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Ok. This is just a list of caches I enjoyed more than average.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCHXMG Multi-cache 3 Caves and a Swimming Hole
  I wanna go swimming.  

GC1KFAD Multi-cache 3 Degrees: BLACKOUT
  I hope to never do this cache again. :-)  

GC11A7E Multi-cache Abandon Hope
  My body hurts.  

GC6F95 Traditional Cache Armageddon
  Great container.  

GCRNVC Cache In Trash Out Event Bettis Plot Mini-CITO (01/10/2006)
  Best CITO event I have participated in.  

GC90 Traditional Cache Bonita Lakes
  Mississippi's First Cache  

GCRGJK Multi-cache Bridge, No Bridge

GC3798 Traditional Cache Covert Cache
  Great caching experience  

GCE2D9 Traditional Cache CWL005 - The Wolf River "Bottoms"
  Just do it...  

GCXE3Z Traditional Cache Dave Cave
  This is what I hope for in every cache hunt.  

GC20GEK Traditional Cache Devil's End

GC8711 Traditional Cache Dragon's Breath 2
  Innovation in cache retrieval.  

GCRQ3K Multi-cache Elmwood Cemetery
  Nice tour of one of Memphis' most historic locations.  

GCNB3Y Traditional Cache Emerald Cemetery
  Beautiful area. This would make a super-spooky night cache.  

GCMRT5 Unknown Cache Five-and-Five #1 - The Wooley Swamp
  It was a great cache hunt with Jamie Z.  

GCMRT5 Unknown Cache Five-and-Five #1 - The Wooley Swamp v3.0
  I thought this one was already in my bookmark list, but I was mistaken. Great cache, challenging obstacles along the way.  

GCQ188 Multi-cache Flashlight Required
  This one makes the list because of the long hike in the dark before you even get to the first reflector.  

GC1CW22 Unknown Cache Flip Dizzy - Flip Out
  Wow. Just, wow...  

GC2BM6X Traditional Cache Frozen Flight Scuba Cache

GCRPW3 Multi-cache Gator Lake Cache
  Dirt Road and a long hike  
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