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Active Caches Hidden in 2001 from 06/18/01 thru 09/2/01 (shared, public)

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Caches hidden in 2001 worldwide that are still active. Sorted by date hidden. To find all of my bookmarks for this series. Click on my user name, then click on the "LIST" tab at the top of the page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to view my shared Bookmarks

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCCE1 Multi-cache 06/18/2001 GCCE1
  2 Bridges Cache (Michigan, United States)  

GCCEA Traditional Cache 06/18/2001 GCCEA
  Reach the Beech (West Virginia, United States)  

GCCFB Traditional Cache 06/18/2001 GCCFB
  Savage Forest-Margroff (Maryland, United States)  

GCD7E Traditional Cache 06/18/2001 GCD7E
  Bridger-Teton Cache (Wyoming, United States)  

GCCF9 Multi-cache 06/19/2001 GCCF9
  Human Endeavour (New South Wales, Australia)  

GCD03 Traditional Cache 06/19/2001 GCD03
  Turnpike Closeup (Pennsylvania, United States)  

GCD07 Traditional Cache 06/19/2001 GCD07
  Beside the grassy knoll (New Jersey, United States)  

GCD14 Traditional Cache 06/19/2001 GCD14
  Indian Springs Cache (Utah, United States)  

GCD17 Traditional Cache 06/20/2001 GCD17
  1856 Mule Path (New York, United States)  

GCD18 Traditional Cache 06/20/2001 GCD18
  Folding Mountain (Alberta, Canada)  

GCD1E Traditional Cache 06/20/2001 GCD1E
  Simple Stash (Stockholm, Sweden)  

GCD23 Traditional Cache 06/20/2001 GCD23
  Divide and Conquer (Colorado, United States)  

GCD29 Traditional Cache 06/20/2001 GCD29
  Forbes Cache (Washington, United States)  

GCD2A Traditional Cache 06/20/2001 GCD2A
  Whitetail Butte Cache (Idaho, United States)  

GCD2C Traditional Cache 06/20/2001 GCD2C
  White Rock Cache II (Utah, United States)  

GCD8E Traditional Cache 06/20/2001 GCD8E
  Big Arb Ruins (Wisconsin, United States)  

GCDA7 Traditional Cache 06/20/2001 GCDA7
  Spacecraft@Waverly (6/20/2001) (Kentucky, United States)  

GCE64 Traditional Cache 06/20/2001 GCE64
  Arekuna (Venezuela)  

GCED4 Virtual Cache 06/20/2001 GCED4
  Islay's First (Southern Scotland, United Kingdom)  

GCD45 Traditional Cache 06/22/2001 GCD45
  East Fork (Utah, United States)  
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