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The Photographer's Cache II Mystery Cache

This cache has been archived.

Markwell: These caches have had a nice long run. What started off with an idea in February of 2002 from a cacher named [url=]Blackjak[/url] has finally run its course. With the demise of the virtual cache on, and the long ago demise of the moving cache, these were only grandfathered caches, but I really enjoyed them.

Life and its concerns and worries are starting to chip away at my time, and I came to a point earlier this month when I started looking at my priorities and what was important. Somehow, keeping up with these moving virtual caches and updating the 11 versions, e-mailing back and forth with unresponsive finders, and eventually having to find my own suggested locations has taken toll on me.

So many people have written me with these caches to say how glad they were that there was something innovative and new to the caching world. Something different and outside-of-the-box. Those notes almost made it worth my time and effort to keep these active.

I would like to thank all those that found these caches, took great photos and suggested such wonderful locations for future finders. I may at somepoint set up a waymark category for locations that were once listed as Photographer's Caches. Until then, these 11 caches are archived.

Hidden : 11/22/2005
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Geocache Description:

Welcome to the Photographer's Cache! This cache is a hybrid cache, and the first of it's kind. It is also part of a series of 10 photograph caches. Links to the other caches are below.

This cache was originally approved as a moving cache in February of 2002. I can't find the original reference in the forums, but here's a follow-up to the original discussion.

Groundspeak has enacted a guideline on their cache listicng requirements that no new moving Geocaches will be approved for listing. However, this cache has been graciously grandfathered.

How it works:

  1. The cache is started by placing coordinates of a spot you have always wanted photographed. The cache page is then changed to reflect the Country/Coordinates of the requested photo.
  2. A cacher close to that area will see the cache as near them, and if they choose to participate, take the pictures of the area, log a find, and post the photos online.
  3. The same cacher who took the picture then decides where the next picture should be taken, and the process is repeated.

  • Photographs should be of good quality. Drive by, out of focus pictures will not be accepted.
  • At least one picture should have the cacher's GPSr in it. This will prevent I-was-there-last-year pictures or internet pictures.
  • If you visited a location previously, you may certainly post pictures - but only to a note (). To claim a "Found it" log (), you must visit the cache location for the duration of the placement. Pictures taken prior to the placement do not count as a find, nor do pictures taken after the cache has moved on.
  • If no one responds to a photo request for 90 days, the last cacher will be asked to make another photo request
  • Photo requests should only be made in active cache areas. Example: A photo request of the North Pole would not likely be taken and should be avoided
  • Be Original! Check the history of this cache as well as the web gallery history of the other nine Photographer's Caches.*
  • Also be original in placement as far as location: I will not place a Photographer's Cache within 528 feet (0.10 miles) of an existing current cache.*
  • Try to be a little “crafty” in your locations. Instead of just telling us where you'd like us to go, use a hint and the best coordinates possible. This will add a little excitement. What will I find when I get there? Example: Where's 50 gallons of butter when you need it? Answer Here.
Once the pictures are taken, you can post them on a "found it" log. If you have trouble keeping the quality of the photo while staying under the 100K limit, email the pictures to me and I can format them for you.

It may happen that two or more people will take a picture of the same shot. You are welcome to add your photos and log a find, but only the first person to correctly log the find is allowed to request the next shot, and as soon as the next location is posted, no other pictures from previous requests should be posted.

There have also been incidents that have caused me to make "rulings" on finds and placements. I've started collecting them in a page called Case Law: Photographer's Caches.

If you do not have the means of getting the coordinates of the area, just e-mail me your request and I will put the coordinates on the page when I update it. Possible sources of coordinates: Eagle Geocoding, Maporama. If you have difficulty beyond that, e-mail me, and I'll try to help out as best I can.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

*To assist you in figuring out if your next choice has been used or is by another existing cache, jef came up with a nifty way of searching the Photographer's Cache WebGallery by coordinates. THANKS JEF!


Current Clue:
He may be honest, but word has it this is the ugliest version around. Which finger is he pointing with?

The Photographer’s Cache II History
Most recent placement on top
Note: Photo link may not be for "winning" photo. If more than one cacher photographed the location, I tried to pick the most representative picture.

Date Requested Requested By Coordinates Picture of Date Picture Taken First Picture Taken By
11/22/2005 Markwell N 39° 30.995
W 088° 05.994
He may be honest, but word has it this is the ugliest version around. Which finger is he pointing with? Check history in logs to see if this has been found already.
7/21/2005 Big C, the Curly One & the Little Man N 42° 41.000
W 091° 32.070
Largest Strawberry, Waterloo, IA 7/22/2005 ricann
5/9/2005 tom4props N 36° 34.311
W 117° 08.648
Mosaic Canyon, Death Valley National Monument, CA 7/4/2005 Big C, the Curly One & the Little Man
5/4/2005 FishPOET N 34° 09.785
W 118° 27.983
Remembering 2001 5/5/2005 tom4props
3/9/2005 Markwell N 33° 58.757
W 118° 02.658
Whittier High School, film location for Back to the Future, Whittier, CA 3/11/2005 FishPOET
10/14/2004 Africard S 29° 35.251
E 029° 17.280
The Highest pub in Africa, top of Sani Pass, Lesotho/South African Border 11/27/2004 discodriver
8/16/2004 GlobalRat S 28° 33.637
E 029° 46.825
Remnant of the shell that killed Dr. Stark on the Nov 18, 1899 embedded in the sidewalk in front of the Royal Hotel, Ladysmith, South Africa 10/10/2004 Africard
7/25/2004 vanzyllo S 25° 46.521
E 028° 10.551
The Voortrekker (Pioneers) Monument, Pretoria, South Africa 7/31/2004 GlobalRat
6/30/2004 BADOUM N 25° 08.120
E 055° 10.500
Burj al Arab Hotel, Shahran, Saudi Arabia 7/16/2004 vanzyllo
6/17/2004 sui-66 N 47° 05.979
E 006° 49.015
Villa Turque of Le Corbusier At La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland 6/19/2004 BADOUM
6/1/2004 roland&muriel N 46° 54.016
E 006° 20.066
Espace Sbarro Pédagogique d'etudes et de Réalisations Automobiles, Pontarlier, France 6/2/2004 sui-66
5/4/2004 Team Mach N 49° 23.796
W 000° 59.328
La Pointe du Hoc, Normandy Beach, France 5/18/2004 roland&muriel
4/27/2004 mlord N 43° 17.690
W 000° 22.470
Statue of King Henri IV of France, near Gelos, France 4/29/2004 Team Mach
4/26/2004 Binrat N 45° 25.433
W 075° 41.717
Unknown Soldier, Ontario Canada 4/27/2004 mlord
4/18/2004 jjleonard N 44° 35.220
W 075° 40.540
Oldest Railroad Tunnel in Canada 4/19/2004 Binrat
4/13/2004 WhereAreWe & RULOST2? N 46° 28.146
W 080° 59.232
Extra Large Canadian Nickel, Sudbury, Ontario, CAN 4/14/2004 jjleonard
3/8/2004 Markwell N 44° 46.048
W 069° 43.175
Skowhegan Indian, Skowhegan, ME 3/9/2004 WhereAreWe & RULOST2?
12/16/2003 Calocybe N 43° 16.166
E 006° 38.136
La gendarmerie. St. Tropez, France 2/7/2004 scoiattoli
12/11/2003 IntotheWoods N 50° 50.664
E 004° 21.006
He's certainly not shy... Extra points if he's dressed up! 12/15/2003 Calocybe
12/8/2003 Jessex N 48° 50.781
E 002° 19.992
Replica of the Statue of Liberty, Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris, France 12/9/2003 IntotheWoods
11/30/2003 Greenback N 51° 30.199
W 000° 11.283
Kensington Palace, Near London, UK 12/5/2003 Jessex
11/3/2003 Spyderuser and TobinKinz N 41° 52.898
W 087° 39.725
Johnny's Icehouse, Chicago, Illinois 11/26/2003 Greenback
10/15/2003 Olgezzer N 41° 52.816
W 087° 40.489
United Center, Chicago, Illinois 11/1/2003 Spyderuser and TobinKinz
10/3/2003 Markwell N 41° 37.817
W 095° 04.366
Little Mermaid Statue, Kimballton, Iowa 10/6/2003 Olgezzer
7/7/2003 b'wile'd N 44° 11.120
W 106° 51.092
Crazy Woman Canyon, Bighorn Nat'l Forest, near Hazelton, WY 9/6/2003 papagadget
7/3/2003 eklund N 44° 49.560
W 107° 55.248
Medicine Wheel, Bighorn National Forest, WY 7/5/2003 b'wile'd
6/10/2003 mpreston N 42° 18.819
W 083° 12.605
Ford Corporate Headquarters and the Centennial Celebration, Detroit, MI 6/20/2003 eklund
4/19/2003 MrScurvyDog N 45° 51.043
W 84° 37.578
Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI 5/9/2003 mpreston
4/17/2003 JND N 36° 05.713
W 115° 10.405
Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, NV 4/18/2003 MrScurvyDog
4/17/2003 Gulick kids N 42° 51.955
W 097° 23.641
Meridian Bridge across Missouri River between NE and SD 4/17/2003 JND
3/27/2003 tricolor N 43° 34.085
W 096° 43.435
Jameson Annex. Sioux Falls, SD 3/29/2003 Gulick kids
2/11/2003 Pat901 N 44° 01.300
W 092° 27.578
Mayo Brother's Statue, Rochester, MN 3/23/2003 tricolor
1/26/2003 T&J N 44° 18.454
W 094° 28.372
Statue of Hermann Denkmal, New Ulm, MN 2/8/2003 Pat901
11/9/2002 Olgezzer N 43° 59.630
W 102° 14.550
Wall Drug, Wall SD 1/25/2003 T&J
11/4/2002 kbraband N 42° 43.938
W 094° 39.474
Statue of Pocahontas, Pocahontas, IA 11/8/2002 Olgezzer
9/24/2002 The Molinnis Crew N 41° 55.232
W 089° 04.254
The old rail museum in Rochelle, IL 11/1/2002 kbraband
9/19/2002 GAZ N 50° 23.890
W 005° 03.182
Dairyland Farm Park near Lane, UK 9/22/2002 The Molinnis Crew
8/14/2002 Chris n Maria N 54° 34.793
W 002 55.698
Aira Force in Cumbria, UK 8/18/2002 GAZ
7/28/2002 hobiemn N 51° 30.583
W 000° 08.067
Picadilly Circus, London, UK 7/29/2002 Chris n Maria
5/30/2002 jimnclora N 44° 35.433
W 104° 43.265
Devil's Tower, Wyoming 6/20/2002 hobiemn
5/29/2002 roadrunners N 43° 52.878
W 103° 27.192
Mount Rushmore, SD 5/30/2002 jimnclora
5/25/2002 bthomas N 34° 28.129
W 114° 20.778
London Bridge, Arizona 5/29/2002 roadrunners
4/25/2002 jensten N 37° 48.174
W 122° 24.350
San Francisco Bridge, from atop Coit Tower 5/25/2002 bthomas
4/8/2002 bthomas N 37° 44.600
W 119° 35.333
View from a bridge 4/24/2002 jensten
3/28/2002 CJWheeler N 37° 49.320
W 122° 28.794
San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge 3/30/2002 bthomas
3/23/2002 Moose n Squirrel N 44° 00.173
W 123° 39.306
Covered Bridge 3/28/2002 Messenger
3/12/2002 Idahoflyer N 44° 08.241
W 124° 07.695
Lighthouse where Idahoflyer and Jenzard were married. 3/23/2002 Moose n Squirrel
3/10/2002 Shel N 43° 36.093
W 116° 11.083
Stuffed salmon at the Nature Center in Boise, ID 3/12/2002 Idahoflyer
2/8/2002 Blackjak N 43° 27.762
W 113° 33.597
Craters of the Moon area in Idaho 2/9/2002 Shel
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