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By the Power of Grayskull! Multi-cache

Hidden : 09/06/2014
3.5 out of 5
3.5 out of 5

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Geocache Description:

I've discovered the legendary sword of He-Man and now have the POWER! And it's AWESOME! But because I'm such a nice guy, I figured I'd share the power. So I've hidden the sword back where I found it. Of course, in order to get to the sword, you're gonna need to pass a few tests that I setup. Nothing too hard, but I wanted to make sure ya EARNED that power! Cause you know with great power comes great responsibility, right?

But yes, this multicache consists of six stages with a round trip distance of 2.4 miles. Each stage, with the exception of the finale, will contain the coordinates for the following stage. None of the stages "should" be super difficult to find, but the coordinates may be soft at a couple of the stages. So, if you're having trouble locating a particular stage even after using your geosense, then please check the hints. They should hopefully get ya where ya need to be.

Part of the multi will take you along the Neabsco Creek. While I originally set things up so cachers would be able to stay DRY the whole time, that's no longer possible due to Mother Nature's effects on the terrain in the area. So be prepared to get your feet and possibly legs wet at some point. There are also a couple other terrain challenges/tests you'll have to deal with. Nothing I'd consider extreme, but enough so the cache earns its 3 1/2 star terrain rating.

Couple tips. One, don't wear flip flops. Two, if it's particularly warm outside, I'd recommend bringing along some water. Bug spray might also prove to be useful. Finally, do watch out for spiderwebs on the trail. Yep, just pick up a stick and practice your sword swing skills on those pesky webs if need be.

I do not recommend bringing little kids along for this cache. I doubt they even know who He-Man is anyways, right? Sad, I know. But seriously, you're probably going to want to leave them at home for this one. High school and perhaps adventurous middle school kids should be OK to take along.

Once you finally get to the sword, you'll need to lift it into the air and say, "By the Power of Greyskull! I have the power!" Here's a VIDEO of He-Man demonstrating the proper technique. But, yep, do this and you got the power! It's as simple as that! Plus, if you'd like to talk a selfie of yourself with the sword to celebrate your newfound power, just upload it here later and I'll be more than happy to post it on the cache page. Just please do make sure to put the sword back in its spot when you're done, so the next cacher will be able to get some power, too.

Along with the sword, you're also find an ammo can at ground zero. But not just any regular ol' ammo can, but my trusty Ammo Can. Yep, it'll be holding the log and swag for this multi. The ammo can's story can be found here. Feel free to discover it if you wish, just please don't take the ammo can. It's done enough traveling for the time being.

With all the construction going on in this area, it's a only a matter of time before these woods are likely bulldozed for more houses. It's frankly a shame because a lot of history can be found here. Those interested in finding out more about the history of the area should check out the nearby Tayloe's Iron Works multicache. It's a fabulous cache and the oldest in the county. So, yeah, if you're interested in checking out this great little area, I'd definitely recommend heading out here sooner rather than later.

Well, I think that about covers everything. Good luck! Be safe out there!

Congratulations to hooclass2002 for FTF!

In addition to hooclass2002, the following brave adventures have been able to find the sword, gain its power, and uploaded pictures of their conquests!



Battle Roo and Serrabou


Chase Clan 2.3

# 5000


Multi # 100

WVKiwi and Saberspark77


The Cache Mob

SP4FUN's Battle Armor He-Man




lawnrescue911 and faithful geo dog
# 1000

TheUnstealthy Monkey







# 5000


The links below are to funny and/or entertaining He-Man videos posted on youtube. While they are not required viewing, they're well worth a watch, especially Skeletor's Breakfast Burrito. ;)


I am NOT nice

Skeletor's Breakfast Burrito

I have the Power!

Best Multi-Stage Cache for 2014 and Most Physically Challenging to Find

Additional Hints (Decrypt)

Fgntr #1: pybfr gb cbaq, boivbhf ybpngvba. Jngpu bhg sbe Zre-Sebt naq uvf rivy zvavbaf!!! (vs gur jrngure vf jnez) Fgntr #2: Vg'f n oveq, vg'f n cynar, vg'f n ... ovfba??? Qvqa'g xabj gurl pbhyq syl! Jryy, V thrff unatvat hc uvtu vfa'g ernyyl sylvat. Whfg ubc ba hc naq tvir gur ovfba n tbbq gjvfg. ohg qb or pnershy bcravat gur pbagnvare. N snyy jbhyqa'g srry tbbq urer. Fgntr #3: Arrq gb whzc hc ba gur ynetr snyyra gerr gb trg guvf ovfba. Avpr oevqtr, ru? Fgntr #4: Tbaan arrq gb pyvzo, ureb. Abg irel uvtu, ohg fghss graqf gb trg va gur jnl. ;) Snyy naq lbh'yy trg n avpr qhaxvat juvyr Fxryrgbe ynhtuf ng ln.. Vg'f lrg nabgure unatvat ovfba! Fgntr #5: Boivbhf ybpngvba. Ernyyl. Vs lbh pna'g svaq guvf bar, vg'f gvzr sbe n arj ubool. Fgntr #6: Fbeel, fgbar abg ninvynoyr. Ohqtrg phgf. ;( TM vf dhvgr sentvyr. Qb or pnershy abg gb oernx nalguvat. Tyhr jba'g or noyr gb svk vg!

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)