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25,000 Mile Challenge (shared, public)

List Owner: dutchgoers

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Need to Find Final.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC359Z4 Traditional Cache "1988 Field of Dreams"
  Logged on: 10/7/2012  

GC12487 Traditional Cache "Last" bit of Change
  Logged on: 10/9/2012  

GC36G8R Traditional Cache "See" Shell
  Logged on: 9/26/2012  

GC1WQDJ Traditional Cache 25 Bears
  Logged on: 8/22/2011  

GC5462B Unknown Cache 25,000 Mile Challenge

GCJA1Y Traditional Cache 4 / MILE
  Logged on: 8/16/2012  

GC2VDR0 Traditional Cache 7-Mile Boat Launch
  Logged on: 8/17/2012  

GC1X3JY Traditional Cache A Walk by the River
  Logged on: 10/03/2012  

GC1DKDC Traditional Cache Ace of Aces
  Logged on: 09/28/2012  

GC31RW6 Traditional Cache Ain't That Dandy!
  Logged on: 09/26/2012  

GC39R6M Traditional Cache Altoid Tin - Oriska
  Logged on: 09/27/2012  

GC9FF Traditional Cache Alvin's Phone Line
  Logged on: 09/28/2012  

GC2NMJ1 Traditional Cache 'Always' Room For One More
  Logged on: 09/30/2012  

GC1EX2Q Traditional Cache Aunt, Teacher, Friend... Final Resting Place
  Logged on: 08/12/2013  

GC1X8Y8 Unknown Cache b-ball#7
  Logged on: 09/28/2012  

GC2THJ6 Traditional Cache Between a Rock and a Tall place
  Logged on: 10/07/2012  

GC2QXTY Traditional Cache Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
  Logged on: 10/07/2012  

GC3PTM1 Traditional Cache Born on the 4th of July
  Logged on: 10/09/2012  

GC1DGFP Traditional Cache By The River
  Logged on: 10/03/2012  

GC1HXKC Unknown Cache Cache Across Idaho
  Logged on: 09/28/2011  
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