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Active Caches Hidden in 2002 Volume 02 (shared, public)

List Owner: ewenger

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Caches hidden in 2002 worldwide that are still active. Sorted by date hidden. To find all of my bookmarks for this series. Click on my user name, then click on the "LIST" tab at the top of the page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to view my shared Bookmarks

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3C54 Traditional Cache 02/22/2002 GC3C54
  Dog Gone (Ontario, Canada)  

GC3C55 Traditional Cache 02/22/2002 GC3C55
  Natchez State Park Cache (Mississippi, United States)  

GC3C59 Traditional Cache 02/22/2002 GC3C59
  In Plain Sight #1 (South Carolina, United States)  

GC3C5A Traditional Cache 02/22/2002 GC3C5A
  White Gate (South Dakota, United States)  

GC3C5D Traditional Cache 02/22/2002 GC3C5D
  Ochoco Viewpoint (Oregon, United States)  

GC3C63 Traditional Cache 02/22/2002 GC3C63
  Rest / West (Missouri, United States)  

GC3C65 Traditional Cache 02/22/2002 GC3C65
  No rest for the wicked (New South Wales, Australia)  

GC3CDE Traditional Cache 02/22/2002 GC3CDE
  Mike's Camp (Egypt)  

GC3D30 Traditional Cache 02/22/2002 GC3D30
  Cache Between the Lakes (Texas, United States)  

GC3D38 Traditional Cache 02/22/2002 GC3D38
  Javelina Hunt Cache (Arizona, United States)  

GC419A Traditional Cache 02/22/2002 GC419A
  Hvor kragerne vender (Denmark)  

GC3C61 Multi-cache 02/23/2002 GC3C61
  Race Car Cache - 2nd Lap (Virginia, United States)  

GC3C6C Traditional Cache 02/23/2002 GC3C6C
  Geheime Fabrik (Hessen, Germany)  

GC3C6D Traditional Cache 02/23/2002 GC3C6D
  Metamorphosis (United Kingdom)  

GC3C75 Traditional Cache 02/23/2002 GC3C75
  Milford (Kansas, United States)  

GC3C7C Traditional Cache 02/23/2002 GC3C7C
  Ned's Vista (Massachusetts, United States)  

GC3C7F Traditional Cache 02/23/2002 GC3C7F
  Cold War – No More (Essex) (Eastern England, United Kingdom)  

GC3C85 Unknown Cache 02/23/2002 GC3C85
  Tommy's Trippin' (moving cache) (Georgia, United States)  

GC3C86 Traditional Cache 02/23/2002 GC3C86
  My Dad's Dog (Michigan, United States)  

GC3C88 Traditional Cache 02/23/2002 GC3C88
  Do you mind if I Barge in? (Georgia, United States)  
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