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The Magnificent Journey.

A cache by Weary Banker & Bookworm Send Message to Owner Message this owner
Hidden : 12/27/2005
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Geocache Description:

A multi-cache to take you on a magical journey and introduce you to some wonderful people. Take your time and enjoy each location to the full.

For 2007 The National Trust have decided that they will now charge a car park fee for this beauty spot. You should be able to find any of the caches on Stonebarrow within the hour.

Your journey starts at the coordinates above where you will find the first in a series of micros which will lead to a regular cache pot. In good Geocache multicache tradition each micro will contain the coordinates of the next but, unusually, they will also contain, the unencrypted hint. Please ensure that all details are copied carefully.

If you do not feel able to physically visit a micro yourself, it is in order for you to enlist the help of another geocacher to do it for you. It will be up to you to use your charm to persuade them to assist. Please also refer them to this cache page.

No cacher may assist more than one searcher. Please note that this rule is waived for the island location which you will visit

The Magnificent Journey is open to anyone in the world, however if someone has already found coordinates en route and wishes to undertake the journey themselves, they must start again by arranging a visit to the first micro and then following the path.

Any cacher who assists you should be included in your final log entry and may log the final cache themselves, as your partner, when you have completed it. There is however nothing to stop them taking part themselves, starting at the coordinates above.


All contacts MUST be made in accordance with the following rules.

1) You may only contact one person, per location, per week unless that person replies to you that they are unable/unwilling to assist. In these circumstances you may choose a replacement.

2) When you try to enlist help from another geocacher, you MUST register them with us through the address in our profile -at the time you first try to contact them. Your message should have "Magnificent Journey" in the heading and should be in the format "your name" emailed "their name" in "their location" on "date"
For example :- Weary Banker emailed Brummyboy in Birmingham on 29th Dec 05.

In taking part in 'The Magnificent Journey' you are agreeing to abide by these few simple rules which are in place to stop anyone blanketing an area with requests for help and other ploys that spoil the spirit of this hunt.

If you have any problems or questions about this hunt, please feel free to contact us via our profile.

Good Luck, Enjoy, Make New Friends and feel free to log your progress/experiences using the 'write note' option.

It has been suggested that it may be helpful if there was a list of cachers who had already been contacted and had helped (or had declined) so as to save them further emails. I shall update the list from time to time but it might also be worth checking recent logs too.
The list in rough alphabetic order is given below.( Capital letters may vary)

3LG, A1D2, ABC Gartner, Abigails, Achaos, Adamathomeca, Adelaide, Adilawson, ADK4WINZ,Alansee, Alex, AlexLe2010, Andredj, AndyT1, annevoi, Annuki Queen, Antihero, Arvense, aspro, atakon, aussi M&M, Avotorhiker,

backtoCali2011, Badminator, Badwaterboy, Barefootbohemian,Barklem Family, Barramundis, Battlerat and Pussycat, BearandFox, Bear Territory, Beaver Pelt, BeccaBunny UK, Bek the Raccoon, BentmaSpade, Bergflex2000, Berrow cachers, Bever2x2er, Bidone, bigears74, bid eddie, Biggles Bear, Bingoboy , Black Pig, BoazRuthFields, Bob from Elsewhere, Bobo Frett, Boggins Dad, Bomber2130.bootsie&the bear, boxerbailey, Brad and Janet, Brandisour, Branston, Brischniz, Browndog09, Brunowin, , BuckyD, Bud50sumtin, Bushbabies, Bush Barkers

Cacheman&Geogirl, CacheDispenser, Cache or Check, cachetheplanet, Cachez, caching corgis, Calumphing four, Camotigers, Canuck Thistles,Capeccr, Captain Herb, CarbonHunter, Carey Jason, Casket head, Catoz, CC&C+Co, Capeccr, CapeDoc, Carri757, Charlies Angels, Cheeksters77, chii-sun, Chilli Monsters, Chris&Maria,Chrisnic, ChrispinProctor,Chupacabra, Cism, Clau Tom, clhmu, Coagulating, Coastpop, CollapsibleTank, Com ski Geek, Cookroach, CoolisGPS, Cornflakes, Coralteach, CoschiHell, Cownchicken, Cragrat50, crashco, CreekhavenClan, Cribdonor, Crossbow109, Crowbait, Crystal Fairy, Currykev, Cvfamily4, CWGray

Daba1111, Dabtec, Daemonic,da-ewoks, Dark City, Darryl-B, Dawn-Treader, DDD Team, Deadowl, Decodpler, deacon & wife, DeltaC, Der Wald-Pirat, Devon Maiden, Dexthersj41, DeweyDoubleD, dieklurrtz, DieRooiGevaar, Dimaseja, Disk, Discombob, Divanli4, DjayD, DJandCal, DJayD, Doctor Owl, Domihero, dougandjennifer, dragonflys, DragonWest, Dude250, durango0072, D1k74,

el Jim, eagleise, eddiestalker, e.gregory, E-Lew, ElredL, emerald98, engelsdorfer, Ephyfer, EricB54, esquimaux, EsromL, Everlasting, Evolutionaries,

Fabi89,Fairestcape, Faamily Behrans, FantasticCat, Fay R+R, Featherwaite, FelixDilbert, felsman, fgitano, fefe_alabama,FifiBonacci, Finkeel, Finn'nPepe now Finn, Firesafe, fishing fanatic, Flamingo1953, Flashjam, flask, Flimby, Flipper and Co, FluffyBunnies, ForsdykeFinders, Fraximus, freakyfrog, Freddo, Froeb, Froghoppin, Frozboz, Fudgeman, Fugglestone,

Gastropod girl,geekyninja, Geocrickets, Geohaze, GeoJAMR, Geokasher, Geolobo, Geomike72, Geotrailer1, Gerstenzwerge,, GeordieStar, Gingerferret, GJosephides, gnbrotz, Gobstar, Goparkgo, Golfer01, Goodlife, goofster, Graamdela Hyeres, gr8cherokee,G_R7, GrizzlyBear, Groovyduck, GreenWellieBrigade,

HackiB, Happy~Campers, Hedgepiglets, HelicopterRepairman, Henzz, Hirtle, Honeysucker,HooToos, Hornsh, Hotrod62, Hotshoe, Hurricane Geeks,

Icarus, impalas, Insp-Gadget, Invictus Maneo, ,

J_&_J, J3Caching , JBrandiceJ, Jacknor, Jack-Sparrow, Jacord, JanKeith57, Jassberjack, JDSeeker, Jeremiah Bullfrog, Jessex, Jetty Betty, JewdropsG60, Jimthebee, Jippo9, JJ52, JKman70, JN VII+, John+Carol, John-Gill, jpp, Jpto409, Jule06, Julisan, Justine Time, j4pos,

Kafra-03, kardy, kbootb,, Kemborg, Kenmurph, kennab4c, Keorats, Kgriffiths KJWX, Kollege-EricKoolrat, Konigal, Korallenfan, Kris and Kids, Kronung, k-romers, Ky Devas.

Ladyloene, LaighsideLegends, Larks, Lathama, , lambchop-miniskip, Lancer1721, leelelee, lefisher, LE_SiD , Lesleyanne, Les4Frogs, LFouch, Lilli08, Limey&Canuck, Lindolf, lipsious, Lissgray, LittlebruverDave, Little Clan, Littlestep, LittlrJ, Lobstergirl, Loris, LSN, Lupine4, luzian,

Magic21, McAbflug, McDettack, Mad Dog Bond, maestrosap, MaisieandDaisy, MajorC and MinorC, Malpass Wanderers, manohoonie, MapleRidge, MarwenGreen, Master Mariner, Mattycat, Mazza&Tina, mcreaser, Melmur, metro nomad, MGP Pirates, MickeyNose, Midnight Rambler, Mike333, Mike&Mary, MiLo, mimring, M-I-N-A, minecraft GC, Missie7293, Miss Toggywinkle,mkjtg, MnCo, Monkhams Rose, Monkeynuts16, Monotreme, Motobiker, Mr_Warhead, Mousey1, Mountain Top, Mulix,

NBWG , neanto, newsboy5331, Nick+Ali, Nickanddonna, Nige61, Nilos, Nomad_Penguin,NomAndJeep,

Oelsardine, OldPennys, oldsailor, , Offroadmick, Onslow Fisherman, Orchards Finest, Orourked, Otterclan3, Ouveze,

paddawan, Pan314159, pap, papagee, Par3, Peasandcarrots, Peegeenine, Pengvin, PetdocVT, phunkynipple, Philbo Baggins, pickledsweater, PieterM, pinkie19487, Platonas Two, Porrima, Portizer, posspet boys, Princess of the Pirates, Private Bones, p seacraft, Punchappy, Purewarrior69, PusseyfootinPablo, QB, Qman57, QSeekers,Quiddle,

Racnla, RAKVT, Rambling Redheads, RaptorFalcon, Rastan, Repsov, Reynfamily, Richardclan, Risen, Rishes10, Road runner 31 RoanQ, Robandsamhanson, Robin & Family, Robtheduck, Rod81w, Rodheal, RolandC, Roostersting, Roscopackman, Rufus 75, Rutsens Ramblers, Rystal,

Saintsi, SaltyCA, Samtonykids, Saxony, SA-Parrothead, Sawasawa, Schnurpenturp, Schwedentrailer, schmunzelhasse, scorers, Scotiajim, Selachoideus, Sir Spectre, Skate & Jane, Skippy&, setsujoku, Shantz_UK_&_Cleverclogs, Siloans, Sinclaire of Rosslyn, Skatie@1, Skippy, skuuzy, slain, Snarfmon23, SneakySqueaky, SnowBirds VT, snowbuddie, SoaNoatun, Soquel1930, Spidermonkey9, Spiritfury,Stealth Ninja Penguin, Stonedagain, SpecialK, SSSSS, Stanleys, Steph_Mike_N_Geopug, Stenanoodle, stki 40-50, Stonecold, Stones2005, Strauchdieb, Streusemonster, Stuey, Suchjule, sunrise+Snuffler, SushiLord, Sussexace09, Sweetpea1943, Sy-Chispa,

TangoFox, Tango2Fox, Tango2Go, Team Astro, TeamAwesome2012, Team Barnes UK, Team Bikefast, Team Ermalesh, TeamCobraUK, Team engage, TeamHat, Team Hirtle, teamNeil, Team Vella, Team Pooky, Team Tkd, Team Waldron, TeamZombie, teckrats, Terunkie, The Batgirls, The Barklem Family, The CaythorpeCrew, The Chardstock Charlies, The DeWets, the Dr Gene,, The Freelanders, The Hamian Explorers, The Huskies, The Kinkys, The LearnedGerbil, theorangeheadedFourInchScrew, The pooks, The Prince, The Red Fox Raiders, The Tennants, The Wackys, Third degree witch, Tiger Muffin, Tigger-too, Timotheos timitheos, TKDScouter, tobesought, Tom-n-cat, Tomtaucher, totorama,Touchstone, Tomtwogates, TopGun117, Tramountanas, Trigg-a-nomics TwistedSister, Tyke.

uncabee, UncleHagrid, Urban cache cows,

Van Persie , Vasilis cy, Vaterundsohnc, vcgirl, Veganfiddler, Vege, Vespaxespa, vfr girl, vt firefox, VT_EMT, VTgeopirates, Villagegoers, vintner &gert,

Wadders, Walking backwards, Wander4Fun, Wheel 15, , Webgeos, Whiterabbit,white-star, Wifi902, Williewandering, Winterdragon, Wize Old Dragon, Woodbury Walker, Windrush, Woodworm, Wuuhooo,

XantiheroX, Xenopyre, YLaraY, Yo_Hg , Yoopers, ZALandyman & SuzieQ, Zambesiboy. Zebragirl,zippysdedodah ,Zytheran

2 Crikkers, 2 Frenchgirls, 2Gypsies with no moss, 2Jabs, 2QuarterPints, 3Bears, 4Ceasons, 4Frenchfries, 4moresearchers, 4ullis, 5B4AFQManos 7TNT

Well Done to the following Teams who have completed the Magnificent Journey:-
Stuey (England)(Holds record for fastest Journey)
The Blazing Otters (England)
Neoncacher (America)( First Non-English Journeyer)
Brandi Sour (Cyprus)( First Non-UK to visit CacheSite) ,
SpecialK (Germany)
Master Mariner (England)
John+Carol (England)
Captain Gore-tex (England)
Herts_Skip (England)
Wheelybarrow (England)
Valliant Knight (England)
Mundy Family (Jersey)
Rick618 (North Alabama USA)
Pieman (England)(Holds record for most miles travelled)
Team Sting (Vermont USA)
Finn'n'Pepe now Finn ( Nova Scotia Canada)
Magnificent XI (England).
Shane4 ( Australia )
Williewandering ( England)
Chaotic Evil Poles (England),
theKennelat79 (England)
Malpass Wanderers (England)
ValoHildesia (Germany)
ShortyPants and peanuts (England)
Hirtle ( Canada)
muddypuddles (England)
Onslow Fisherman (New Zealand & US)
Happy~Campers (England)
Bobo Frett (England)
Heart Radio (England) {Holder of new speed record}
Guwappo (New Zealand)
bigears74 (England)
CoralFisherman ( US and NZ) Team Roscoe
Pirates of the Kernowbean
Team Vernantium
stetimm (Holland)
Mountaintop (Quebec Canada)
Volatile ( Quebec Canada)
FonsB (Germany)
Shaw things
Team Globetrotters (ThatGreekGuy)
Schneebrosel and Diesel ( Germany)
Team Elcano ( Les Pandas ) (France)
Team Ky Devas
Little Steps and Giant Leaps
Team Branston
Little Steps and Giant Leaps
The Phileas Fogg Team (Lulybelle)
Wish you were here (Bentma Spade)
Sine Nomine (Stoke Bunnies)

Additional Hints (Decrypt)

Sbe guvf svefg zvpeb gur uvag vf; Ng gur onfr bs gur evtug bar bs gjb, irel pybfr gb gur oynpxoreevrf.

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)