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Noah's Ark Challenge: 2014 [GC4W4MD] (shared, public)

List Owner: Voltgloss

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1. Collect 5 animals for each of the 6 animal classes: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates. That's 30 total caches. (The Ark is equipped with aquariums for the water creatures, after all, this is NJ and the flooding will cause the water to become polluted).

2. Each animal has to be in the title of the cache name, each cache being unique meaning you can't use the same cache twice for different animals even if the title consists of more than one animal. That's 30 unique caches.

3. You can use the word fish or bird and you can use a word like fishing or birdwatching. I frown upon people using the word cat from scat or ape from cape. You get the idea.

4. You can use the same animal more than once. Amphibians might be hard so you can use frog more than once. But try to be unique as possible.

No mosquitoes!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC56X59 Traditional Cache A. FAT FROGGER
  10/9/14 (Amphibian #4: FROGGER)  

GC5HN3E Traditional Cache A. Frogger - Route 18 South

GC56X4G Traditional Cache A. GREEN FROGGER
  9/23/14 (Amphibian #3: FROGGER)  

GC56X4R Traditional Cache A. PURPLE FROGGER
  9/18/14 (Amphibian #1: FROGGER)  

GC1BX6Q Traditional Cache A. Tadpole 5
  10/25/14 (Amphibian #5: Tadpole)  

GC6HJEY Traditional Cache B. Amusing Albatross

GC5VMYE Unknown Cache B. Bird Brain II

GC6PGHQ Traditional Cache B. CCC Roadrunner

GC466HM Traditional Cache B. Haunted Chicken Coop
  8/28/14 (Bird #1: Chicken)  

GC1J2HY Traditional Cache B. Seagull Island Redux

GC50MR1 Traditional Cache F. A Fishing Story
  12/19/15 (Fish #3: Fishing)  

GC5AA1Y Letterbox Hybrid F. Bass River Letterbox

GC7GHYD Traditional Cache F. Ghosts of Monmouth County - Shark River

GC3FA7R Traditional Cache F. Gone Fishing
  8/26/14 (Fish #1: Fishing)  

GC6T1GK Letterbox Hybrid F. Our Fish Nemo

GC5ADB4 Earthcache F. Shark!
  8/13/15: Fish #2 (Shark)  

GC68XV7 Traditional Cache F. TDH #15 - Barracuda
  5/30/16: Fish #5 (Barracuda)  

GC56X51 Traditional Cache F. YELLOW FROGGER
  9/22/14 (Amphibian #2: FROGGER)  

GC409GZ Traditional Cache I. Alphabet Soup: I is for IMSpider
  11/27/15: Invertebrate #4 (Spider)  

GC5ZKBN Traditional Cache I. Book Worm: The Secret Garden
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