easy caches if you visit this city only for a short time. i have translated the cache name for you. and the hint, if it was not provided in english. i also added my difficulty estimation, if underrated.

note: these caches should all be doable without getting dirty clothing. this is also a hint. sometime you better watch a bit longer. for some cases you have to kneel down.

included mostly traditional caches or easy puzzles or multis.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC654F0 Traditional Cache ❤ Geo + Cache ❤
  this one takes time.  

GC1M6Z1 Traditional Cache Baywatch Zürich
  «baywatch zurich»  

GC33VBX Traditional Cache Blumenkrieger im GrossStadtdschungel
  «flower warrior in the big city junlge»

3rd floor. don’t go inside.

GC3R90F Traditional Cache Cache mille!

GC8Z6CF Letterbox Hybrid Cacherwiesplatz

GC3BF87 Traditional Cache Enge (reloaded)
  «enge district» reloaded

this one is a bit tricky. stay on the path, leave the plants and trees alone! sometimes a bit hard to find (more stars), depending on what covers the path.

GC3309P Traditional Cache Flughafen Zürichhorn
  «airport cape zurich»  

GC7N0ZK Traditional Cache Hot Pot am Hot Spot Limmatplatz

GC35PAK Traditional Cache Im Viadukt
  «in the (railroad) viaduct»
the title is the hint.

GC7B68Y Virtual Cache Indiana Jones and the ruins of Turicum 🏰

GC7VN0N Traditional Cache Kuba-Trückli Zürich

GC83BKF Traditional Cache Milchstrooss-Buck

GC5VXT4 Traditional Cache Schiffbau

GC8ZYTJ Unknown Cache Sonnegg

GCWY8A Traditional Cache Willkommen in Zuerich
  «welcome to zurich»  

GC13MYQ Traditional Cache Zueri07
  «zurich district # 7»
a bit tricky. but the view close to the cache can be nice.

GCJE1F Traditional Cache Zueri08
  «zurich district # 8»
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