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5th Annual Texas Winter Caching Games

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Hidden : Sunday, 21 February 2021
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Geocache Description:

21 February 2021, 16:00 - 16:30

Winter Caching Games 2020-2021


The date on this event is for the windup, which is currently posted and may change depending on participation. The windup is scheduled to start at the posted coordinates on Sunday, February 21, 2021. We will gather at 4 p.m. and wrap the winner presentations by 4:30 p.m. Please Note----The time, and location are subject to change weather dependant... if it is nasty weather we may decide to update the location with an announcement of change to amore sheltered location.


Anyone may log a will attend on this event without any participation in the "Games"


Any photos associated with a TASK have nothing to do with attending the event and are not a requirement for attending the final wind up on February 21, 2021. 

This is 90 dayish-game ending with an event. The games will be commencing on  Sunday, November 29, 2020 at 12:00 am and ending on Saturday , February 20, 2021 at 6:00 pm..... ALL LOGS FOR ALL TASKS AND BONUS MUST BE POSTED BEFORE THIS TIME. The wrap up for the games will start February 21, 2021 at 4 p.m. at the posted coordinates in a final wind up gathering.

**This year** -- The Games begin on November 29, 2020 but we are giving participants until December 5, 2020 to sign-up to participate!  By posting a note, initially, before the end of the day 11:59 pm Saturday December 5, 2020  that you are participating in the games, lets us know you are playing. 


Scoreboards - updated as the games go on.

Scoreboard  updates will be found in the Image Gallery



The Winter Caching Games is a fun competition to get you caching.  Designed for all cachers, the objective is to complete any


 of the tasks not including the weekly bonus activities, during the 3 months that the game runs.  


Please note that this is not a race.  Tasks have higher or lower points assigned to them.  Read the Task requirements carefully and choose wisely.  You are seeking points, not completing the Games first; although there is danger in waiting too long.  Even if you don’t get the high score, a strategic approach may still result in a prize.


 In order to claim a smiley for this event, you must either: 1) Complete 12 Tasks, 2) Attend the windup event, or 3) Both. *** To clarify, you do not have to participate in the games to attend the event***


To qualify, all caches are limited to those located in Texas. 


If you are one of the prize winners, we will make every effort to accommodate pickup/delivery; however, it is ultimately your responsibility to collect your prize.


If you have questions about whether a cache is acceptable for a Task, please contact us via Geocaching Messages or email.  We will do our best to be prompt with replies, but we make no guarantee of speediness (depending on time of day and/or work schedule).  Lateral or creative thinking is encouraged for the Games, so we will make every effort to accept sideways logic. 


If we require further clarification of any claimed Tasks, we will be contacting you either via the Geocaching Messages or email.  Failure to reply within a reasonable timeframe may result in your Task being removed from the scoreboard.  We will not do this lightly, but it may happen.




Short Version


  • Claim 12 Tasks in 3 months (November 29, 2020 to February 20, 2021). 


  • Using the “Write Note” feature on this cache page, report your claims with Task Number, GC Code (multiple if required), including D/T rating, Points Claimed, and any Task specific requirements within 7 days of fulfilling.  
  •        Your log will look something very similar to this:
  •               Note:
  •                  Task(or Weekly/Monthly bonus)
  •                   GC Code(s)
  •                    DT (if require)
  •                    Points Claimed




·         Some Tasks have an outright points value stated, while others are dependent on the cache found.  Some offer positive points, negative points, or the geocacher’s choice between them.  Claimed point values must be stated on the Note, and cannot be edited.

  • Watch for Bonuses. 
  • Photos are encouraged.  If required, it will be stated in the Task requirement.



Full Rules


1.   Game runs from 12:00am Sunday, November 29, 2020 through to 11:59 pm Saturday, February 20, 2021.

2.   Games participants need to register in this thread to let us know you're playing; the sooner the better.  Event attendees can register up to the day of the windup event. 

     This will also help determine where the wrap up event is held, as the venue will likely depend on crowd size.


       4. Fulfill any 12 of the Tasks listed below after the start of the Games.  To complete the Games, exactly 12 Tasks must be logged.

       5. Caches you claim for the game must be logged on during the time frame of the game.  No previous or late finds will be allowed.

       6. Tasks must be claimed within 7 days of finding the cache and before the conclusion of the Games (Task 17 is exempt from being claimed within 7 days, but must be claimed prior to the conclusion of the Games). The post must clearly state which Task is being claimed, the GC Code of the cache (multiple if necessary), the Points being Claimed, and how the cache meets the requirement (if necessary).  Post your claims as a Note on this event page.

       7. Caches found as part of these games must be published before the start of the game on November 29, 2020. Any Task that requires new cache(s) to be placed (physical or event) does not fall under this rule.

      8. Tasks that require caches to be hidden must be published prior to 11:59 pm February 20, 2021.  Please plan accordingly, and do not leave this to the last minute.  By placing a geocache as part of these Games, you agree to follow all the guidelines set out by in owning a geocache.

       9. Each Task must be claimed on a cache previously unfound by you.

      10. Each Task must be claimed against a different cache, unless the requirement states otherwise.

*****Exceptions:  The Challenge.

       11. Tasks, Bonuses, and Challenges can only be claimed once per geocaching login (single person or team of cachers).  Multiple claims against the same Task, Bonus, and/or Challenge by the same geocacher will be rejected. 

          ******Exception: If the first claim of this Task was rejected, it can be attempted again. 

     12. Once Tasks, Bonuses, and Challenges are claimed, you may not substitute another.

     13. Points vary by Task, Bonus, and Challenge; these are clearly defined below.  Some give participants a choice in point value, therefore you must clearly state the point value (including positive or negative) when you are claiming the Task. Once claimed, your point values cannot be changed.

     14. There will be multiple prizes for the players who complete the games.  All will be awarded to players who have completed 12 Tasks.  Prizes will be for Highest, Lowest, and Closest to Average.  Other prizes will likely be available.

     15. In the event of a tie score, the earliest score will be used as the tiebreaker. 

     16. No "arm chair" caching is permitted.  You can only use caches that you found, signed the log, and logged on on the same day (or within reason).  Claiming a cache that you found months ago and just got around to logging is not permitted in the Games.  

     17. Multi-player teams would be more than 1 person using the same name, with the other members present. All members of multi-person teams must meet the qualification of the Task, and must be present when claiming the cache.  It is likely OK if the other member(s) of your team are in the vehicle.  However, if one member of your team members is in a different country or is “home with the kids”, and others are claiming caches for this game, then that is not allowed.  This rule applies to all Tasks, Bonuses, and Challenge.

***Spouses, etc., that occasionally cache with the primary geocacher are exempt from this rule. However, these individuals (let's call them Squibs for the JK Rowling fans out there!) will not be considered Muggles either. If there is any confusion, please let us know.

      18. New Tasks may be added to the list as the game goes on.

We, Team Winter Jazz, will administer the game and our decisions are final.  We reserve the right to provide clarifications to the rules at any point during the game.

Have fun!




Tasks may only be claimed once per participating geocaching login (single player, or multi-player team).


Task 1. Bring a Muggle to an Event: 15 points (+/- plus or minus)

  • Bring a muggle to an event and then log the event.  Your muggle is a person who has never gone geocaching before.  This person must not be registered on
  • before the beginning of the Games.  Your cache log must indicate that you attended the event your Muggle friend, and contain a picture of the 2 of you while attending the event. 

Task 2. Help a New Hider Place a Cache: 20 points (+/- plus or minus or zero)

  • Help a geocacher that has never placed a cache before to place a new geocache.  This person must have zero hides prior to the beginning of the Games.  The hider will need to make a note in the description of the cache about who helped them place the cache.  The other geocacher does not have to be participating in the Games to qualify.  Your Task Note must contain the name of the other geocacher, the name and GC number of the new cache. 

Task 3. How About That Sunrise/Sunset!!

5 points each plus or minus or zero for a total of 15 points plus minus or zero. You may claim this task with just 1 cache and photo

Find up to 3 caches at Sunrise/Sunset and take photos and include them with your log. Please state the time of day the photo was taken.

To claim the points you will need to include the photos with your note on the games and identify which photo was at which cache. These must be 3 different days. They cannot be the same sunrise/sunset

Task 4. Attend/ host an Educational Event: 25 points(+/- plus or minus)

  • Attend any educational geocaching event.  Educational events include the following: 
  • Geocaching 101
  • GSAK Class
  • How to Create an Earthcache
  • How to Create a Reverse Where I Go
  • How to hide a traditional cache
  • How to hide a multi cache
  • How to make a creative geocache hide
  • Your log must indicate the GC number and name of the event! 

Task 5. Cache with a ‘Noob’: 5 points (+/- plus or minus)

  • Log any physical cache with a geocacher who had less than 50 finds prior to this “team up”.  This geocacher must have been registered on prior to the beginning of the Games.  Both caching logs must reference the other geocacher.  The other geocacher does not have to be participating in the Games to qualify.  Your Task Note must contain the name of the other geocacher. 

Task 6. Mini Spelling Bee: (Highest D + Highest T) points  (+/- plus or minus)

  • Find a total of 6 caches, using the first letter of the cache name to spell “MUGGLE”.
  • Does not qualify:  Caches that start with numbers or symbols
  • This Task is exempt from Rule 5's statement of claiming within 7 days of finding the cache. You can take the entire Games to spell "MUGGLE", but you must claim the Task prior to the conclusion of the Games. 

Task 7. Abandoned Structure Cache: (10 points  (+/- plus or minus or zero)

  • Log any physical cache that displays the “Abandoned Structure” icon attribute. 

Task 8. Into the Dark:

IF IT IS A MYSTERY GEOCACHE(5 points (+/- plus or minus)

IF IT IS A MULTI GEOCACHE(7 points (+/- plus or minus)

IF IT IS A WHERIGO GEOCACHE(9 points (+/- plus or minus)


  • Log any physical cache that displays one or both of “Night Cache” or “Recommended at Night” icon attributes. 

Task 9. Find an Earthcache (15 points  (+/- plus or minus)

  • Log any Earthcache after fulfilling all of the requirements for logging that particular Earthcache. 

Task 10. Field Medic: (2+D+T) points **ON YOUR OWN CURRENT HIDE or a team member current hide** (+/- plus or minus)

  • Perform field maintenance and log any physical cache that displays the “Maintenance Required” icon attribute.  Log must describe steps taken to perform the maintenance (replacing container, replacing logbook, or restocking the swag inside).  For those playing on a team choose one team members geocache to perform this Task.

Task 11. Create a Where-I-Go (20 points), Reverse Where-I-Go (5 points) or Earthcache (20 points) (+/- plus or minus)

  • Create either a Where-I-Go, Reverse Where-I-Go or an Earthcache


  • Your geocache must be listed at, and must be published before the end of the Games.  Points cannot be claimed until the cache is published.  Please ensure you give adequate time for the cache reviewer to publish your hide.

Task 12. Happy Anniversary: - (+/- plus or minus SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS OF SCORING)

  • Find up to 5 caches on their "Hidden On” anniversary, regardless of what year they were placed.

·         Example: Cache states the date it was hidden on was January 11.  Finding this cache on January 11, 2021 will qualify you for this Task. 


Task 13. Find any Where-I-Go: (10 points) - (+/- plus or minus)

  • Find and Log any Where-I-Go or Reverse Where-I-Go.

Task 14. A 200 word log on a geocache find. (15 points plus or minus or zero)


This must be original it may not be copy and paste. Team players must have different logs.


Task 15. Host a National Day of Event or place 3 National Day of themed caches of different types FOR 25 points (+/- plus or minus or zero)

  • Pick a National Day of something and host an event to celebrate that day.

·         Use any website reference (Include this national day of reference in your LOG) to choose a national day of.



·          Place 3 National Day of themed-caches of 3 different types for example a traditional, a puzzle and a letterbox any combination of 3 different types.

Task 16. It’s all about the WILDLIFE (Bugs excluded this time around) Claim points on finds/maintenance or hides as follows: (points are + or- or zero)

1 cache 2 points total

2 caches 4 points total

3 caches 5 points total


Find a cache or maintain your own cache. At any cache that you claim a smiley on or that you maintain of your own OR your team member and you see wildlife take a photo to post with your log. Heck you can even hide a cache if you want. Include same photo in your log to claim points for this task and identify which photo goes with which cache find/maintenance log or cache hide GC.

  The only criteria is that you see wildlife near GZ. This can be even a …. Frog….lizard…snake…. anything (Bugs excluded). The wildlife must be clearly visible in the photo.


Task 17. Spelling Bee: Calculation: (14 + LOWEST D + LOWEST T) - (+/- plus or minus or zero)

Find a total of 15 caches, using the first letter of the Cache Name to spell “FESTIVAL GC8W9P1”.  

  • Does not qualify: Caches that start with Symbols;
  • This Task is exempt from Rule 5's statement of claiming within 7 days of finding the cache. You can take the entire Games to spell " FESTIVAL GC8W9P1", but you must claim the Task prior to the conclusion of the Games. 

Task 18. Mysterious Task: 12 points (+/- plus or minus)

  • Find exactly 3 Mystery/Puzzle caches during a single calendar day (midnight to midnight).  Other cache types may be found during the same calendar day, but only 3 Mystery/Puzzles can be found in order to claim this Task. 

Task 19. 10 for 10:  10 points (+/- plus or minus)

  • Log 10 caches of any type hidden by the same Cache Owner (CO).  
  • *****************None of these geocaches can be used for another task except the spelling bee tasks.


Task 20. HIDE A Multicache: (12 points (+/- plus or minus)

  • HIDE any Multicache that has a minimum of 2 steps (posted coordinates, mid-point, and final location); there can be more than 2, but not less.  IF THIS CACHE EARNS MORE THAN 5 FAV POINTS BY THE END OF THE GAMES WE WILL ADD 3 POINTS TO YOUR SCORE. 

Task 21. Lonely: (points depend on length of time cache has not been found) (+/- plus or minus or zero)

  • Log any physical cache that has not been found in Texas in the preceding:


180 days = 5 points.

            365 days = 6 points.

            2 years = 7 points.

            3 years = 10 points 

            4+ years= 15 points

Task 22. Fancy Dress or Costume: (3+D+T) points (+/- plus or minus)

  • Log any physical cache, and post a photo of you dressed in attire which directly relates to the cache's theme.  Be creative; don’t wear normal clothes and try to make the theme fit. 

 Task 23. Host a CITO event: 25 points - (+/- plus or minus)

  • Your event must be listed on, and must be published before the Games end.  Your event can take place after the Games end.
  • Note: According to geocache guidelines, Event Caches should be submitted no less than two weeks before the date of the event, so please plan accordingly.  Also, please ensure you give adequate time for the cache reviewer to publish your hide. 

Task 24. Hide a Large Traditional Cache: 25 points (+/- plus or minus)

  • Hide a large traditional cache.  A large container is described on Groundspeak as being “a minimum of 20L (around 5 imperial gallons)”. 
  • Your geocache must be listed at, and must be published before the end of the Games.  Points cannot be claimed until the cache is published.  Please ensure you give adequate time for the cache reviewer to publish your hide.

Task 25. Make Things Mysterious: 8 points (+/- plus or minus)

  • Hide a minimum of 3 Mystery/Puzzle caches.  A Mystery/Puzzle cache is described on Groundspeak as being “a geocache where the listed coordinates are not where the cache is placed”.  This could require a puzzle to be solved, a beacon to be found, etc.  Challenge caches would also meet the requirements for this Task. 
  • Your geocaches must be listed at, and must be published before the end of the Games.  Points cannot be claimed until the caches are published.  Please ensure you give adequate time for the cache reviewer to publish your hides. 

Task 26. Become Friendlier: 12 points (+/- plus or minus)

  • FIND a minimum of 3 caches with the attribute of “Recommended for kids” and must be a Regular sized cache. 

Task 27. X Factor: (points + or- or zero)


• By definition, an X Factor is the defining property or characteristic of a given situation, or the variable on a given situation that could have the most impact. Therefore, find a cache with minimum of 6 Attributes on the cache page.

• It can be any Attributes (positive or negative), but there has to be has to be a minimum of 6 attributes on the cache page.


The Key to this challenge is that you will be finding 10 caches by 10 different CO. All with the x-factor of 6 attributes or more.

Claim the points of 1 point per cache found up to a maximum of 10 points. You may choose to find a minimum of 1 or any amount up to the maximum.


Your log claiming points will look like this:


Team Vitriol

Claiming 5 points positive for the following finds for task # 27

-CO is gladrabbit attributes 8 on GCxxxxx

-CO is saskquatcheye attributes 10 on GCxxxxx

-CO is trumpetbaby attributes 6 on GCxxxxx

-CO is stuckinthemud attributes 7 on GCxxxxx

-CO is flowerchild762 attributes 12 on GCxxxxx


Task  28. All By Myself: 5 points (+/- plus or minus)

  • Hide a physical cache (any type) where the next closest physical cache coordinates are a minimum of 1 mile away. 
  • Your geocache must be listed at, and must be published before the end of the Games.  Points cannot be claimed until the cache is published.  Please ensure you give adequate time for the cache reviewer to publish your hide.



Task 29.  Complete UP TO 3 Adventure Lab SERIES: 10 points EACH(+/- plus or minus)


            As proof of your completing the Adventure Lab post a screen shot of the Adventure Lab showing your geocaching name at the top and the completed icon with check mark on the page see Example.  If your team is claiming this task you will need to submit a screenshot of each team player completion proof. ****************************************This Task may not be used in the spelling bee task.*****************


There will be both Weekly and Monthly bonuses.  NEW THIS YEAR WEEKLY BONUS’ WILL SPAN A 2 WEEK PERIOD (we are calling it biweekly and it will be posted as an announcement on the Saturday night before it begins.) Each participating geocaching ID may only claim each bonus once.


Weekly bonuses will be Sunday to Saturday (over a span of 2 weeks).




  • CITO at 5 cache locations. Post the 5 different GC codes in your note and 5 different photos of you with your 5 different CITO loots (or trash bags for the non-pirates in the games). For Cache owners you may post a cache maintenance log with a different CITO photo for the same game points as a find.

  • POINTS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> .5 (yes ½ POINT) PER LOCATION FOR A MAX TOTAL OF 2.5 POINTS.

  • This bonus must be claimed prior to 11:59pm on December 12.




Geocaching Grocery list bonus

1-  Post a photo of Christmas lights on the 2020-2021 Texas Winter Caching games facebook page for 2 pts(+/- or zero)

2-  Find 3 caches in each of 2 counties, for a total of 4 pts(+/- or zero)

3-   Find 4 caches with 4 or more attributes each for a total of 4 pts(+/- or zero)

In your log claiming points for this bonus.

-Post the date of your photo share to the facebook page and the points you are claiming.

-Post the GC of each cache and which county it is in along with the points you are claiming.

-Post the GC of the 4 caches you found plus which attributes are on each cache along with the points you are claiming.

This bonus is not eligible to be earned on caches that you have previously found or that have published after the start of the games. ***You do not have to do all of the items on the grocery list you may choose to do all or 1 or 2 of them.

All of these cache finds will be geocaches that were published before November 29,2020 and may not be combined with any other task or bonus except The Challenge.

Please post your log for points before Dec 26th, 2020 11:59 p.m.




QUICK PICK – Chose only 2 of the 3. Post only one note claiming points for your bonus, please.  See below how to submit your note for points.


1.Add SWAG to your own cache or any other cache. All caches must be published before the games started. Post a photo of the cache before and after SWAG was added with your log submission

 (2 points +/-, or zero points.)


2.Favorite Milestone Cache. Tell a story about your favorite milestone cache, even[JB1]  if it is your first one!  If playing on a team, ALL players on the team must share a story. The team captain can include the stories in the log claiming points. Share a photo naming the milestone, if you have one.  Otherwise post any caching photo and your story to 2020-2021 Texas Winter Caching Games Facebook Page. (8 points +/-, or zero points.) 


3.Make a donation to the Food Bank (2 points +/-, or zero points.)

Post a photo of donation and where the donation was made.  Share a photo to 2020-2021 Texas Winter Caching Games Facebook Page




Your Log claiming Points for the Bi-weekly bonus must be organized like the following: (Make only one log for both choices, please. And of course any 2 of the 3 choices)


Player/Team (name) claims +10 points for the following 2 choices for this bonus

1.Added swag to GCXXXXX.  Photo with this log for 2+ points

2.Favorite milestone for 100 finds for Player (name). Story at the end of this log for 8+ points


Milestone story example

100 milestone Player (name)

Decided to get back into caching in 2020 after joining in 2010. Hit this milestone while fighting an alligator off my dog at GZ. It was fun and we all survived… even the alligator…see photo on the 2020-2021 Texas Winter Caching Games Facebook Page


Please post your log for points before Jan 9th, 2021 11:59 p.m.





Find them & Hide-em


A 2 Part bonus


Part 1:

Find and log 4 geocaches that have the first number after GCXXXXX be consecutive numbers or consecutive letters. No need to find either choice in consecutive order.


Examples of GC codes would be like this


Gc2????                         or                               GCD????

Gc3????                                                            GCE????

Gc4????                                                            GCF???? 

Gc5????                                                            GCG????


OR  be hidden in 4 Consecutive Years


Example would be 4 different caches hidden in consecutive years of:






To be clear the caches that you find do not have to match up to the examples given.  They can be any set of 4 as long as they are consecutive.


Points +/- or zero 5 points


PART 2 of this biweekly bonus


Create any cache type that highlights a benchmark.

Usually we do a find a benchmark bonus. However this year the bonus will be to create a cache that highlights a benchmark in Texas. There are 2 requirements for this particular cache and one additional optional part to the bonus.


1. The name of the cache should have the word Benchmark in it 


2. The cache description should hold some information about what a benchmark is and how to find it on the geocache page.  The description should also mention the benchmark with its corresponding Code.


3. Optional: In the description of the cache should be a  “how to log a benchmark” instructions (for brand new cachers).  There will be 1 additional point awarded for doing this option.


Key Points to know.

This Benchmark can be one that you have already found.

If there is information on the Benchmark Page that give better coordinates for finding the benchmark please do that.

It would be great but it isn’t requited that you log a not on the benchmark page that you have created a geocache that promotes this benchmark specifically.


  Points +/- or zero 5 points for completing Step 1 and 2, and 1 additional point +/- for fulfilling the optional part of this bonus


Here are a couple of links to read about benchmarks if you want to learn more.


If you are completely unfamiliar with Benchmarks we can help with this. Just message us and we can get you on your way.


Please post your log for points before Jan 23th, 2021 11:59 p.m.







Monthly bonus’ will be 1st to the last day of the month or as otherwise noted at the beginning of the games and the last day of play.



1st MONTH BONUS NOV 29 (Sunday) TO DEC 31 (Thursday)

RAK- Random Acts of Kindness.





This bonus must be claimed prior to 11:59pm on December 31st.


2nd MONTH BONUS JAN 1 (Fridday) TO JAN 31 (Sunday)

2nd MONTH BONUS JAN 1 (Friday) TO JAN 31 (Sunday)
Favorite Points
Find caches that have favorite points. Find a maximum of 5 caches with a minimum of 50 favorite points.  You will need to list each GC that was used to obtain this bonus and the number of favorite points on each GC.  And the caches must have been published before the start of the Games on 29 Nov 2020.
Points for this are (+/- or zero) 7 pts.

Thank our Heroes in a special way. There have been so many heroes this year in so many ways. Choose EMT, Police, Sheriff, Fire Department, Military, Doctor or Nurse and honor them in a special way. Post your tribute to the 2020-2021 Texas Winter Caching Games Facebook Page.
Points are (+/- or zero) 13 pts.

Next month bonus is about your grid.loop.fizzy. To earn part of the points for next month’s bonus you will need to share a screenshot of your grid to the log for this month’s bonus. Team Players include all Players’ current grid screenshot.  Deadline to post this screenshot is January 31, 2021 @ 11:59 pm.

3rd MONTH BONUS FEB 1 (Monday) to FEB 20 (Saturday)




• Quite strategic with some calculated risk thrown in.

• This Challenge may only be claimed once per participating geocaching login (single player, or multi-player team), and no substitutions/replacements will be allowed once claimed.

• This Challenge is exempt from Rule 9: your Challenge cache can be claimed for another Task.

• Overview:

• Log a physical cache, and receive Challenge Bonus points based on specific air temperature ranges in degrees Fahrenheit (Challenge Bonus point values can be your choice of positive or negative):

• 41 F to 50 F: 2 points

• 31 F to 40 F: 3 points

• 21F to 30 F: 5 points

• 20 F or colder: 8 points

• This is the WINTER Caching Games after all! So biggest bonuses go to the heartiest of cachers (or the craziest!!).

ADDED TWIST FOR 2020-2021[JB10] 



• Please note that the temperature ranges above are referencing Air Temperature, not Wind Chill nor

• Your Challenge Note must include both:

• A screenshot of the temperature (weather app, website, thermometer, etc)

• A photo of you at the cache (try to at least pretend to look happy with us!)


• This Challenge must be claimed within 48 hours of logging the find. No going out at 30F on December 12th, and waiting until February 20th to claim – that is the calculated risk portion of the Challenge!

• As with all Tasks and Bonuses, this Challenge can only be claimed once.



Additional Hints (Decrypt)

Ny Orpxra Cnivyyvba ZpNyyvfgre Cnex

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)

Reviewer notes

Use this space to describe your geocache location, container, and how it's hidden to your reviewer. If you've made changes, tell the reviewer what changes you made. The more they know, the easier it is for them to publish your geocache. This note will not be visible to the public when your geocache is published.