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Long-Unfound or Never-Found Active Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: Vinny & Sue Team

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This bookmark list, over time, will hopefully become a fairly comprehensive list of quality geocaches which -- although still active and listed -- have either never been found, or have remained unfound (since previous finder) for a very long time. The long-unfound or never-found status may be due to high terrain rating, high difficulty (i.e., extremely difficult puzzle), or due to placement in a largely-inaccessible, rarely-traveled location. While the list may include a few older virtuals, it will only include highly exceptional and "worthwhile" virtuals. This list will -- for the most part -- NOT include caches which are likely "missing in action" and which rightfully should have been archived or disabled a long time ago. The list will also deliberately exclude caches which are long-unfound but where there is evidence that the cache remains unfound because it is very lame. Lastly, since a list such as this could easily become "log-jammed" with unfound puzzle caches which may, in actu

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GCACF Traditional Cache All Saints
  This is a never-found (as of mid-June 2006) cache off the coast of Mexico. However, its inclusion on this list is highly questionable, since a number of skilled cachers have looked for it and been unable to find it, and therefore, it is likely "missing in action". Apparently the owners have not performed a maintenance visit/check on the cache since its placement. Archived by reviewer in 2006.  

GCRHF1 Traditional Cache Coburg am Karale
  Long-unfound small cache in Greenland, placed in July 2005. Found July 2007.  

GC105E Traditional Cache Conch Shell Horn

GC24KMN Traditional Cache Down With The Slickness!

GC6RTZA Traditional Cache Dún Briste

GC76AF Traditional Cache Fort Cox Ecology
  South African cache, placed in 2002, and has never been found (as of June 2006.) There is some evidence, via a June 2006 log entry, that the cache may be missing in action.  

GCJEDJ Traditional Cache Getting closer to Heaven
  This is a cache placed in a mountainous area of Brazil in 2003; it was never found. It looks like the longitude was never correct since the cache description does not match the coordinate location.  

GC1259 Traditional Cache Kougarok
  Alaskan cache. Been in place since 2001, but never found (as of June 2006), despite Terrain rating of 2, as it is near Nome, which is hard for outsiders to reach. Found once in 2016.  

GC2Z5QM Traditional Cache Ladonia

GC15D Traditional Cache Oh so blue
  Famed long-unfound cache in Belize, placed in 2001 as a tourist cache. FTF in 2009. Second find in 2011.  

GCCFC1 Virtual Cache Penguin Dance

GC3T3XQ Unknown Cache Shell Shore
  Found in 2017, with some doubt the actual cache was found.  

GC4ECD0 Traditional Cache Stone Mountain Parks "Deadliest Catch".

GCXQ4E Traditional Cache The Cache of the War

GCN66W Traditional Cache The Great White Adventure
  This Terrain 5 cache is located on water, in a river, in Indiana. As for October 2006, it has been never been found in its 21 months in existence.  

GCNFKB Unknown Cache The Messenger’s Demise
  Archived by CO in 2007 for no apparent reason. Going by the note logs, someone may have solved it, at least in part.

Note: cache description was changed by CO prior to archival. Original name: "The Messenger's Demise". Presumably there was something in the cache description as well... I know not what.

GCHW94 Unknown Cache Undisclosed Location
  PUZZLE CACHE. A tough puzzle cache hidden in Idaho in early 2004. As of June 2006, the puzzle has never been solved, although two cachers did find the cache via "brute-force" hunting -- they left the FTF prize in place. Archived by CO in 2006, puzzle never solved.  

GCPW63 Traditional Cache YOU HAVE TO BE CRAZY LIKE ME!-Kahekili
  Nasty hike and climb in Hawaii. Now found.  

GC1V8AE Traditional Cache Zerzura - the Lost Oasis
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