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Florida "Solve at Your Desk" Puzzle Caches - FGA Central East Region (shared, public)

List Owner: ePeterso2

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All of the caches on this bookmark list contain puzzles that can be solved at your desk without visiting the cache location.

The caches on this list are sorted by increasing difficulty as rated by each cache owner.

This list is a work in progress. If you see a cache listing that is not included in this list but should be (including archived caches), please let me know and I'll be happy to add it.

There is a separate bookmark list for each FGA region to keep this list from becoming too unwieldy. Counties in this FGA region: Volusia, Brevard, Indian River, Okeechobee, and St. Lucie

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC13N34 Unknown Cache 1.0 - GC13N34 - Beresford's Brain Busting Burrow
  by NoBlowH3  

GC13N39 Unknown Cache 1.0 - GC13N39 - Beresford's Brain Busting Bench
  by NoBlowH3  

GC13N55 Unknown Cache 1.0 - GC13N55 - Beresford's Brain Busting Branches
  by NoBlowH3  

GC13NA0 Unknown Cache 1.0 - GC13NA0 - Beresford's Brain Busting Bars
  by NoBlowH3  

GC13NAR Unknown Cache 1.0 - GC13NAR - Beresford's Brain Busting Bottle
  by NoBlowH3  

GC13NBG Unknown Cache 1.0 - GC13NBG - Beresford's Brain Busting Bowl
  by NoBlowH3  

GC13TQ6 Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC13TQ6 - I Was Framed?
  by HopalongCachedy  

GC1ERTQ Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC1ERTQ - Nature's Neighbor
  by Zyfenhinger and the Eggs  

GC1EYTZ Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC1EYTZ - Phat Pharm II
  by NoBlowH3  

GC1HZ20 Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC1HZ20 - Noname Park Sudoku
  by TPgypsies  

GCX4M7 Unknown Cache 1.5 - GCX4M7 - Out of the ashes is born a cache
  by kddeford  

GCXYCH Unknown Cache 1.5 - GCXYCH - What's Special About This Number?
  by beachside  

GC103WC Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC103WC - Pig-Pen
  by MommyFinder  

GC13AXK Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC13AXK - Save it...
  by Clan Riffster  

GC14BRH Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC14BRH - PAPER TRAIL SERIES #04
  by Bootscootin70  

GC14FP3 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC14FP3 - So yoU DO liKe pUzzles!
  by HopalongCachedy  

GC16KZN Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC16KZN - Cryptic College Cache
  by pviafore  

GC1CV2J Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1CV2J - Add It Up?
  by NoBlowH3  

GC1DPYT Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1DPYT - Open Next
  by NoBlowH3  

GC1E7KE Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1E7KE - Moh's Mineral Museum II
  by NoBlowH3  
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