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Favorite Geocaches (by type) (shared, public)

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My favorite geocaches of each type in 5-year increments

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCNRMA Traditional Cache (2005-09) Canal Heritage - Kankakee Feeder
  Favorite Illinois Geocache: This is where I learned the skill of bushwacking and will forever be known to us as the Beaver Poop Cache.  

GCWF7C Traditional Cache (2005-09) I&M Canal Trail - Brandon Road Access
  Favorite Micro: Although gone now, this was a great example of hiding in plain sight.  

GC14PH4 Traditional Cache (2005-09) Idwal and the Devil
  Favorite Foreign Cache: Located in northern Wales, this loop trail gave us wonderful views and a cleverly hidden micro during our 3 hour hike. (visit link)  

GC1MAJG Unknown Cache (2005-09) Size Matters
  Favorite Puzzle: A clever puzzle where the find was harder than the puzzle.  

GC14M2Z Event Cache (2005-09) The Moonshine Meet and Meat and Greet (with bacon) (09/29/2007)
  Favorite Event: If you can ever make a Moonshine event, I highly recommend it - just order your burger by 12:30. During my visit, there was also a group of Harley riders intermixing with the geocachers wanting to learn more about what a GPSr can do besides helping them during their ride.

"Well... ummm... We have all these boxes hidden around the world..."

GC1A0QZ Multi-cache (2005-09) The Rock
  Favorite Multi: A nice use of the limited terrain in this glaciated area for all the stages.  

GC660B Virtual Cache (2005-09) Time of a different kind!
  Favorite Virtual: I like Virtuals where you find something unique and a steam-powered clock is definitely unique  

GC13AMQ Earthcache (2005-09) Watkins Glen State Park Earthcache
  Favorite Earthcache: Exploring all the waterfalls at Watkins Glen State Park in New York was a wonderful hike.  

GC3TFCH Traditional Cache (2010-2014) Are you Nuts?
  Favorite Traditional: This was not a cache you wanted to attempt in the freezing cold without gloves... but I did.  

GC236CB Event Cache (2010-2014) Chilly Caching, Warm Cobbler '10 (02/27/2010)
  Favorite Event: My first of several Chilly Caching, Warm Cobbler events. Much like the Moonshine events, this is one that everyone should attend just once - especially if they do not like winter caching (but I LOVE winter caching).  

GC2AX7Q Multi-cache (2010-2014) Citygarden Tour
  Favorite Multi-cache: A fun urban cache that will get your head spinning and make you think just a little bit harder - which is difficult when your head is spinning.  

GC3KGXA Unknown Cache (2010-2014) Cold...Warm...Warmer...HOT!
  Favorite Illinois Cache: I loved everything about this experience. The puzzle, the placement of Stage 1 and the placement of the Final Stage made this a memorable experience.  

GC1BK08 Earthcache (2010-2014) Decaturville Dome Impact Crater
  Favorite Earthcache: A roadside earthcache that clearly demonstrates the violence of a meteor impact millions of years ago.  

GCC7 Traditional Cache (2010-2014) Fowler Park Wilderness Stash
  Favorite Classic Cache: This is the best example of a classic cache hide. The terrain, the placement, and the container all made this find an adventure.  

GC28E1R Letterbox Hybrid (2010-2014) Hobo's Lair
  Favorite Letterbox: I had been to this area a year or two earlier for some waymarking opportunities. Once I read the directions, I knew EXACTLY where this letterbox was located. It was just a matter of finding it. It was also my Letterbox for my Busy Day Challenge for that day.  

GCA15A Multi-cache (2010-2014) Privilege and Poverty
  Favorite DNF: Although I did end up finding the final, my initial attempt was interrupted by a tornado warning.

With the sirens in my ears, I bolted for the homes to the north in hopes of pounding on the door of the nearest home with cars in the driveway, but I didn't have to get that far. A car pulls around the corner with the window down. The drive yells, "Get in! I am a trained weather spotter. This is not good."

We pull in his drive and make our way indoors and wait out the storm. The situation, of course, dictates for me to explain why I was wandering around in the woods.

GC2BERR Unknown Cache (2010-2014) Puzzle Me This BAT Man!!!
  Favorite Puzzle Cache: A puzzle cache that keeps on puzzling.  

GCKA6K Multi-cache (2010-2014) Southernmost Stash- Multi
  Favorite Foreign Cache: I was able to find the southern most Canadian cache with only HALF of the coordinates with a little knowledge of geography and my geosenses.  

GC500KQ Unknown Cache (2010-2014) State Away Challenge
  Favorite Challenge Cache: This is an instance where the cache seemed more difficult than the actual challenge. It is nice to have them reversed once and a while.  

GCJ0A5 Virtual Cache (2010-2014) The Eagle's View Longitude & Latitude Puzzler
  Favorite Virtual: Having to solve a puzzle to find a worthy virtual location was highly entertaining.  
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