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Geo-Art (shape) caches (shared, public)

List Owner: SM325

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A series of caches that when seen from an aerial view are shapes of ob jects

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC29AR1 Traditional Cache Cole's Law: Thinly sliced cabbage.
  Kokopelli inspecting his sniper rifle  

GC1N2QJ Traditional Cache "E" is for Enjoy the series!
  The smiley series of 20 traditional caches and 1 mystery cache covers an area that is 1-Mile in diameter and just over 3 miles in circumference.  

GC5E4K0 Unknown Cache "U" for Union #1 - Hannah Caldwell
  "U" for Union  

GC5JWGP Wherigo Cache #01 ☠ I ❤ DIZFIZ ! Reverse Wherigo Cache ☠
  I ❤ DIZFIZ  

GC6TXXW Unknown Cache #1 Abe's Hat
  Abe Lincoln's hat  

GC68GBT Unknown Cache #1 Anchors Away - USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

GC3FAB7 Unknown Cache #1 Big Blue
  Big Blue Smiley  

GC6G33P Unknown Cache #1 Elmer Davis Lake
  Fish shape at Elmer Davis Lake  

GC6T5W4 Unknown Cache #1 Gilbert the Ghost Series
  Gilbert the Ghost  

GC27A1R Traditional Cache #2 Reservoir Frown
  This cache is 1 of a series of 29 micro caches hidden in the shape of a frowning face  

GC3FA3B Traditional Cache 0001 RR - 4-4-0 General
  Giant Locomotive - 1000 caches. Near Boise, Idaho.  

GC44GQH Unknown Cache 001-The Hog Trial

GC3539X Traditional Cache 002 Thunderbird
  F-16 in Utah is 200 caches  

GC2WEEP Traditional Cache 01 - Signal the Frog
  Signal the Frog. Northern Idaho - 70 caches  

GC4G1XP Unknown Cache 01-Ohio 50 State Star
  Ohio 50 State Star  

GC2WHWA Traditional Cache 02 - Signal the Frog

GC1JEWQ Traditional Cache 3.14 Miles of SMILES
  25 caches in the shape of a smiley  

GC4GJY5 Unknown Cache 31 Days of Caching Challenge – Day 3

GC3K267 Unknown Cache 35. Géo Art Charlevoix, P.Q.

GC4JN85 Unknown Cache 51-Kentucky 50 State Star
  Kentucky 50 State Star  
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