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The Photographer's Cache Mystery Cache

This cache has been archived.

Markwell: These caches have had a nice long run. What started off with an idea in February of 2002 from a cacher named [url=]Blackjak[/url] has finally run its course. With the demise of the virtual cache on, and the long ago demise of the moving cache, these were only grandfathered caches, but I really enjoyed them.

Life and its concerns and worries are starting to chip away at my time, and I came to a point earlier this month when I started looking at my priorities and what was important. Somehow, keeping up with these moving virtual caches and updating the 11 versions, e-mailing back and forth with unresponsive finders, and eventually having to find my own suggested locations has taken toll on me.

So many people have written me with these caches to say how glad they were that there was something innovative and new to the caching world. Something different and outside-of-the-box. Those notes almost made it worth my time and effort to keep these active.

I would like to thank all those that found these caches, took great photos and suggested such wonderful locations for future finders. I may at somepoint set up a waymark category for locations that were once listed as Photographer's Caches. Until then, these 11 caches are archived.

Hidden : 10/02/2005
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Geocache Description:

Welcome to the Photographer's Cache!  This cache is a hybrid cache, and the first of it's kind. It is also part of a series of 10 photograph caches. Links to the other caches are below.

This cache was originally approved as a moving cache in February of 2002. I can't find the original reference in the forums, but here's a follow-up to the original discussion.

Groundspeak has enacted a guideline on their cache listing requirements that no new moving Geocaches will be approved for listing. However, this cache has been graciously grandfathered.

How it works:

  1. The cache is started by placing coordinates of a spot you have always wanted photographed. The cache page is then changed to reflect the Country/Coordinates of the requested photo.
  2. A cacher close to that area will see the cache as near them, and if they choose to participate, take the pictures of the area, log a find, and post the photos online.
  3. The same cacher who took the picture then decides where the next picture should be taken, and the process is repeated.

  • Photographs should be of good quality. Drive by, out of focus pictures will not be accepted.
  • At least one picture should have the cacher's GPSr in it. This will prevent I-was-there-last-year pictures or internet pictures.
  • If you visited a location previously, you may certainly post pictures - but only to a note (). To claim a "Found it" log (), you must visit the cache location for the duration of the placement. Pictures taken prior to the placement do not count as a find, nor do pictures taken after the cache has moved on.
  • If no one responds to a photo request for 90 days, the last cacher will be asked to make another photo request
  • Photo requests should only be made in active cache areas. Example: A photo request of the North Pole would not likely be taken and should be avoided.
  • Be Original! Check the history of this cache as well as the web gallery history of the other nine Photographer's Caches.*
  • Also be original in placement as far as location: I will not place a Photographer's Cache within 528 feet (0.10 miles) of an existing current cache.*
  • Try to be a little “crafty” in your locations. Instead of just telling us where you'd like us to go, use a hint and the best coordinates possible. This will add a little excitement. What will I find when I get there? Example: Where's 50 gallons of butter when you need it? Answer Here.
Once the pictures are taken, you can post them on a "found it" log. If you have trouble keeping the quality of the photo while staying under the 100K limit, email the pictures to me and I can format them for you.

It may happen that two or more people will take a picture of the same shot. You are welcome to add your photos and log a find, but only the first person to correctly log the find is allowed to request the next shot, and as soon as the next location is posted, no other pictures from previous requests should be posted.

There have also been incidents that have caused me to make "rulings" on finds and placements. I've started collecting them in a page called Case Law: Photographer's Caches.

If you do not have the means of getting the coordinates of the area, just e-mail me your request and I will put the coordinates on the page when I update it. Possible sources of coordinates: Eagle Geocoding, Maporama. If you have difficulty beyond that, e-mail me, and I'll try to help out as best I can.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

*To assist you in figuring out if your next choice has been used or is by another existing cache, jef came up with a nifty way of searching the Photographer's Cache WebGallery by coordinates. THANKS JEF!


Current Clue:
Last Hinge of the Door, The First Father's Watercircumfrenced Landmass Seafaring Transport

The Photographer’s Cache I History
Most recent placement on top
Note: Photo link may not be for "winning" photo. If more than one cacher photographed the location, I tried to pick the most representative picture.

Date Requested Requested By Coordinates Picture of Date Picture Taken First Picture Taken By
10/3/2005 Markwell N 45° 17.422
W 086° 58.659
Last Hinge of the Door, The First Father's Watercircumfrenced Landmass Seafaring Transport Check history in logs to see if this has been found already.
6/16/2005 Geometer S 22° 56.917
W 043° 09.500
Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio De Janerio, Brazil 8/19/2005 Peeve
5/11/2005 edgewalker N 26° 26.330
W 082° 05.490
Bailey-Mathews Shell Museum, Sanibel Island, FL 5/12/2005 Geometer
5/4/2005 Markwell N 36° 14.239
W 091° 15.278
Raven Statue, Ravenden, AR 5/8/2005 edgewalker
11/29/2004 bebenoir N 43° 34.388
E 012° 27.738
Globe in Colombara, Italy 1/2/2005 g.e.nicogiorgi
11/18/2004 nwc_voyageur N 45° 30.480
W 073° 35.760
David Thompson's Gravesite, Montreal, Quebec, CAN 11/19/2004 bebenoir
11/1/2004 or-pingman N 37° 10.428
W 105° 56.130
Jack Dempsey's birthplace, Manassa, CO 11/16/2004 nwc_voyageur
10/19/2004 bigeddy N 44° 21.925
W 121° 08.855
Asterisk Pass, Smithrock State Park, OR 10/21/2004 or-pingman
10/15/2004 Ortrailgang N 44° 03.426
W 121° 17.834
Otter Statue, Juniper Park, Bend, OR 10/15/2004 bigeddy
9/9/2004 Iseek N 42° 56.280
W 122° 08.500
Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park, OR 10/4/2004 Ortrailgang
9/7/2004 boxerlovers N 42° 29.187
W 123° 28.409
Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center, west of Grants Pass, OR 9/9/2004 Iseek
8/30/2004 Seahorse, FrogFish, and Becky N 42° 05.943
W 123° 24.446
Oregon Caves National Momument Chateau and Lodge, near Cave Junction, OR 9/1/2004 boxerlovers
8/26/2004 Road2Ruin N 42° 02.010
W 123° 37.715
Treehouse Hotel, Allentown, OR 8/29/2004 Seahorse, FrogFish, and Becky
8/21/2004 Duscwe! N 33° 30.134
W 117° 39.740
The Mission at San Juan Capistrano, CA 8/22/2004 Road2Ruin
7/31/2004 Team Truncheon N 32° 43.254
W 117° 10.396
Star of India, San Diego, CA 8/2/2004 Duscwe!
6/30/2004 Draegon N 39° 06.080
W 084° 29.894
Flying Pig Statues, Sawyer Point, Cincinnati, OH 7/1/2004 Team Truncheon
6/16/2004 Dliming N 39° 07.855
W 084° 30.800
Statue of Oscar Robertson, Cincinnati, OH 6/17/2004 Draegon
6/7/2004 brummelbear N 38° 56.533
W 084° 50.756
Rabbit Hash General Store, Rabbit Hash, KY 6/13/2004 Dliming
5/11/2004 Team_Little_Bear N 42° 19.726
W 083° 02.677
Statue of Joe Louis' fist, Detroit, MI 5/13/2004 Scook
5/4/2004 Goldsnoop-PA N 41° 44.551
W 081° 16.909
Pickle Bill's Restaurant in Grand River, OH 5/5/2004 Team_Little_Bear
4/12/2004 catcher24 N 42° 20.463
W 079° 35.725
Barcelona Lighthouse, Westfield, NY 4/13/2004 Goldsnoop-PA
3/15/2004 Mastifflover N 42° 05.776
W 079° 14.408
Lucy Ball and Desi Arnez Museum, Jamestown, NY 3/19/2004 catcher24
3/10/2004 Zinnware N 41° 45.624
W 078° 35.232
Kinzua Bridge, near Mount Jewett, PA 3/11/2004 Mastifflover
3/7/2004 Perfect Tommy N 39° 48.752
W 077° 14.157
The Angle, on the Battlefield at Gettysburg, PA 3/9/2004 Zinnware
1/30/2004 Vivi N 40° 43.728
W 073° 59.389
McSorely's Old Ale House, New York City, NY 1/31/2004 Perfect Tommy
1/26/2004 TucsonThompsen N 40° 01.262
W 105° 16.510
Mork and Mindy's House, Boulder, CO 1/27/2004 Vivi
1/21/2004 Markwell N 32° 04.833
W 110° 03.006
The THING, outside Tucson, AZ 1/22/2004 TucsonThompsen
9/15/2003 tocas N 43° 50.450
E 010° 30.289
Statue of St. Martino, St. Martino Cathedral, Lucca, Italy 9/16/2003 punto&virgola
9/2/2003 Geometer N 43° 46.179
E 011° 15.314
Statue of David by Michelangelo, Florence, Italy 9/6/2003 tocas
7/17/2003 gpsray N 53° 18.666
E 009° 48.228
Past location of a fixed speed meter, Sprötze, Deutchland 8/17/2003 Geometer
6/19/2003 transdat N 48° 08.098
E 011° 34.531
Statue of Karl Valentin, München, Deutschland 6/20/2003 gpsray
3/8/2003 Padanian N 46° 55.385
W 002° 06.239
Life saver platform only accessible at low tide, L’Époids, France 6/7/2003 transdat
2/21/2003 crumlin N 45° 27.910
E 009° 11.399
Bull Mosaic on the floor in the Milan Gallery, Milan, Italy (removed) 3/6/2003 Padanian
2/19/2003 Grokky Grokson N 55° 41.575
E 012° 35.975
Little Mermaid Statue, Copenhagen, Denmark 2/20/2003 crumlin
2/2/2003 Lord Cunning N 51° 13.288
E 004° 24.040
Brabo Statue, Antwerp, Belgium 2/3/2003 Grokky Grokson
1/1/2003 Nawtcher N 50° 53.420
E 004° 20.290
Atomium, Brussels, Belgium 1/4/2003 Lord Cunning
11/24/2002 Dave Schofield N 51° 13.990
W 003° 50.581
The Devils Cheesering, UK 12/29/2002 Nawtcher
8/9/2002 Team Gunn Parker N 51° 38.732
W 003° 01.771
Team Gunn Parker's ancestral home, #76 Cocker Lane, Cwmbrân, Wales, UK 8/11/2002 Dave Schofield
7/22/2002 SecretSpy S 32° 01.400
E 115° 53.548
SecretSpy's Old House, Shelley, WA, Australia 7/23/2002 Team Gunn Parker
7/4/2002 Austin Explorer & Coppertone N 30° 09.824
W 096° 22.798
Blue Bell Ice Cream, Brenham, TX 7/19/2002 SecretSpy
6/6/2002 Team Darcy N 30° 26.294
W 097° 55.267
Starnes Island near Austin, TX 6/8/2002 Austin Explorer & Coppertone
4/3/2002 Geosotan N 45° 48.512
W 089° 17.982
Fire Tower near Indian Lake, WI 4/28/2002 Team Darcy
3/10/2002 Ibcrashen N 46° 39.225
W 092° 22.204
Swinging Bridge, Jay Cooke State Park, MN 3/23/2002 Geosotan
2/7/2002 Blackjak N 46° 00.834
W 091° 29.035
The world's largest muskie, WI 3/1/2002 Ibcrashen
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