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New Virtual Rewards List! (3d 1,000) (shared, public)

List Owner: VegasScotty

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"Geocaching HQ is thrilled to announce the release of Virtual Rewards, a project to reward some of geocaching’s great contributors, while also introducing a limited number of new Virtual Caches for the enjoyment of the entire geocaching community."

24 August 2017

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC7B9HZ Virtual Cache Die Legende vom verfluchten See - Virtual Reward

GC7BA51 Virtual Cache Virtual Reward Petit Sanctuaire

GC7B9DT Virtual Cache 👻 Die Brücke - The Bridge 👻

GC7B9RY Virtual Cache ⏳ Le temps qui passe...

GC7BA4V Virtual Cache Poste-de-Traite-de-Chicoutimi

GC7B9CV Virtual Cache The Fountain - Virtual Reward 2017/2018

GC7B94J Virtual Cache Virtual Reward fly by

GC7BA1E Virtual Cache Willa Haeringa

GC7BA1J Virtual Cache " Alte Waage "

GC7BA7Z Virtual Cache "Backsteingotik in Wismar"

GC7B9NE Virtual Cache "High Flying" Virtual Reward

GC7B9TG Virtual Cache "Maen ha Traezh"

GC7B9FH Virtual Cache "Mythos Bökelberg"

GC7BA56 Virtual Cache "Tear Down This Wall"

GC7BA7R Virtual Cache "They Got Away With It"

GC7B9TF Virtual Cache "Von-Der-Wife"

GC7B9GY Virtual Cache 🌋 Bussen on Fire? 🌋

GC7B9BC Virtual Cache 👻 Der Marburger Geist 👻

GC7B9B6 Virtual Cache (Kurz-)Chronik Freiburger Siegesdenkmal

GC7B9EQ Virtual Cache (VK-11118) Roznovske hodiny
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