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Alien Invasion Adventure Challenge Mystery Cache

5 out of 5
5 out of 5

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Geocache Description:

Greetings Agent 5533623-Ji^2,

On behalf of the Advanced Anti-Alien Aggression And Annihilation Bureau (AAAAAB), you are hereby activated and ordered to investigate several alien activities that began yesterday at 9:34:12 +0000 UTC. Use your keen powers of observation and problem solving skills to reveal the sinister purpose behind this extraterrestrial encounter and neutralize any hostile aliens you find along the way.


It is estimated that this mission will last several hours (2-4) and require travel in and out of central Denver and Englewood. Most of the locations you will visit during the mission have been selected due to their "relevance" to the mission and other "special characteristics". You will have opportunities to see many beautiful sculptures, interesting architecture and "urban strangeness" along this journey. You are highly encouraged to stop and check out your surroundings during your visits to a given waypoint and not just rush from one destination to the next.

The locations you visit during your mission will vary from team to team and depend on certain choices made along the way (and some random luck.) You will NOT visit ALL the waypoints listed in this document. Pay special attention to which waypoint you are being directed to next as you complete a task at a given location. DO NOT ASSUME that the next waypoint listed is the destination you will be visiting (this will create problems in your ability to solve and complete this mission).

Some waypoints will be MILES from each other, not feet. The terrain rating is based on this overall distance and not any special difficulties at any one location (most locations are a 1.5 on average (depending on weather), although there may be a waypoint where a member of your team feels compelled to jump out of your moving vehicle (we of course, highly discourage this type of activity)).

The difficulty rating represents the sheer number of numeric manipulations required to complete the mission (and the potential for error), not the difficulty of any one calculation or puzzle fragment. Most of these tasks represent a 1.0-1.5 in difficulty. Please note, parentheses () have been placed in some of the math equations to emphasize the correct order of operations. We realize they aren't really required, but we've put them there simply as a reminder and to reduce the potential for error for everyone.

To reduce the potential for errors in calculating a given waypoint, the agency has provided "destination checks" to allow you to verify each set of calculated coordinates. To validate a given destination, add your calculated values for latitude and longitude (excluding the degrees) and verify the sum against the value provided within the destination check. For example: If you had calculated N39 38.123 W104 55.133 as a given location, the valid, corresponding destination check for these coordinates would be 93.256 (by adding 38.123 to 55.133).


According to our complex and heavily-taxpayer-subsidized computer calculations, we have determined that you will require the following equipment in order to complete this mission:

(1 or more) GPS units

(1) AAAAAB mission text. This can be requisitioned online from:

(1) AAAAAB standard issue "Alien-B-Gone 5000" ray gun (printed and preferably colored & cut out / taped ) - This can be requisitioned online from:

(1) coin (any denomination)

(1) pair of stereo headphones/ear buds/etc with a standard 1/8" (3.5MM) headphone jack



Although optional, the following equipment is highly recommended for your mission:

* A motorized vehicle or access to public transportation

* A digital camera (or camera phone) - If any aliens are discovered during your mission, you are highly encouraged to document this encounter with a digital photograph, containing the alien subject(s) and AT LEAST one member of your group (or your avatar) holding their "Alien-B-Gone 5000" ray gun.

* A calculator, along with several pieces of writing paper and an inscription device



Based on this mission's AS-10 rating, assigned agents must list 10 GC codes for qualifying geocaches in their log entry or in an e-mail to the bureau if/when they complete their mission. Qualifying caches include space, science-fiction or alien-themed geocaches that you have either found or published yourself (with their GC codes) **or** geocaches that you have found in two or more “alien hot spots” such as Area-51 / Groom Lake Area, Roswell, Washington, DC, Cape Canaveral in Florida, The Johnson Space Center in Texas, etc.




There's nothing worse than being unable to complete something you've spent lots of time on. To help make this journey as successful for your group as possible, please contact the cache owners prior to your mission so they can provide you with a cellphone # for quick/easy access in case your group gets stuck along the way (e.g. can't find a waypoint, etc.)



We're counting on you, agent, to save the Earth from this alien invasion! Gather your equipment, assemble your team (if required) and proceed to waypoint #1 at the posted coordinates above.

PS: The bureau would like to extend to its congratulations to Cacheosaurus Rex for being the first agent to successfully complete this mission! (Woo hoo!)

Also, a special thank you to those agents who helped serve as testers / human guinea pigs for this grand experiment!

NOTE: The final has been placed with the owners permission, but they cannot help you open it.




ALSO NOTE: list of local, qualifying caches can be found on this bookmark list




Additional Hints (Decrypt)

Svany vf cynprq jvgu bjaref crezvffvba. Lbh qb abg arrq gb ragre nal cevingr cebcregl gb npprff. Jnlcbvag #5 frrzf gb or gebhoyrfbzr sbe sbyxf. Lbh ner ybbxvat sbe n yvggyr nyvra haqrearngu gur obggbz, evtug-zbfg cbjre obk. Vs lbh pna'g svaq gung bar, gurer ner onpxhc znexref oruvaq gur gbc, evtug-zbfg cbjre obk.

Gur ohernh jvyy tynqyl cebivqr nffvfgnapr gb gubfr ntragf va arrq. Qba'g ol ful, qebc hf n yvar!

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)