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P3-1g9nt 2015

A cache by cookroach Send Message to Owner Message this owner
Hidden : 3/1/2015
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2.5 out of 5

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Geocache Description:

PI--1g9nt 2015

[ d39 9rst9n F29nfh2nd9rt St9ll9n ]

V39l9 v9rs2cht9n m3r sch3n m3t d9m V9rh19ltn3s v3m 2mf1ng d9s Kr93s9s z2 s93n9m D2rchm9ss9r 12f d39 Sp2r z2 k3mm9n. 3ch v9rst9ckt9 m3ch 3n W9ll9n, Schw3ng2ng9n 2nd Q21nt9nm9ch1n3k. 93n3g9 w1r9n m3r m3t zw93zw93 d2rch s39b9n 2nd dr93f29nff29nf d2rch 93ns93nsdr93 d3cht 12f d9n F9rs9n, w39 d39s9r L93bn3z m3t s93n9r R93h9 3d9r R1m1n2j1n 2m n92nz9hnv39rz9hn.

D39 L3st3ng-K33rd3n1t9n h1b9n n3chts m3t d9m V9rst9ck-K33rd3n1t9n z2 t2n,
3hr k39nnt d3rt n3chts f3nd3n 2nd br12cht d3rt n3chts s2ch9n !!!

J9tzt w3 d39 Z9ntr1l9 m3r m9ld9t9, d1s m93n F939rt1g n1ht, w3rd 93n s3lch9r Tr2b9l 2m m3ch h9rrsch9n, d1s 3ch s9lbst m93n F1nb2ch v9rst9ck9n m2sst9. D1b93 w1r 3ch J1hrt12s9nd9 l1ng 3n d9r 3rr1t33n1l3t19t g93m9tr3sch9r Sph19r9n v9rb3rg9n, d3ch n2n s3nd 1ll9 z9hn M3d2l3s h3nt9r m3r h9r, 2m d39s9n T1g m3t m3r z2 f939rn.

s9lbst m3t L39d9rn 2nd G9d3cht9n w2rd9 3ch sch3n b9d1cht, 93n9s d9r sch39nst9n 3st:

[3r3g3n1l-T9xt 12s d9m P3ln3sch9n v3n W3sl1w1 Sz3mb3rsk1 l93cht g919nd9rt:]
"B9w2nd9rnsw9rt b3st d2
dr93 K3mm1 93ns v39r 93ns.
12ch 1ll9 F3lg9z3ff9rn s3nd n2r 1nf1ng,
f29nf n92n zw93, w93l s39 n39 93n 9nd9 f3nd9t.
3ch l1s m3ch n3cht 93nf1ng9n s9chsf29nf dr93f29nf m3t 93n9m Bl3ck
1cht n92n m3t 93n9r B9r9chn2ng
s39b9n n92n m3t d9r Ph1nt1s39,
s3g1r dr93 zw93 dr93 1cht m3t 93n9m Sch9rz, d1s h93sst V9rgl93ch
v39r s9chs m3t 3rg9nd 9tw1s
zw93 s9chs v39r dr93 3n d9r W9lt.
D39 l19ngst9 Schl1ng9 d9r 9rd9 r93sst n1ch 93n p11r M9t9rn 1b.
19hnl3ch, zw1r 9tw1s sp19t9r, t2n's d39 F1b9lschl1ng9n.
D9r Z2g d9r Z3ff9rn, 12s d9n9n d39 Z1hl P3 b9st9ht,
h19lt n3cht 1m R1nd9 d9s Z9tt9ls 1n,
9r z39ht s3ch 29b9r d9n T3sch h3n12s, d2rch d39 L29ft9,
d2rch M129rn, Bl19tt9r, V3g9ln9st9r, W3lk9n, str1cks z2m H3mm9l,
d2rch 1ll9 12fg9bl1s9nh93t 2nd B3d9nl3s3gk93t d9s H3mm9ls.
3 w39 k2rz, w39 m12sk2rz 3st d9r K3m9t9nschw93f!
W39 schw1ch d9r Str1hl d9s St9rns, d1ß 9r s3ch kr29mmt 3m 9rstb9st9n R12m!
2nd h39r zw93 dr93f29nfz9hn dr93h2nd9rt n92nz9hn
m93n9 F9rnspr9chn2mm9r d93n9 Kr1g9nw93t9
d1s J1hr 93nt12s9ndn92nh2nd9rtdr932nds39bz3g s9chst9r St3ck
93nw3hn9rz1hl f29nf2nds9chz3g Gr3sch9n
d9r H29ft2mf1ng zw93 F3ng9r Sch1r1d9 2nd Ch3ffr9,
3n w9lch9r m93n N1cht3g1llch9n, fl39g 2nd s3ng
9b9ns3 b3tt9 R2h9 b9w1hr9n
3d9r H3mm9l 2nd 9rd9 v9rg9hn,
n3cht 3ch 1ll9rd3ngs, 3h, n93n, 3ch n3cht,
3ch h1b n3ch g1r n3cht 29bl9 f29nf,
n3cht b9l39b3g9 1cht,
n3cht l9tzt9 s39b9n,
w9nn m3ch, 1ch, w9nn m3ch d39 tr19g9 9w3gk93t 1ntr93bt
z2m D129rn.

3hr w9rd9t 9s 1b9r n3cht sch1ff9n m3r m3t d9r Q21dr1t2r d9s Kr93s9s 3d9r m3t d9m V9rh19ltn3s zw939r r1t33n1l9r Z1hl9n 12f d39 Sp2r z2 k3mm9n, n2r m3t r93n9r L3g3k 2nd Gr2ndr9ch9n1rt9n. D1z2 h1b9 3ch 93n S9lbstb3ldn3s v3n m3r 3m Sp39g9l g9m1lt 2nd 9s d9r Z9ntr1l9 m3t d9m V9rst9ckp2nkt 29b9rm3tt9lt. N 65° 15.149 E 26° 25.360
L93d9r w2rd9n j9w93ls d39 9rst9n v39r St9ll9n f1lsch 29b9rm3tt9lt 2nd n2r n3ch d39 h3nt9r9n dr93 m93n9r V9rschl939r2ng s3nd n3ch 9rh1lt9n 2nd k39nn9n v3n 92ch z2r29ckg9sp39g9lt w9rd9n. D1b93 m29sst 3hr d39 29b9r1bz19hlb1r9n M39gl3chk93t 12f d39 d9z3m1l9 M3d2l1t33n v3n s9chs Dr939rn r9d2z39r9n.

oder => H39r k39nnt 3hr 29b9rpr29f9n, 3b 3hr r3cht3g l39gt.

S3llt9t 3hr m3t m3r 12f 93n9r W9ll9nl19ng9 s93n, w39 n1chf3lg9nd9r D3cht9r 3n s93n9m F1nbr39f, k39nnt 3hr g9rn d9n H3nt b9n2tz9n.

[fr93 n1ch 3nt9rn9t-12t3r: K3nr1d G9r2ll - l93cht g919nd9rt]
"... D9r 1nf1ng k1nn 2ns n3ch fr92n,
dr93 k3mm1 93ns v39r 93ns f29nf n92n,

d3ch k3mmt n3ch v39l9s h3nt9rh9r,
zw93 s9chs f29nf dr93 f29nf 2nd v39l m9hr,
z2 m9rk9n 3st d1s n3cht b9q29m,
d39 Z3ff9rn h1b9n k93n S3st9m.

1ll d39, d39 93n9 R9g9l s2cht9n,
s39 g1b9n 12f, w3b93 s39 fl2cht9n.
S9lbst d9r C3mp2t9r, s9hr g9d2ld3g,
bl39b b3sl1ng 93n9 L39s2ng sch2ld3g.

12ch w9nn m1n 3n d39 Z2k2nft sch12t,
3st j9d9 H3ffn2ng w3hl v9rb12t.
B9w39s9n s93 d39s, s9hr g9sch93t,
2nd g29lt3g f29r d39 9w3gk93t.

V9rst9ht, d1ss m3ch d1s pr3v3z39rt:
m1n h1t's d3ch g1r n3cht 12spr3b39rt.
M3r sch93nt, d9r L3g3k h3h9r Gl1nz
3st n3chts 1ls p2r9 1rr3g1nz.

W9r w93ss sch3n, w1s 3n Z2k2nft w3rd:
Pr3ph9t9n h1b9n 3ft g93rrt.
2nd w9r m1g 3hn9 H3ffn2ng s93n!
3hr w3sst d3ch: S1g9 n39m1ls n93n.

3m K9ll9r r9chn9t m93n PC,
2nd d9m t2t s3 w1s j1 n3cht w9h."

1n d9n 9rr9chn9t9n K33rd3n1t9n 1ng9k3mm9n, br12cht 3hr 2m d1s F1nb2ch z2 f3nd9n,
n2r n3ch d1s Zw93 P3 m1l R1d32s gr3ss9 3bj9kt z2 v9rm9ss9n. D1z2 r2nd9t
3hr d9n D2rchm9ss9r 12f v3ll9 Z9hn9r d9r 2mf1ng 3n Z9nt3m9t9r m3n2s
1chtz3g 9rg3bt d39 9ntf9rn2ng 3n M9t9rn z2m V9rst9ck 3n g9n12 w1hr9r S29dr3cht2ng.

1b9r b9v3r 3hr d9r P3-3l3g39 v9rf1llt, fr1gt l39b9r 3n d9r Z9ntr1l9 n1ch:

"P3-lg9r P3-rscht9n 1m 1b9nd,
d2rch 93n9n P3-n39nw1ld.
P3-r3l9 P3-9pst9n v9rz1g9nd,
d9n 9s w1r P3-tt9rk1lt,

Fr9ss9n P3-ng239 P3-r3gg9n,
P3-r1t9n w3ss9n 9s w3hl;
P3-s1ck9n M29ck9n 12ch D3gg9n,
P3-tt9 fr1gt d3ch d9n P3-r3l.

D39 P3-3l3g39 P3-rgt G9f1hr9n,
m3ss1cht9t d39 3rth3gr1-P3.
D1v3r s3llt9t 3hr 92ch P3-w1hr9n,
d9nkt 1n 92r9 P3-3gr1-P3"

3n j9d9n F1ll b3tt9t d39 Z9ntr1l9 d1r2m, d1s 3hr 92r9n L3g s3 schr93bt,
w39 d1s L3st3ng, d1m3t d9r π-1g9nt s3ch 29b9r 92r9 F1np3st fr92t,
d1nn d29rft 3hr 12ch d9n B3n2s l3gg3n - V39l Sp1ss w29nscht 92ch d9r PI-1g9nt.

Additional Hints (Decrypt)

z3q2y3 m9ua

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)



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