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TB & GC Hostels, Hotels, Bed & Breakfast (See my bookmarks for WY TB's) (shared, public)

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AZ, NM, CO, UT, NV, CA, ID, MT, OR & SD. List is a work in progress. Hints are included so don't go here if you don't want them. Thanks to the folks who find this useful I will continue to maintain it. Wyoming hostels are on another list & shows on GCX1D1 if you want to locate it.

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GC10RTF Traditional Cache AZ - I-17 N Camp Verde - The Mother Ship N 34° 35.035 W 111° 53.302
  Short trek up a hill. This is designed to be the mother ship for new caches. It is filled with many cache containers just waiting to be released and placed. Feel free to take as many as you will use. If you have some containers you want to get rid of, here is the place. Please do not leave regular cache swag or trade items. Containers or log only please. If it gets low on containers I will refill it. Please hide it well and watch for muggles. Due to the size it could be easily muggled. Easy on-off freeway, great parking area, OK for RV's.  

GCJ2RF Traditional Cache AZ - Grand Canyon Bug Cacher
  Perfect to give Travel Bugs Some worldwide Exposure. WiFi nearby at the hotel. PLEASE LOG YOUR TRAVELBUG MOVEMENTS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This is a very easily accessed quick geocache. However, it is very well concealed due to previous thefts. Hint: Buried under rocks. If you're planning to come to the Grand Canyon, then this is a must stop cache for you and your travel bugs. Although this cache is a great lauching pad for some bugs to travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles on their next stop, it is also notorius for not having current inventory lists, due to like times between logging. Help keep travel bugs alive with prompt logging. Again, there is WIFI for your Geocache logging at the hotel visible from the parking lot. Thanks to the crows and ravens this area is usually in need of some cache in and trash out. FYI there is a WiFi spot at the Quality Inn nearby.  

GCXCPX Traditional Cache AZ - I-17 N & 169 - Smart's 5 Star Travel Bug Hotel N 34° 30.779 W 111° 59.353
  This is a Travel Bug Hotel at the junction of Hwy. 169 and I-17. Hint: 120 ft. from a parking area, across a small wash, under some scrub brush. This is more like a TB Resort than a Hotel. It's an ammo cam with TB's, a log, and a few new trade items. If you have TBs to trade go for it, if you don't, help yourself and help the little guys accomplish thier goals! Have fun! Please bring a bag and take out some trash.  

GC121BM Traditional Cache AZ Highway 60 - Motel 60 N 33° 15.615 W 111° 20.431
  There is nothing special about this cache other than it’s a good location for a Travel Bug Motel. Easy access, lots of parking, low room rates, and plenty of vacant rooms. There isn’t a great view, but the area is nicely landscaped in a desert theme. The gardeners have spared no expense in keeping the landscaping in tip top shape, so be careful with the vegetation. There is no scheduled watering program, but at times it may get a little soggy. As usual, be aware of local biting and stinging critters. Along with miscellaneous trade items, there are Travel Bugs and Geo Coins in the Motel awaiting transportation to other locations. If you do take a Travel Bug/Coin, please sign the book that you did, and be sure to log it on line.  

GC11TQX Traditional Cache AZ Highway 87 - Mary's cache N 33° 46.335 W 111° 29.055
  An easy hike along a maintained trail in the Tonto forest. Hint: Under a tree 20 feet from the trail  

GCY6Y9 Traditional Cache AZ I-10 PHX/Tucson - Tangerine Travel Bug Depot N 32° 25.457 W 111° 09.445
  Close to I-10 at Tangerine Road. Easy on and off. Convenient to move Travel Bugs and drop them off. .50 Cal ammo can located on private property with the permission of the owner. Parking close by for a convenient place to drop off or pick up Travel Bugs. We thought this was a good idea and location. Please replace as good as or better than you find it. RV Park  

GCR838 Traditional Cache AZ N 60/260 Show Low - ** Quickstop Travel Bug Hostel **
  Very convenient to Highways 60 and 260. In a residential, highly visible area on private property with total permission to be there. Don't worry about being sneaky, our good neighbors know all about this obsession called geocaching. Say hello if we are out and about. During snowy winter months many of our "high" country caches have to hibernate resulting in stalled movement of any travel bugs left in them. Even with snow on the ground this cache is totally do-able and provides you with a very quick stop (3 minutes or less) to drop off or pick up a travel bug and exchange other trade items. it's always helpful to list by name the TB you pick up or drop off. The container is a PVC tube with a screw on lid that is placed inside a rusty cylinder container. PLEASE.....IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PROPERLY (officially using the tracking numbers) "LOG IN" OR LOG OUT" A TRAVEL BUG PLEASE DON'T TAKE ONE. Hint: Rusty, the skillet head. 14th  

GC14DT7 Traditional Cache AZ N I-40 Flagstaff - TB Motel in the Pines N 35° 11.105 W 111° 38.005
  I-40's Travel Bug Motel in the Pines - This cache is NOT on or near the highway. You cannot access this cache from I-40.
Come visit Flagstaff's highway-close motel, a quaint chalet in the pines. Exit I-40 at Butler and head west to Babbit to access the parking area (N 35° 11.296 W 111° 37.845) for the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS). Enjoy the 0.3mi walk, which is paved 90% of the way .Possible Entry/Reference Point (N 35° 11.296 W 111° 37.845) Hint: Third floor accommodations, behind the red clay door The FUTS can be very popular so outdoor activities are numerous at the TB Motel in the Pines. Please hide the cache better than you found it. Always be on the lookout for poisonous plants, cactus, and critters. This is not a "jail" where you must leave a TB in order to take a TB. However, please do not take ALL the bugs and leave nothing. As many geocachers who travel I-40 are here on vacation, some TB's do not get logged for several days after being placed or picked up.

GC144QT Traditional Cache AZ P Apache Jct - Retired Mail Carrier N 33° 25.074 W 111° 30.754
  Retired Mail Carrier N 33° 25.074 W 111° 30.754
This is our first cache - it's easy to walk, bike or drive right up to. Loaded with goodies. Have fun. There is a separate container included especially for trackable items - TBs & Coins - that we're calling our Travel Bug Bunkhouse. This cache is in a safe place and should not fall prey to mugglers, so feel free to drop off traveling items. But please don't plunder the entire contents. We appreciate "trades" so there will always be some to share with other cachers yet to come. Another important note: There is no need to trespass on anyone's private property. This cache is easily accessible directly from the street, with parking close by. Check the map! Hint:Not us - the container!

GC1K9H5 Traditional Cache AZ P Glendale - Hairdressers Hotel
  Well heres a well hid hotel that will not be an easy smilie but a challenge to those that like them. its advisable to wear long pants on this one if you don't want stickers on your legs(no cactus pricks but some old dried plants with stickers in them) Hint: At the base of the mountain near some rocks  

GCW0A0 Traditional Cache AZ Phoenix Airport - TB Pipeline N 33° 25.355 W 112° 01.998
  This is an easy drive-up cache right by the airport for those wanting to take or leave TBs. This is a public area, so stealth is required. Depending on how you park, you should be able to grab it at any time of day without being seen. The cache is a 3 X 7 inch container, so it should hold most TBs. Hinit: Pipe out of place.

GC17FFT Traditional Cache AZ Scottsdale - Shadow Vista N 33° 36.917 W 112° 01.451
  Been wanting to place my 1st for some time. This is a large Tin and has been placed in the usual style of other ‘Urban Desert’ caches. No muggles around. Log - After a quick climb up the hill we made the find.  

GC185T8 Traditional Cache AZ Tempe - Mine's Still Bigger! Combo RIGHT 18, LEFT 37, RIGHT 3
  Macro cache! We had to move, but the cache lives on. Here in Arizona, the ultra-micro nano-caches seem to have reached their logical (!?) extreme. I thought it was time for the pendulum to swing the other way. This cache is big enough to accept almost any reasonable trade item or travel bug. It's on private property, but with permission. No need to be shy ! This is the place to bring that oversized Travel Bug that just won't fit in any other cache. I can just about guarantee complete security. Security Alert DEFCON 4 security measures are in force. The container is locked with a combination lock. You will need this in order to access the cache: RIGHT 18, LEFT 37, RIGHT 3 Hold the shackle in to allow free dial movement. Internet Cafe is Available! If you would like to access the internet, just knock! If someone is home you will be given the necessary information to connect to the WEP enabled network.  

GC1HRGT Traditional Cache AZ Tucson - The "Linda's View" Travel Bug Hotel N 32° 22.823 W 111° 05.037
  Small ammo can with lots of room for TB's. The "Linda's View" Travel Bug Hotel has wonderful vistas of the Tucson Mountains to the West, Dove Mountain to the North, and Pusch Ridge and the Catalinas to the Northeast. Who Linda is, we are not quite sure, but we were sure impressed by the wonderful sunrises and sunsets.  

GCM11V Traditional Cache AZ Tucson S - Green Valley Travel Bug Exchange N 31° 52.188 W 111° 00.338
  This is a regular cache (ammo box) with the usual items for trade, but with the main purpose of being a temporary holding place for travel bugs (TBs). Please do not take the last travel bug unless you have one to leave behind in its stead. This should maintain the integrity of the cache as a TB exchange site. Remember to make note of the serial numbers from the TBs and log your drop off or retrieval on the TB section of the geocache web site. This lets the owners know what’s going on with their TBs.  

GC195BK Traditional Cache AZ W Bullhead City - BACK ALLEY TB HOTEL N 35° 09.066 W 114° 33.977
  Real easy Travel Bug Hotel that is secure for your bugs and coins. NEWLY REMODELED! Great for the younger cacher! 19 28 33 are key numbers to remember! This is a Travel Bug Hotel that is located in the back of a private lot. Come see the newly remodeled hotel! This is a secure hotel as you will see. You can't miss this one! Guests are welcome to check in and check out! No restrictions on guests checking in or out! Go ahead and open the gate if you need to just remember to close it please. You must remember these numbers 19 28 33 in order to get the can open. Make sure to clear the lock by turning 3 times to the right before using the combination.
If you need to get out of the wind for a moment go ahead and jump the fence and have a sit down. Hint: 3 turns then 19-28-33


GC10G8H Traditional Cache AZ-Surprise_Tortoise Flats TB Hotel
  Been there & might stop again!  

GC1GYEW Traditional Cache CA N - Lathrop - Me Casa S Sue Casa TB Lodge
  N 37° 48.952 W 121° 17.242 Easy cache, and hopefully a a safe haven for the weary traveler. This is an easy cache meant to be a safe place for traveling Bugs and Geocoins. It will also be a place were the Lil' Cachers can get some swag, and the older ones trade some. I think that more often than not, geocaches we find are micros; nothing wrong with that, but the kids who go a long on a "Treasure Hunt" are often disappointed. The container is supposed to mimic those green utility boxes you see on or near side walks. If there are muggle looking individuals around, do not worry about, They are undercover Cachers. This caches is on my front yard and it can be touched from the sidewalk. If you take a Travel Bug or Geo Coin, please log as soon as you get a chance. I want to keep inventory up to date. If bug shows on the inventory, but I do not see it, I will mark it as missing and email the last cachers inquiring if item was taken.  

GCT845 Traditional Cache CA N Mercer - MythBusters!
  N 37° 19.188 W 120° 27.639 Is it just a myth? A LARGE geocache that has been placed as a dedication to a wonderful TV show? Nope, not a myth at all. It is confirmed. It looks very much like something else you see just about everywhere. It sits out in the open and is not hidden at all. There are warnings on the container that can be ignored. If you see the word MYTH anywhere on it, it's safe to open. The cache door is secured by a combination lock and to get it open, you need to simply spell out the 1st four letters of the show. (Or this cache) This cache will serve as a travel bug hotel as well. All I ask is that NO sticky labels be used in the log book. It is quite big and has plenty of room for you to write about the cache, the show or both. Please keep it in nice condition as I plan on giving the log to Jamie when it is full. So what are you waiting for? NOTE: It's in my front yard and neighbors know about it. It can be touched from the sidewalk.  

GC15XK4 Traditional Cache CA N San Fran California Gold TB Hotel N 37° 47.198 W 122° 24.094
  Regular sized cache located in downtown SF and is accessible only on Wednesday-Saturday, Noon to 4:30 PM. Parking is difficult and expensive as it is everywhere in the downtown area. I would recommend taking mass transit to this area especially on week days. This is probably the only safe place (so far) to leave your travel bugs in downtown San Francisco. Cache was placed with permission from the Director of Development. Hints: Begin at 555 Mission Street & In plain sight. The drawing on the cache page is a clue.  
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