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DevinC's Favorite Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: DevinC

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This is where I will give a shout out to the caches that I have found that are my favorites.

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GC10J50 Traditional Cache Acute Bullseye
  This one just has a clever name for a clever hide. Will always remember this one. Not a big fan of urban caches, but this one sticks in my memory.  

GC1626H Traditional Cache AGT-Potter-STS RidgeTrail Vista
  Really enjoyed the hike to this cache. Would probably go to it again just for the hike. Beautiful piece of woods with a beautiful view at GZ. Definitely a favorite.  

GC7572 Traditional Cache Brogan's Caching Karma Stick.
  This was really cool to find one of the only remaining traveling caches left. I found this cache at The Allegheny Ranger's Clear Creek Geobash in the Fall of 2009. Didn't even know that it was going to be there. Pretty cool.  

GCNDGQ Traditional Cache Devil's Den II
  No doubt this one ends up in the favorites list. This is a must do for anyone with workable legs. Intense hike but you are rewarded with HUGE rocks from which you get awesome views.  

GC1R8M4 Unknown Cache EMGT – East Otto – Adventures in Sculpture Park!
  This was such a cool cache. Had no idea what we were in for when we stopped for this one. Blew a huge amount of time and had a blast doing it. Would stop back at this area in a heartbeat.  

GC1486N Earthcache Happy Hollow Fossiliferous
  A really neat Earthcache that I found in the summer of 2009 when I traveled to Indiana for the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race. There are only 2 known places in the country where there are exposed Fossiliferous Limestone formations like this. Very cool cache. Even had the wife excited. This was my 450th cache find.  

GC10T4D Traditional Cache Holly City
  Another cool cache I found while doing some urban caching in Winston-Salem, NC. Another one I will always remember. Came here a couple times to try and find this one. Really clever.  

GC13FZ7 Earthcache Jockey's Ridge
  Completed this earthcache while vacationing in the Outer Banks in September of 2010. This is a nice earthcache in a very cool location. A "do not miss" if visiting the Outer Banks.  

GCYQ3C Traditional Cache Logan Falls Cache
  This cache is located in a very beautiful valley with a very nice waterfall.  

GC248N7 Traditional Cache Luke Skywalker
  I just loved this cache. Really cool. I was born within sight of this cache and am also a huge star wars fan so I am probably slightly biased. Naw, that's not it. It's a cool cache.  

GC405 Traditional Cache Old Stone House
  One of the oldest caches in PA and it's on the NCT. Gotta be on my favorite list.  

GC404 Traditional Cache Overlook Cache
  Another old one on the NCT. Gotta be on the favorites list.  

GC184 Traditional Cache State Game Lands #109
  How can this one not be in my favorites list. This is the oldest active geocache in Pennsylvania.  

GCFF Traditional Cache Stone Wall Stash
  This is the second oldest cache in PA for one. For 2, this is the most incredible stone wall I have ever seen. This thing is huge, and we had to scale it at night to get to the cache. I think 2 of us actually fell over it. Awesome cache.  

GC1DMG9 Traditional Cache The Water is Really Really Good
  This one is just a great way to hide a micro. Went here and found it after 5 visits. Accidentally found it after 5 visits.  
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