Geomate.jr: The Family-Friendly Geocaching Device

Geomate.JrA quick and easy way to get in on the geocaching fun - just switch it on and navigate to the closest geocache. With approximately 250,000 pre-loaded geocache locations in all 50 U.S. states, the Geomate.jr provides access to nearby caches. No downloads, Internet connection, or typing in coordinates necessary.

Check out the Geomate.jr in this video:

Device Features

The Geomate.jr can do more than just provide easy navigation to a geocache.

  • Switch from the 1st to 2nd to 3rd closest geocache with one button.
  • View geocache size as well as cache difficulty and terrain ratings.
  • Mark a geocache as found and review your list of finds.
  • Find GPS information including heading and distance to cache.

Product Screenshots

Geomate.jr Screen Shot
Navigation screen with compass indicating distance to geocache, size of geocache on 1 - 4 scale and geocache terrain and difficulty ratings.

Geomate.jr Screen Shot
GPS page showing your latitude, longitude and GPS status.

Geomate.jr Screen Shot
Set your home location and let the Geomate.jr help you navigate back home.

Geomate.jr Screen Shot
At the end of the day, scroll through your "found" list and note your finds. Don't forget to share your experiences on!

The 2 AAA batteries give the Geomate.jr over 12 hrs of life. The Geomate.jr is equipped with the SiRFstarIII GPS technology.

Note: This product is not intended as a primary navigation device.

Geomate.jr Update Kit

The Geomate.jr Update Kit is now available! The Kit provides access to updated U.S. geocache data, as well as to geocaches in Canada, Europe and Australasia.

Features Include:

  • Access every traditional geocache location up to a difficulty 4 in the U.S. (Premium Member geocaches excluded).
  • Load complete lists of geocache locations for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe.
  • Update as many times as you like with no additional service fees.
  • Set user preferences for your Geomate.jr or even give it a nickname.

The Geomate.jr Update Kit only supports PC at this time. Mac support is coming soon!

Ready To Get Started?

Visit Shop Geocaching to purchase a Geomate.jr or an Upgrade Kit.

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