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Hidden : 06/09/2011
3.5 out of 5
2 out of 5

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Geocache Description:



- Behandle den Cache mit Sorgfalt.
- Verlasse den Cache so wie Du ihn angetroffen hast.


T0101 Schwarz
T0202 Gelb
T0303 Grün
T0404 Blau
T0505 Orange

N0010 G53 G56 G40 T0000
N0020 G54
N0030 G90
N0040 T0303 F350 S2000 M03
N0050 G00 X -100.000 Y 100.000 Z 20.000
N0060 G00 X40.000 Y10.000 M08
N0070 G00 Z2.000
N0080 G01 Z-1.000
N0090 G01 X10.000
N0100 G01 Y120.000
N0110 G01 X120.000
N0120 G01 Y10.000
N0130 G01 X110.000
N0140 G00 Z200.000 M09
N0150 T0101 F400 S4000
N0160 G00 X20.000 Y30.000 M08
N0170 G00 Z2.000
N0180 G01 Z-1.000
N0190 G01 Y50.000
N0200 G00 Z20.000
N0210 G00 X-40.000 Y-10.000
N0220 G00 Z2.000
N0230 G01 Z-1.000
N0240 G01 Y-30.000
N0250 G01 X-50.000
N0260 G01 Y-10.000
N0270 G01 X-40.000
N0280 G00 Z20.000
N0290 G00 X10.000 Y-40.000
N0300 G00 Z2.000
N0310 G01 Z-1.000
N0320 G01 X20.000
N0330 G01 Y-50.000
N0340 G01 X10.000
N0350 G01 Y-60.000
N0360 G01 X20.000
N0370 G00 Z20.000
N0380 G00 X-20.000 Y70.000
N0390 G00 Z2.000
N0400 G01 Z-1.000
N0410 G00 Z20.000
N0420 G00 X0.000 Y-30.000
N0430 G00 Z2.000
N0440 G01 Z-1.000
N0450 G01 X-10.000
N0460 G01 Y-50.00
N0470 G01 X0.000
N0480 G01 Y-40.000
N0490 G01 X-10.000
N0500 G00 Z20.000
N0510 G00 X0.000 Y40.000
N0520 G00 Z2.000
N0530 G01 Z-1.000
N0540 G01 Y60.000
N0550 G00 Z200.000 M09
N0560 T0505 F250 S3000
N0570 G00 X10.000 Y-30.000 M08
N0580 G00 Z2.000
N0590 G01 Z-1.000
N0600 G01 Y-10.000
N0610 G01 X90.000
N0620 G00 Z200.000 M09
N0630 T0101 F400 S4000
N0640 G00 X-60.000 Y0.000 M08
N0650 G00 Z2.000
N0660 G01 Z-1.000
N0670 G01 X-70.000
N0680 G01 Y-20.000
N0690 G01 X-60.000
N0700 G01 Y0.000
N0710 G00 Z20.000
N0720 G00 X40.000 Y20.000
N0730 G00 Z2.000
N0740 G01 Z-1.000
N0750 G00 Z200.000 M09
N0760 T0404 F200 S4500
N0770 G00 X-30.000 Y-10.000 M08
N0780 G00 Z2.000
N0790 G01 Z-1.000
N0800 G01 X-10.000
N0810 G01 Y-20.000
N0820 G00 Z200.000 M09
N0830 T0101 F400 S4000
N0840 G00 X60.000 Y10.000 M08
N0850 G00 Z2.000
N0860 G01 Z-1.000
N0870 G01 X50.00
N0880 G01 Y20.00
N0890 G01 X60.00
N0900 G01 Y30.00
N0910 G01 X50.00
N0920 G00 Z20.000
N0930 G00 X50.000 Y-80.000
N0940 G00 Z2.000
N0950 G01 Z-1.000
N0960 G01 X60.00
N0970 G01 Y-60.00
N0980 G01 X50.00
N0990 G01 Y-70.00
N1000 G01 X60.00
N1010 G00 Z20.000
N1020 G00 X30.000 Y-70.000
N1030 G00 Z2.000
N1040 G01 Z-1.000
N1050 G00 Z200.000 M09
N1060 T0202 F150 S3500
N1070 G00 X-80.000 Y10.000 M08
N1080 G00 Z2.000
N1090 G01 Z-1.000
N1100 G01 X-10.000
N1110 G01 Y120.000
N1120 G01 X-120.000
N1130 G01 Y10.000
N1140 G01 X-100.000
N1150 G00 Z200.000 M09
N1160 T0101 F400 S4000
N1170 G00 X-30.000 Y-20.000 M08
N1180 G00 Z2.000
N1190 G01 Z-1.000
N1200 G00 Z20.000
N1210 G00 X100.000 Y-10.000
N1220 G00 Z2.000
N1230 G01 Z-1.000
N1240 G01 Y10.000
N1250 G00 Z20.000
N1260 G00 X-60.000 Y70.000
N1270 G00 Z2.000
N1280 G01 Z-1.000
N1290 G01 Y90.000
N1300 G00 Z20.000
N1310 G00 X100.000 Y-80.000
N1320 G00 Z2.000
N1330 G01 Z-1.000
N1340 G01 Y-100.000
N1350 G00 Z200.000 M09
N1360 T0404 F200 S4500
N1370 G00 X-100.000 Y-10.000 M08
N1380 G00 Z2.000
N1390 G01 Z-1.000
N1400 G01 X-120.000
N1410 G01 Y-120.000
N1420 G01 X-10.000
N1430 G01 Y-60.000
N1440 G00 Z200.000 M09
N1450 T0101 F400 S4000
N1460 G00 X80.000 Y20.000 M08
N1470 G00 Z2.000
N1480 G01 Z-1.000
N1490 G01 Y0.000
N1500 G00 Z20.000
N1510 G00 X-90.000 Y10.000
N1520 G00 Z2.000
N1530 G01 Z-1.000
N1540 G01 Y-10.000
N1550 G00 Z20.000
N1560 G00 X80.000 Y-90.000
N1570 G00 Z2.000
N1580 G01 Z-1.000
N1590 G01 Y-70.000
N1600 G01 X70.000
N1610 G01 Y-90.000
N1620 G01 X80.000
N1630 G00 Z20.000
N1640 G00 X-50.000 Y80.000
N1650 G00 Z2.000
N1660 G01 Z-1.000
N1670 G01 X-40.000
N1680 G01 Y60.000
N1690 G00 Z200.000 M09
N1700 T0505 F250 S3000
N1710 G00 X10.000 Y-70.000 M08
N1720 G00 Z2.000
N1730 G01 Z-1.000
N1740 G01 Y-120.000
N1750 G01 X120.000
N1760 G01 Y-10.000
N1770 G01 X110.000
N1780 G00 Z200.000 M09
N1790 T0101 F400 S4000
N1800 G00 X-90.000 Y80.000 M08
N1810 G00 Z2.000
N1820 G01 Z-1.000
N1830 G01 Y100.000
N1840 G01 X-80.000 Y80.000
N1850 G01 Y100.000
N1860 G00 Z20.000 M09
N1870 G00 X-70.000 Y90.000
N1880 G00 Z2.000
N1890 G01 Z-1.000
N1900 G01 Y80.000
N1910 G01 X-60.000
N1920 G00 Z20.000
N1930 G00 X100.000 Y-80.000
N1940 G00 Z2.000
N1950 G01 Z-1.000
N1960 G01 X90.000
N1970 G00 Z20.000
N1980 G00 X-70.000 Y-10.000
N1990 G00 Z2.000
N2000 G01 Z-1.000
N2010 G01 X-60.000
N2020 G00 Z20.000
N2030 G00 X100.000 Y-90.000
N2040 G00 Z2.000
N2050 G01 Z-1.000
N2060 G01 X90.000
N2070 G00 Z20.000
N2080 G00 X100.000 Y-100.000
N2090 G00 Z2.000
N2100 G01 Z-1.000
N2110 G01 X90.000
N2120 G00 Z20.000
N2130 G00 X50.000 Y-80.000
N2140 G00 Z2.000
N2150 G01 Z-1.000
N2160 G01 Y-70.000
N2170 G00 Z20.000 M09
N2180 G00 X200.000 Y200.000 Z200.000
N2190 M30

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