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These are caches which have had lasting impressions.

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GCK1CC Unknown Cache ANX: The Angle of Eternity
  A very unique multi-stage mystery cache, with creative surprise at each stage. Don't let Workerofwood's reputation intimidate you, as he is nice enough to leave nudges to keep you from needless frustrations.  

GCJPT3 Traditional Cache Assume Nothing #2 1/2
  Caches by Workerofwood are of high quality, very creative, and often considered "evil" but never mean-spirited, and always satisfying in the end. I recommend all of his "Assume Nothing" series, but this one tops the list.  

GCHYBJ Traditional Cache Assume Nothing #3
  Another quality cache, creatively-hidden. If you'd imagined hiding this yourself, then you'd appreciate the thought and effort that went into this Workerofwood classic.  

GCFD1D Unknown Cache Bay Area Multiple Hills - Bonus
  Unfortunately, this cache has been archived, and it is now just a regular cache, GCNN2D "Bay Area Multiple Hills 5".

In its original form, the puzzle cache required the cacher to visit a series of 4 caches, and each one offered fantastic view of the Bay Area. There was a clue in each of the caches, and the solution led to this cache, the grand finale.

GCGQ42 Unknown Cache Counterparts
  This puzzle cache is a great spy story + adventure. Of all the high quality Lamneth caches, this is my favorite.  

GCKWY6 Traditional Cache Discover Water
  I found this with 2700+ finds under my belt. It is simple yet well-made, and perfectly executed, typical of a GeoBrowns hide. Did I forget to say it is ?  

GC78 Traditional Cache Firestone
  California's oldest active cache, and very scenic when it's not fogged in. Don't read the logs until after the visit, as you might enjoy the surprise.  

GCMRFE Traditional Cache Hill 582 - A Tribute to Railroading!
  One of the best spots on Cajon Pass to enjoy the panoramic scenery, view of all three railroad tracks, and company of friendly railfans on a good day. There's also a memorial for railroad engineers here.  

GCKEX7 Unknown Cache Homestar Runner-The Final Cache!
  This is the bonus to a series of 10 caches. Each cache represents one of the characters in the Homestar Runner cartoons, and each location fits the theme very well, some quite humorously. The adventure ends at this location which is quite scenic.  

GCJZWT Unknown Cache Inca Gold
  This is the 6th and final cache in a series of 5 caches scattered on Mission Peak. It's a high quality adventure, with well-constructed clue items in each cache. Be sure to include this one in your plans before heading over to Mission Peak.  

GC126C Traditional Cache Light House Point
  This was chosen as a milestone cache by a famous Geocacher who placed his first signature coin here.

You'll have to cross a land bridge, scramble down a steep slope, then climb a tall ladder that's only accessible at low tides.

The rewards are many, including great coast and island views, and small beaches. The location feels almost like a private island!

GC2BB5 Traditional Cache Man on a Mission
  One of the best views on the East Bay. This cache is located near Mission Peak, long hike, great exercise.  

GCGQRW Multi-cache Ode to My Leg
  This multi-cache involves a scenic hike in one of the treasures in the Bay Area, the San Bruno Mountains. Woof!s misfortune is transformed into a memorable finale with a punchline! Don't read the logs if you want to enjoy this one!  

GCF794 Traditional Cache Operation Iraqi Freedom II
  This location is Nirvana for railroad fans and history buffs. It is a very scenic area even if you don't care about trains.  

GCGBER Traditional Cache Quit Iron Horsing Around!
  I've enjoyed all of Fizzymagic's hides and puzzles (the ones I was able to solve, anyway). Physicists are known to do mind-boggling pranks, and what happens when you mix that with magician's understanding of optical illusion?

Answer: I list this very evil cache as one of my all time favorites.

GCTFXD Traditional Cache Rube's Tiki Cache
  Very well-engineered and resourceful hide. The Petoskey Stones' hides are always high quality, but they went way over the top this time.  

GCRF3W Multi-cache The Japanese Islands Park
  The park is a miniature version of all the islands and prefectures of Japan, with themed structures like Mount Fuji and Shinjuku Twin Towers within. This was a fun geography lesson of Japan.  

GCJVZ9 Unknown Cache The Sphere
  All of Lamneth's caches are high quality, construction-wise, and theme-wise. This is one of the two I'm going to list.  

GCG8QV Unknown Cache Wait Until Dark
  This night-time only adventure requires a good flashlight and willingness to hike uphill in the dark. Well-executed, with an appropriate surprise at the end.  

GCJTHA Traditional Cache We Dig Cemeteries
  Each one of Marky & Joani's hides is creative and unique, and I can never tell if their next hide is going to be scenic, historic, evil, or humorous. The coordinates are usually spot-on, so I usually don't have to wander too much to find their caches.

I chose this one, because it represents scenic, historic, evil, and humorous all in one! You'll encounter a few more of their hides along the way here.
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