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Geocaching Corporate Group Events has partnered with Geoteaming to be an OFFICIAL corporate event and team-building company for

If you are looking to bring the excitement of Geocaching to your next corporate event, then turn to Geoteaming to create an unforgettable experience for your team. Geoteaming is the industry leader in creating Geocaching based group events. Since 2001, the experts at Geoteaming have run over 500 geocaching based team-building, group activity and product launch events.

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Why choose Geoteaming for your next group event?

NEW & DIFFERENT – This is an exciting new activity that everyone will enjoy

In a world where the word "team-building" is usually met with a sigh or yawn, don’t you want your group to get excited and energized about your event? Geoteaming will be a big hit with your group.

LARGE GROUPS - We can handle any sized group

From 50 to 5,000, Geoteaming can handle any size of group you are working with.

ANYWHERE - Geoteaming comes to you

We are a completely mobile operation that comes your location. Geoteaming has created courses in over 100 US cities and 6 international countries.

EASY - We make your job easy

Once you hire us to run your event, we handle all of the event details leaving you with no additional work.

CUSTOM – Our event is designed with your group in mind

Geoteaming events are custom designed to meet your group’s unique goals and objectives.

How do I get more information on Geoteaming?

Click here to request more information from a Geoteaming representative.