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Don't Do This Cache !

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Hidden : 04/11/2015
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Geocache Description:


Doing this cache reveals a serious problem for your health. Don't do it!

The point is this - you want to show the world that you are NOT addicted to Geocaching,
and the only way is NOT to find/log this cache!
Now being law-abiding folks (I am sure you are), there should be a clean logsheet anytime I bother to check it.
Let's see... before you embark on this non-quest, how can you test yourself first?
Well, be honest about this: Has Geocaching taken over your life? Ponder over the following and see if they apply to you: Your answers will provide the correct coordinates (not that you are going to need them, but just in case ..


Yes / No
⇙ - ⇘

Each time you enter the supermarket, you feel drawn to the tupperware section.
Νοιώθετε ακατανίκητη έλξη για το τμήμα με τα τάπερ, όταν πηγαίνετε στο Σούπερ Μάρκετ.

Yes = N / No = S

If it's not the tupperware, it's the toy / party section looking for items small enough to fit inside tupperware containers.
... μετά περνάτε απο το τμήμα παιχνιδιών και πάρτυ, γιά μικροαντικείμενα που να χωράνε σ'αυτά.

Yes = 3 / No = 1

You tell a fib every now and then so that you can leave work or school early just to nab that FTF.
Που και που έχετε αδιαθεσία και φεύγετε από την δουλειά ή το σχολείο γιά να επιτύχετε ένα FTF.

Yes = 8 / No = 6

Every pile of stones seems to be a potential Geocache hiding place.
Βλέπετε κάθε πέτρινο σωρό, σαν πιθανό σημείο κρύπτης.

Yes = 0 / No = 1

You check your e-mail many times a day. You might even set your phone to automatically check your e-mail so that you do not miss a newly published cache.
Ελέγχετε συχνά το email σας για να μην χάσετε μιά καινούρια κρύπτη και το FTF.

Yes = 4 / No = 1

A man in white had your GPSr confiscated "for your own good".
Κάποτε, ένας λευκοντυμένος κύριος, είχε κρατήσει το GPS σας για: "το καλό σας".

Yes = 0 / No = 6

You no longer refer to places and areas in terms of streets and addresses but rather cache locations.
Δεν αναφέρεστε σε διευθύνσεις με οδό και αριθμό αλλά με συντεταγμένες ή GC code.

Yes = 3 / No = 4

No matter who you are with, you can't resist pointing out a nearby cache when passing.
Ανεξαρτήτως παρέας, δεν μπορείτε να αντισταθείτε όταν περνάτε διπλα από μιά κρύπτη.

Yes = 2 / No = 8

You realize you can now read the hints without clicking “Decrypt” or looking at the key.
Πλέον διαβάζετε τα hint χωρίς να επιλέγετε "Decrypt" ή τον σχετικό πίνακα.

Yes = E / No = W

You get distracted watching movies because you keep scanning the background scenery, thinking, “That’d be a GREAT place for a cache!”
Χάνετε την πλοκή μιάς ταινίας, σκεπτόμενοι ότι "αυτό το σημείο με τις πέτρες, θα ήταν καλό μέρος για κρύπτη !".

Yes = 0 / No = 1

The police have taken an interest in your suspicious behavior while caching.
Κάποτε ένας αστυνομικός έδειξε ένα διακριτικό ενδιαφέρον την ώρα που ψάχνατε μιά κρύπτη.

Yes = 2 / No = 4

While everyone else takes a teabag out of the office pantry container, you take out a teabag and leave a Travel Bug.
Ενω οι άλλοι στο γραφείο απλά βγάζουν ενα φακελάκι τσάι, εσείς μερικές φορές το ανταλάσετε με κάτι άλλο.

Yes = 3 / No = 3

The location of nearby caches is one of the most important considerations when planning a holiday.
Το πλήθος των κρυπτών κάπου, είναι το βασικό κριτήριο για τον σχεδιασμό των διακοπών σας.

Yes = 5 / No = 5

You heart starts pounding faster when a new cache gets published and break out into a cold sweat when you are racing for FTF.
Εχετε ταχυπαλμία οταν εμφανίζεται μια νέα κρύπτη και κρύο ιδρώτα μέχρι να πετύχετε το FTF.

Yes = 4 / No = 5

You call your car a Geomobile and memorize other geocachers' license plate numbers so you know if they are gunning for that same FTF.
Λέτε το αυτοκίνητο σας Geomobile και θυμάστε τους αριθμούς πινακίδων άλλων παικτών μήπως χρειαστεί να τους προσπεράσετε.

Yes = 0 / No = 7

You have cached in your pyjamas (with or without dressing gown)
Έχετε ψάξει για κρύπτη φορώντας ακόμη την πυτζάμα σας.

Yes = 5 / No = 9

You always have spare batteries in case your GPS goes flat.
Έχετε πάντα δύο μπατταρίες ΑΑ μαζί σας ακομη κι'αν (Ω μη γένοιτο!) δεν έχετε το GPS σας.

Yes = 3 / No = 6

Your phone is set to remind you whenever a new cache is published and you drop everything to fit a FTF in.
Το τηλέφωνό σας είναι ο κύριος ένοχος που τρέχετε γιά FTF, και όχι εσείς.

Yes =.9 / No =.4

Dig deep and ask yourself:
Κάντε μιά ενδοσκόπιση και αναρωτηθείτε:

Can you show the world that you're not an addict to Geocaching and resist finding this?
Έχετε το Ψυχικό σθένος, να αποδείξετε στην αγωνιούσα ανθρωπότητα, ότι δεν είστε εθισμένοι σ΄αυτό το παιγνίδι ?

I got this idea from a cache in New Zealand *. They 'stolen' the concept, from one in Singapore! Singaporeans stole it from somewhere else and I don't know how deep this nesting goes, but the idea was very appealing! This shouldn't be too hard for you busy, busy people! You will not have time to find this cache anyway! So don't even consider wasting your time. I've given it a five star difficulty rating to rate the resistance to do it.
This is a supplementary/bonus cache in case you need it...
Anyway the co-ordinates are probably at least 20 meters out.
There is no invigorating walk, although a short steep climb is in order for those junkies who can’t resist temptation.
There are no breathtaking views just a breathtaking short slope but no fences to climb.
There is no First to Find prize awaiting you because someone else will have nabbed it.
In fact, the cache is just a micro and contains nothing but a boring logsheet.
And knowing our weather, and the place, it's probably damp too.
That’s if no one has muggled it, or I’ve forgotten to put it out.
I am so confident that you will not log, that I didn’t even put in a pen.
Curb your enthusiasm at once and show the world that Greek geocachers (incl. tourists) are NOT addicted to Geocaching!
Good luck on your mission !

* People in New Zealand, found good excuses to avoid been accused for been very weak and foible characters ! Maybe is in order to establish a reward competition for the best excuse logged !

Additional Hints (Decrypt)

Erny pnpuref qba'g arrq uvagf naq naljnl lbh'er abg tbvat gb gur pnpur ! Ohg vs lbh ner gung nqqvpgrq gurer znl or ybbxvat ng gur 'oynpx gbc' jvyy uryc lbh. Cyrnfr rafher vg vf jryy pbirerq va vgf avpur, orsber lbh yrnir.

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)