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The Beast of Big Island

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Hidden : 5/18/2009
In Wisconsin, United States
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5 out of 5

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Geocache Description:

A trail of micro's, WELL hidden! With a traditional as the final. Filled with SWAG!

Most of this cache is based off of Wisconsin's very OWN Werewolf! In the Southeast Corner of the state, something was spotted by numerous people. Speculation, guess, doubt, WHAT was it that was spotted. This cache will take you to Big Island in the Wisconsin River. The island is owned by Consolidated Water Power Company, and I've recived permission from Mr. Witt, the Land Manager, to place this cache here. I extend the request from Mr. Witt to please respect the land, and maintain the "naturalness" of this area. We are so very lucky indeed to live in the area we do that has so much waterway and the nature that goes with it. Do all you can to maintain and preserve this. Thank you all in advance! If you look on the GPS, or Google Earth, the island doesn't appear to be too far. HOWEVER, there is NO straight way to get there. At the end of a old rutted road, you are perhaps a good strong throw from hitting it, HOWEVER, I have yet to make the "quick and easy" journey there. If you approach from the North, you'll have to paddle around a pennesula, and from the South, the nearest portage is a public boat ramp. Both trips equal around 1.5 or more miles. I recommend the South way, you'll have the current on your back for the return. From what I gather, (and I was SURPRISED at the lack of info out there), the island was at ONE time part of the main land. However, when the dams were built along the river, the low laying land became flooded. Thus forming "Big Island". As you journey along, you might see remants of the past. Who were these people? Where did they go? When did they settle? Boundless questions I have. Perhaps those who confront the Beast will be able to provide some answers.

Wikipedia is a good source for some of the information, and I also have links for some answers that will require a bit of reading. As I go along and give the questions you'll need answers for, I'll also include some experiences, and some lore that I have picked up along the way as well. I remember vividly stories of werewolfs, vampires, spookies and things that go bump in the night. I like a good scare as well as the next person...LOL. And as you journey through the legends, stories and lore, keep all this in mind as you make your way. And also, keep in mind, that except for the occasional boaters or fishermen, you are a LONG way from another human being (unless you have along a travel buddy)....... and you have NO where to run....and really, no where to hide either, this is IT'S terrority... one will hear you scream..... if the Beast comes bounding!

Sooooo.....let's start our journey....

The cords that are listed for this cache will take you to the mouth of a river/stream. This water way leads into the HEART of the island. Not a straight path, no no, but winding for sure.... and to find the code for 2WP, you'll need to be like a fishing lure... that DIDN'T make it into the water.

And inside THIS cache, you'll find the CODE for WP2..and HERE are the answers you'll need........

A = The woman who FIRST saw the beast, on what DATE did she see it? OF that date, take the FIRST number of the date?

B = How many letters are there in the name of the ROAD were the creature was seen?

C = Take the THIRD number in of the year. (ex. 19X1)?

D = There is a creature in Inuit mythology it is said will hunt down and devour ANYONE who is foolish enough to hunt alone. How many letters are in the name of this creature?

E = How many letters are there in the name of the COUNTY where the creature was sighted?

F = How many times did the woman who FIRST saw this creature, how many times DID she see it that night… just once, twice…more?

What you will need for WP3

A = What is the first number of the interstate that runs through Delavan?

B = The creature of Inuit mythology, how many typically are in a hunting pack?

Go to this link
(visit link)

C = From here, what Chapter is “Beast on a Burial Mound” ?

D = In the same chapter, WHAT did the creature say? How mnay LETTERS are in that word?

E = A wolf like creature said to inhabit the Nahanni Valley in the Northwest territories of Canada, (it starts with a “W”) how MANY letters are this NAME?

F = This number looks like a FULL MOON!

Not related to the link above, but do a search and you’ll find it………..

G = The Beast of 7 Chutes, what is the FIRST number in the four digit year it was sighted?

H = The “common” name for what many call the Beast? Starts with a “W” How many letters? HINT: there are perhaps a few ways this can spelled, the spelling I’m thinking of ends in “ve”

For WP4

There was a report of a creature that MANY labeled or jumped to the conclusion it was “Bigfoot” just recently in the Southeastern part of the state. However, I thought to myself, even BEFORE many articles and “discussion” came out, I thought to myself, “that doesn’t sound like Bigfoot, that sounds like a werewolf” Lot’s of others soon thought as I did judging from the information I’ve stumbled on while getting this cache ready. Incidently, the area where this happened, I’ve cached in, and the summer before this event while rummaging around for the cache on a steep heavily forested area, I SWEAR I could FEEL some one or SOMETHING watching me. (no kidding..LOL). I comforted myself with the fact that I was near a house of God, and anything “evil” would avoid where I was at.

This is ALSO the SAME area where SOMETHING grabbed an animal OUT OF the back of a truck, the NUMBER of letters in this sacred areas name is A (Hint: the name containes 2 words)

What kind of animal was grabbed out of the truck? How many letters in this name? This is B

C = The Hwy were this happened, it’s a 3 digit highway. Take the FIRST and the THIRD digits, ADD them, then subtract the second. That is C

D = What DISTINGUISHING feature did Mr. Kruger mention that made him NOT think it was a bear or “Bigfoot”. Now, depending on what article you read, there could be a few features that don't jive with Mr. Bigfoot. The feature you need there are TWO of!

E = Once again, what number LOOKS like a full moon?

F = The month (in number, like Jan is 1, Feb, is 2 etc.). What number month did this happen? Subtract 2, that is F


Going back to the link mentioned above….. Let’s go to Chapter 3 again.

A = What YEAR did the gentleman see something digging on an Burial Mound. The THIRD digit is A.

B = How many letters are in the name of the convent where this happened?

C = In numerous places, there is a story about Jesus and how he came upon a being that was so strong, neither chains nor irons could contain it. This being lived among the dead, in the tombs in the hills and mountains. What book in the Apostles was this story related? HOW many letters are in this name?

D = What CHAPTER was this event documented in this book of the Bible?

E = At this convent a member of a BIG FAMOUS political family was LOBOTOMIZED in 1941! ( I didn’t remember this until reading it here again from political science studies, quite interesting!) Anyways, how many letters were in this family members FIRST name?

F = The town near this convent, Jefferson, what is the hwy that runs through this town? Take the FIRST number of this hwy.

G = Again, what number LOOKS like a full moon?


It’s interesting that the Beast in that Chapter 3 was busy on top of an Indian Burial Mound. And what the Beast had SAID! I’m originally from ND, we used to farm in the extreme south central part of the state, on the edge of the Badlands. I remember how the wolves would chorus, and it would echo over the praire! AMAZING how loud and erie it sounded...(I can still hear it....) And, I used to find arrowheads, and other signs of a past way of life long gone. Also on our land were mounds, Burial mounds. There were also numerous Native Americans living in our area, and as has always been the case in rural areas, esp. the Great Plains, where winters are HARSH, and summers hot, neighbors help each other. With this helping comes talking and sharing. Through out my youth, I remember the differences, and also the similarities between the religion and beliefs of our Native American neighbors and Christianity. One such parellelism involved the belief of a “another place for evil”. Hell. Not necessarily "down below" but an ESSENCE of Evil. One such belief that I remember, and I took comfort in this belief that was passed on, was that some of the mounds were the final resting place for Warriors, and those Warriors were still there protecting the living from the evil that could rise up from the “other place of evil” The Native Americans that I had experiences with, believed that spirits were free, and that they manifested themselves in nature. BUT, they couldn't make the transformation to human form...unless...and this is pure speculation on my part, unless the evil could use a "gateway" to walk the Earth. A "gateway" that is center to loss and sorrow...sadness. A burial mound? Perhaps the Native Americans thought that if Evil had a "gateway", they wouldn't roam or manifest elsewhere. And if this "gateway" were protected by Warriors past....? While researching this, I found that story about Mr. Shackleton interesting, in that the creature was digging on a burial mound. Do Warriors of the past protect “gateways” from Hell? Was this creature trying to “move” the warriors…?

Also, another Native American folklore that had been passed on to us, was the Shape shifter…….. and THAT is...another way for evil to walk.....

A couple of years ago, in Wood County, there was this Cache “Powers Bluff”. It’s since archived but I remember it for several reasons:

1) The stinging nettle that was up to our chest at the first attempt. I ended up carrying the littlest pigglet out on my shoulders because he couldn’t stand it anymore.
2) I lost my GPS case and a spare set of Ni Mh batteries there!
3) I returned on my own to search for my case and batteries, and to find the cache, and I must admit, this area SPOOKED ME! I was NOT comfortable here. My second trip out, there was NOT a breath of wind, no breeze. It was HOT, and I was wearing pants and a sweatshirt to combat the nettle. As I was looking around for the cache and my holder with batteries, I heard a crash and saw branches move about 100 ft. off to my side, directly towards the path I WOULD NEED TO USE to get back out. I remember thinking, if I were going to stop somebody from getting out, THAT is the path I would take to cut me off. I was deep in a ravine, "low ground" ( I also comforted myself with the thought that if I was the “other” and wanted to scare the intruder "me" into a feeling of inferoity, I would DO exactly what had just occurred. Letting the intruder know that HE is bracketed, and that his escape is cut off, I would do that because I was afraid and needed to show I had the upper ground, not much comfort but hey, it helped a bit..LOL). Really though, this area gave me the willies.

It turns out this area in the decades past had been a county park. I remember seeing old number signs for camp sites that no one will camp at again. This area is TOTALLY overgrown, with huge trees fallen over each other, and others that stand over 70 feet high. Hardwood, evergreen, fir. Doing a little more research, it turns out this area has NUMEROUS Indian mounds. Also, reading through the previous logs to gather clues since 3 trips I had yet to find the cache, there was a common theme. Several had noted that the log book was soaked, but the rest of the cache contents were DRY!! It was in an Ammo can. And all were stumped as to HOW the log could be soaked, yet the container dry.

When I DID find the cache, I TOO found the log wet! And also, the container DRY on the inside.

What had crashed the trees and branches….. Deer….. Or……

Shape shifter!???!

or skin walker... you'll need the below link for information.
(visit link) has some clues for the next waypoint.

A skin walker typically wears .................... to transform. WHAT do they wear? How many letters are in that word? = A

If a person is to venture out at night and hunt, you can protect yourself by applying HOW many different things to cover your body to repel skin walkers? That is B.

Witchs earned their power to shape shift or skin walk by violating a .......... ?? How many letters in the word for what they violated? This equals C

D = How MANY ways are there to kill a witch or skin walker? Take this number and write it down. NOW, ONE of the ways has a passage of time associated with many days? Take the NUMBER of DAYS and subtract the NUMBER OF WAYS to kill a skin walker. That will be D

At the beginning of shapeshifing in WIKI is this sentence......"Shapeshifting is a common theme in mythology, _______, and fairy tales." The missing word, HOW many letters are in that word. THIS is E.

What do Werewolfs have an aversion to.... kinda like cats like cat nip.... werewolfs DON'T like this stuff? How many letters in it? That is F.

Sometimes werewolfs walk on all fours, but some walk on ??? That is G

Ahh.....your ALMOST there.....

You'll now be in a spot where there are vistages of civilization. What where these for? Who made them? When? If you do this cache at night, shine your light around. You'll see WHITE blocks on MANY blocks do you see? OR..... IF you do this during the MANY of these objects do you see? Total count. Take the SUM of the number you count. This is A

Now, of the TOTAL number.........
The FIRST numeral of this number is B
The SECOND numeral of this number is C
Take the FIRST number and subtract it from the SECOND. That is D.
2 x A = E
3x the SECOND number = F
D + C = G
C + A = H

NOW, you have in your hands the numbers. HERE are coded cords.


NOW.....these cords USED to take you to the FINAL, not any more. The final has disappeared, so now in it's place is ANOTHER stage, a micro. INSIDE this micro you'll find coded cords. TAKE the SAME numbers that you have above, BUT FOR ONE!! The value for the letter "H", you will need to "shape shift" the value. The value for "H" above, subtract 1 from it, and that will be the "new" "H".

The NEW final, is a little twist. It's not real hard to find, but to GET TO IT.....ahh.....that is the thing.

But why, HOW.....did the final disappear?? Those who have found the Beast know where it was.....those who last WOULD have found it also know where it was. This location was NOT easy to just "see"...... AMAZING how it just......disappeared.....

....or did it.....or perhaps it was taken....a lure....a challlenge...for those who have found it...a challenge for those who WHERE there and came up empty...

....."come again.....find me again....I dare you......

.....if you DIDN'T find me.....come get a SCARE.....

you might see might HEAR me......but for will FEAR me.......

sincerely yours.....THE BEAST"

Additional Hints (Decrypt)

UVAG sbe JC 4 pnershy jung vf NOBIR LBH! Naq lbh'yy unir gb "svfu" gb trg n "yvar" ba guvf bar!

UVAG sbe JC5 Erzrzore gur funcr fuvsgre, be fxva jnyxre? Fbzrgvzrf guvatf ner ABG nf gurl nccrne, fb or PNERSHY!

JC 7 (jung HFRQ gb or gur svany) gur "jnyy"

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)



  • Full Moon!For those who have confronted the Beast and walked away, THEY know what it feels like...and is LIKE. Now..... think about the night.... taken while doing the night run when I brought the Beast alive....(or....was the other way... ) :O) The Beast awaits!

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