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KG6EAR: Man this event was a blast! We learned so much from this year's events many new experiences.. It has truly been a very stressful but rewarding experience between the normal event stuff and designing our very first geo coin for any of our high desert events and we are happy to go forward now knowing the process a little better and will definitely do some future coin projects for other events we plan to host as well. We pretty much decided that those 100 coins minted are it for this design. That makes these coins very exclusive, rare and more valuable as time goes on. There are only a handful left unowned which I am metering out very carefully so there are no hoarders... :) Thanks everyone for coming, we'll do it again next year, but we won't duplicate the wheel. We will reinvent it a little. There will be changes every year so nobody ever does the same exact event twice.. And we have plenty of time to work with NASA to integrate something with caching elements or themes into the tour perhaps or other ideas we have not yet looked into. Goldstone is not the only NASA facility in the high desert. There are at least two others if not more which directly work with the Space Shuttle, or do parts manufacturing, upgrading and servicing of the space shuttles. And certainly JPL is also an integral part of NASA stuff and they have a facility in Los Angeles that also has tours for groups by arrangement. There are lots of possible variations for reinventing this event each year. And we're always open to suggestions.... And then there is Burt Rutan, "The Magician of Mojave" who may be the one man most directly responsible for starting early efforts pioneering space tourism and commercial space flights for civilians...Hmmm... (the wheels in the head are turning pretty fast on that one)


2010 - NASA Deep Space Odyssey II

Hidden : Saturday, January 23, 2010
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Geocache Description:



Join us for our 2nd annual geocacher tour of the amazing Goldstone NASA communications facility at Fort Irwin! Before and after the free tour there will be a special caches released to keep you all busy and dinner event nearby at 5PM (See link above). Please check frequently for updates.


It's 4:30 a.m. day of the event and all traffic routes are flowing. The Cajon Pass is clear of accidents and weather is only minor according to all info posted.

.,.,.,.,..,-.-.-.-.-.--=-=-=-=-=-- Jan 21, 2010: A freak snow storm has impacted the high desert at much lower altitudes than previously thought. We are watching the situation and hope it clears by friday night. Jan. 08, 2010: A prize for FTF for a special morning cache has been announced. Jan. 07, 2010: The 5PM dinner is now it's own separate event cache. Please RSVP for that too with the total # of guests coming under your caching name so we can keep an accurate count for the staff at Peggy Sue's 50s Diner. Dec. 13, 2009: Time slots have been assigned to everybody. Those who haven't picked one yet and don't like the one assigned may request to have it changed on a first come first serve basis until any time slot fills. Dec. 12, 2009: FREE OVERNIGHT STAY IN HIGH DESERT FOR ATTENDING ALL EVENTS! -- Dec. 12, 2009: Other events scheduled for this weekend have been added below... Dec. 1, 2009: A preliminary list of new caches has been released to the NASA event cache page. One of them requires use of a laser pointer and a flashlight (bring them!).


The image on the left offers a NASA DSN info video to prep you for what you are about to see...

The image below it is a link to a very cool project for educators and parents to do with kids or for the rest of us adults who enjoy building our own very cool models... Make a display piece to remember this tour forever! ;)

Companion events:

Evening of January 23: (GC22RFT)...
50's Dining for all those hungry cachers!...

Night of January 23: (GC21YZA)...
WindyMatters' Desert Geocaching Stimulus Package

Morning of January 24: (GC21Q7Q)
CoffeeFamily5 and DesertVeteran's Route 66 Road Rally

Evening of January 24: (GC21Q8C)
CoffeeFamily5 and DesertVeteran's Pizza Bash

In the Jan 2009 event, nearly 120 people attended comprising 52 different caching parties. RSVP for this event today, as both tour head-counts are capped at a maximum of 60 heads each and are filling up fast. This is one event and free tour not to be missed! See this link from the 2009 NASA Goldstone Deep Space Tour & Diner Dinner! for an idea of how much everyone enjoyed the last tour event! ;)

Click for the Goldstone website

An out of this world experience, firmly on the ground...

Join us for this tour of the Goldstone museum where three large areas are dedicated to current missions, past missions, and Deep Space Network history - plus there is a hands-on room for children. The guided tour then travels around the 53-square-mile complex to view the large antenna arrays! Goldstone is one of just three antenna arrays used around the globe to keep in constant contact with all of NASA's space missions as the planet constantly rotates each one of them in or out of line of sight contact with various rockets, orbiters, satellites, space shuttles, etc. It's a one of a kind experience that's almost out of this world!

After the tour is over, come join us at the second event to relax, dine, and geocache at the famous Peggy Sues 50's Diner just north of Barstow outside Fort Irwin. It's a one of a kind place with combination diner, ice-cream parlor/soda shop, pizza parlor, museum, gift store, and a lot more! SEE THE NEW SEPARATE DINNER EVENT PAGE HERE!

We expect this tour will be both very informational and a lot of fun, so come join us!!! (And as usual, there will likely be extra event-spawned caches to pick up, which only come online at the time of the event so some lucky attendees will get some FTFs!)

Non-US citizens can also join us for this event, but should contact us by email to fill out appropriate paperwork for the tour portion at least a week before the event and no later. We have this paperwork and can email it as a file attachment to anyone who needs it.

Planning for the entire weekend of fun?

The website will happily give you a calendar item for your computer for an event if you click the tiny correct icon at the top of the page to the right of the event date, but it doesn't contain the start time or any approximation of length because at this time, Groundspeak still hasn't added any data fields for the time or approximate length although clearly that info would be a good idea to collect and post.

For those who don't want to be toting website hard-copies or planners around (and us paper-less tree-huggers too!) I have made up a master .ics file which covers both sets of events over both days' time. In other words, download the linked file once, click on it twice, and then you're done six times faster scheduling your stuff than anyone else who got an .ics file from each cache that lacked the actual times... ;) When you click this link to the website, CLICK THE RED X button on top of the pop-up window to skip the "upgrade" request marketing spiel...

This file can be loaded on your home computer. If you have a phone that reads .ics standard files (most smart phones and some others), you can sync the events from your computer to your phone over USB or Bluetooth connections, or on some phones you can download the file directly to your calendar by clicking on the file in your mobile browser (example: Open this page in Safari on an iPhone and click the icon on the right. The schedule info instantly ads to calendar app on the appropriate dates and times. Couldn't be easier!

.,.-=- MASTER SCHEDULE of EVENTS, FOR JANUARY 23rd, 2010 -=-.,.
  • 8:00 a.m.: WELCOME TO BARSTOW SPECIAL CACHE RELEASE: This special cache will defy every manner of convention with regards to hiding caches by not being hidden at all... There it will be, right in the muggles' faces! Yet all signs point to the fact that the likelihood that they will never notice it because it isn't hidden! HEY... OVER THERE>>> HERE'S THE CACHE! COME MUGGLE IT!!! I DARE YA!! This cache provides a fun way to start your day off and an official welcome to everyone coming to Barstow. It will be online by the morning of the event (even if it fails to publish on time, info will be posted on this page below giving out the coordinates and details (but no hints.. as for those with at least one working eye, this will be a cake walk I should think...) before 8:00 a.m. GZ is just off I-15 on the way to the event for everyone coming northward from all points south. Our apologies to those coming south from Vegas as to get to this one before the event takes you even more time because of the brief backtrack from the cache to the event, but you'll see why this cache could only be placed at this location south of the event when you go to do it. It's all about location, location, location! This cache is highly recommended to be done before arriving at the event on time to kick-start the day with a truly bold cache worth talking about (and perhaps taking pictures in front of!) Whomever gets FTF on this custom cache will find a special certificate for a prize which will be given out only during Dinner time at Peggy Sue's! Check your data-enabled eyePhone/Androphone/Berryphone/Zylophone or call any life-line at a computer (which would include event hosts) for the published information as you enter Barstow if it isn't available by when you have to leave home for the event. It will be on this page by when you arrive, if not the cache page linked here as well.
  • 8:45 a.m.: a.m. CACHING GROUPS CHECK-IN: Cachers wishing to come early and go after the first-to-find caches must check-in with Mike. Check-in consists of signing-in and signing a waiver promising to conduct your caching activities safely and legally, etc. A map and list of caches and all their details will be issued to each party checked-in. First come, first serve.
  • 8:45 a.m.: a.m. TOUR GROUP CHECK-IN: The morning tour check-in process begins with your hosts Matt & Mike near the posted coordinates on this cache page. The tour group checks in with Matt. Maps will be available detailing the drive to the base. Carpools not yet full have ~15 minutes reorganize themselves so that all seats are comfortably filled in all vehicles entering base to minimize the number of total vehicles and facilitate a faster and more orderly entry onto base and make for a more manageable tour caravan for the driving portion of the tour. All tour vehicles will line-up along the western boundary of the parking lot in a caravan ready to leave at 9 a.m. sharp after pilot and rear vehicles exchange cell phone numbers.
  • 9:00 a.m.: THE MORNING TRAIN IS LEAVING THE STATION! Morning check-in process for everyone finishes so your hosts can guide the tour group onto base. Non-tour cachers and noon-tour cachers with the new cache list in hand will presumably already be long-gone by this time...
  • 11:45 a.m.: P.M. CACHING GROUPS CHECK-IN: Those not already issued the list of event-related caches must check-in to get the list. Those who were on the morning tour can meet up here again to get the list or ask for it at the end of the tour if they prefer to go straight from the base to the caches. Check-in consists of signing-in and signing a waiver promising to conduct your caching activities safely and legally, etc. A map and list of caches and all their details will be issued to each party checked-in. First come, first serve. There will be some specially marked caches on this list that weren't on the A.M. list to give the P.M. cachers a chance to find some first to finds as well.. AM cachers can get the updated FTF caches list given to PM cachers at dinner if desired.
  • 11:45 a.m.: NOON TOUR GROUP CHECK-IN: The noon tour check-in process begins near the posted coordinates on this cache page, by checking-in with Wendy. Maps will be available detailing the drive to the base. Carpools not yet full have ~15 minutes reorganize themselves so that all seats are comfortably filled in all vehicles entering base to minimize the number of total vehicles and facilitate a faster and more orderly entry onto base and make for a more manageable tour caravan for the driving portion of the tour. All tour vehicles will line-up along the western boundary of the parking lot in a caravan ready to leave at 12 p.m. sharp after pilot and rear vehicles exchange cell phone numbers.
  • 12:00 NOON: THE LAST TRAIN IS LEAVING THE STATION! The noon tour group check-in process for everyone finishes so your host can guide the tour group onto base. After this time, those wishing to show up late to this event to go caching before dinner will have to be at the mercy of Groundspeak to release the cache info at some point during the day or wait until dinner time to get the info...
  • 5:00 p.m.: Everyone has the opportunity to get together from both tour groups at one big dinner event! Come join us at the 2010 - NASA Deep Space Odyssey II Diner Dinner (GC22RFT) for some down right good food sharing, and generally winding down before driving back home, going to a hotel or driving to stay at Wendy's for the night before continuing on to the next two events set for the following day with CoffeeFamily5 and DesertVeteran in Barstow! NEW! Please note, the 5PM dinner has been moved to its own separate event page.
  • ?:?? p.m.: At some point during dinner time (which will not be disclosed in advance of the event itself), the very special NASA Goldstone event night cache info will be released to the dinner guests to go find...Everyone who likes night caches or something a little unusual will want to stick around until this information is released. It is on most peoples' way home and not far from Peggy Sues, but that's all we're gonna say about this one for now!
  • 7:00 p.m.: Official time listed people can start showing up at GC21YZA">the Windy Matters event for FREE LODGING and/or post-NASA/dinner conversation.

Paid overnight accommodations in Barstow for those staying for Sunday's Events.

Motel name: Motel 6 - Barstow #1355 Super 8 Barstow
Address: 150 Yucca Avenue. 170 Coolwater Lane
Phone: (760) 256-1752 760-256-8443
Services: WiFi available in select rooms for $3/day. WiFi is free.
Rates: $38, adult rate / $32 senior rate $56 online only, $65 regular.
Motel name: Rodeway Inn EconoLodge (CA326)
Address: 1261 East Main Street 1230 East Main Street
Phone: (760) 256-1752 760-256-8443
Services: WiFi & Cont. Breakfast are free WiFi & Cont. Breakfast are free.
Rates: $57 $56 adults, $50 seniors.
Locale: All of these hotels are within a couple of blocks from each other within a mile west of I-15 directly on East Main Street or just off of it, visible from the main road. Plenty of restaurants nearby.
Directions: From I-15 or I-40 to any of these hotels, exit West onto East Main Street.

.,.-=-MISC. TOUR INFO-=-.,.

• Bathroom facilities are available at Peggy Sue's diner and at the beginning tour building location at the GoldStone facility portion of the base, an hour away. Plan accordingly.

• Each tour lasts approximately two and a half hours long.

• Photos are allowed anywhere along the tour and on base unless otherwise specifically forbidden or it interferes with the orderly progress of the tour. And we don't remember any problems with either last year so if ya got em', bring em'!

• It may be useful to have a passenger mark the journey to Goldstone in a GPS and save the waypoints at key places (gates, roads turned on, etc) so that nobody gets lost on the way out to finding their way back to Newberry Springs (where Peggy Sue's 50's Diner is). It is a long route with a couple of turns and disorientation is quite possible here.

GROUP 1 -- 9:00 am tour departure GROUP 2 -- 12:00 noon tour departure
a.m. co-hosts: Matt (KG6EAR) & MIke (5150Joker) p.m. tour host: WindyMatters (Wendy)
Geoname # carpool info
========== = ===============
5150Joker 1 Riding w KG6EAR
AWEMM 1 Riding w Quilt Queen
abellasmith 2 Riding w bauless
bauless 2 No open seats
BigDaddyGRC 4 No open seats
Duranclan 1 No open seats
gerbilboy 1 Riding w BigDaddyGRC
gypsymoth 1 Riding w ????!
h003 1 2 open seats
k6ccc 1 2 open seats
K9Sports 0 Not on tour
KG6Ear 1 No open seats
katarina03 1 Riding w h003.
ladeedj 2 No open seats
mamaloo 1 Riding w ????!
Ncad 1 No open seats
Pussycat1 2 Riding w Ncad
Quilt Queen 1 2 open seats
Scrabble Dogs 4 No open seats
Sibling Rivalry 2 Riding w DuranClan
sportbikerx 2 Riding w KG6Ear
TT&B 1 Riding w Ncad
timmylv 1 Riding w BigDaddyGRC
timmylv 0 Riding w BigDaddyGRC
-a.m. HEADCOUNT-> 33 attended
Geoname # carpool info
============== = ===============
EMC of Northridge, CA 1 No open seats
f0t0m0m 2 Riding w ventura kids
FishfulThinking 4 NO CALL, NO SHOW!
FuRbRaT 5 No open seats
Gebskab 3 No info.
irishgip007 4 No open seats
JETTFROST 5 No open seats
JohnnyVegas 1 Riding w mcattk
KX6D 3 Riding w stantastic
kablooey 1 Riding w n6uzs
Lovorca 1 No open seats
mcattk 1 No open seats
n6uzs 1 No open seats
runchummey 1 Riding w n6uzs
ShamRider 1 Riding w n6uzs
stantastic 4 No open seats
tartanite 1 Riding with Lovorca
Team Geo-Rangers 5 No open seats
Team Stevecat 2 Riding w mcattk
Tevis Clan 3 Riding w EMC of N.,CA
TruckCentral&Family 5 No open seats
ventura kids 2 No open seats
WindyMatters 3 No open seats
WindyMatters 0 No open seats
-p.m. HEADCOUNT-> 54 attended
Parties in green are cleared with Goldstone for entrance! Last updated: Tue. Jan 23, 6:00 a.m.
*Note: # column indicates the number total in the party named. That includes the geocacher registered and all non-geocacher guests. Other geocachers who are carpooling with a party are not included in that party's "# in party" figure so we have an accurate head count of total person's going and don't become confused along the way.


Space is limited both in terms of body count (only 50-60 per tour) and in terms of the total number of vehicles allowed on the tour during the driving portion of the tour due to limited parking space at certain facilities. We therefore require everyone to carpool so that we have enough room for all 60 people at each tour and meet the cap limit of 15 vehicles max (and preferably 12 or less if possible).

To RSVP, simply look for the "log your visit" link in the upper right corner of this page used to log finds on any cache you visit. The type of log you need to post is a "Will Attend". You should include the total number in your party (counting yourself), which tour time you would like to attend (AM or PM, check for availability in the table above), and add who you are carpooling with (if you know already) and/or how many spaces you may have open in your vehicle for someone else to jump in with you at the launch point if you intend to be a driver onto the base for the tour. If you are the driver of a carpool, please indicate so. Once you have posted your RSVP, be sure to check back frequently for schedule changes or new info.

*Fine print: All drivers planning on entering the base with their vehicle will have to show proof of private or self-insurance policies on their vehicles at the point of entries (there are two gates we must pass through and will be checked for driver's license and insurance potentially at one or both.).... be prepared! There is no room on this tour for single passenger drivers. Those without insurance and with low-capacity vehicles (only 1-3 seats) should takes seats in the carpool with someone else who has a larger vehicle. Those choosing to ride in a carpool for any reason only need to bring U.S. or state government-issued identification for entering the base (minors are exempted). Beforehand, please announce who you are riding with so we can keep the head counts in every carpool accurate on the website database so it's easy to make snap-changes where needs-be. Those here from foreign countries on visas or with no local government-issued IDs of any kind will need to contact us in advance of the event to workout the proper paperwork for you.

SMALLER PRINT:At this point in time, we have decided there is no need for any kind of release of liability form to worry about signing for the tour or the dinner parts of this event because everyone must prove to they have private vehicle insurance and we are not sponsoring any kind of contest or dangerous activity beyond normal caching activities you already engage in for these areas. Truthfully those forms aren't worth the paper they are printed on anyways in most courts of law because they weren't legally administered or certified anyways. You do these events always at your own risk of your own good or bad decisions... there's no suing us for those! If the food was bad==and we are sure it won't be==you sue Peggy Sue's, not us! ... :) Be careful out there. Life is risky==period!

even smaller print... We have decided however, that being said, that those who are handed out a list at any time containing any new caches waiting to be found put out in connection with the event will have to return a signed waiver of liability form just in case their own behavior causes them misfortunes while engaging in said geocaching activities yadda yadda yadda and all that good legal stuff! We do a lot of work putting on these events and can't be liable legally for the feeding frenzy that might result in connection with said caching activities... Those forms will be available with devices for signing them at the appropriate times listed. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding! We look forward to all your fortunate activities and good times at our many events! :)

Waypoint Type Location Name / Coordinates / Hint
GC21N1G Traditional Barstow Welcome from The Barstow Chamber of Geocommerce

• 9:00 a.m. new caches released for morning caching group:

Waypoint Type Location Name / Coordinates / Hint
GC21N1R Traditional Newberry Springs Advertising strap-ons
GC21N1E Traditional Newberry Springs Pole Vault
GC2361P Traditional Newberry Springs Strap-on Islands
GC21N1K Traditional Newberry Springs Wind Power

• 12:00 p.m. new caches released for noon caching group:

GC2362A Traditional Newberry Springs BS2N
GC23620 Traditional Newberry Springs Mag-ma
GC2361H Traditional Newberry Springs Post another find...
GC2362F Traditional Newberry Springs Tickets Please! (ARCHIVED due to persistent muggle problems).
GC2362Z Traditional Newberry Springs Well Wouldn't Ya Know!

NASA Event Coin

Grey areas will actually be the gold color of the coin material color itself.

White and Red areas will be glow in the dark, colored respectively.

(Image is a not-to-scale conceptual pre-production, not a photo or representation of finished coin.)

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Additional Hints (Decrypt)

Qerff sbe qrfreg pbaqvgvbaf.. Znlor jnez qhevat qnlgvzr, naq pbyq ng avtug (punapr bs jvaq, punapr bs enva).. hacerqvpgnoyr..

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)



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