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Adjust your account settings and learn about site functionality.

1. Account settings

1.1. Access account settings

Next to your username in the top right corner, select the down arrow to select Settings.

Link to account settings

In your account settings you can edit your

1.2. Validate account

When you set up an account with, you will receive a validation email. Select the link provided in that email to validate your account.

If you do not receive a validation email:

  1. Check your spam folder for the validation email.
  2. Request a new validation code. Once you receive the code, we recommend you copy and paste rather than type it by hand.
  3. Email us with your username and email, and we will validate your account.

1.3. Edit username

  1. Next to your username in the top right corner, select the down arrow to select Settings.
  2. Select Profile Information.
  3. Edit the name under Username.
  4. Usernames must be between 2 and 20 characters.

As of June 2016, supports the following characters for usernames, all other characters, including spaces, are invalid:

Usernames must comply with the Terms of Use. Occasionally a username is unsuitable for a variety of reasons. Should this happen, we will ask you to choose a new username. We also reserve the right to change usernames ourselves when necessary.

1.4. Change password

  1. Next to your username in the top right corner, select the down arrow to select Settings.
  2. Select Change Password.
  3. Enter the current password.
  4. Enter the new password, then enter it again to confirm.
  5. Select Save Changes.

If you forgot your password or username, follow these instructions.

1.5. Recover password or username

Recover your password

  1. Log out and visit the Recover your Username or Password page.
  2. Enter your username and select Continue.
  3. Check your email inbox and spam folder for the password reset email.

If you do not receive a password reset email or do not have access to the account’s original email, contact us and we'll try to verify you as the account holder to grant access. Please provide your username and the original email address.

Tip: If you set up your account through Facebook, recover your password with the above method. An email will be sent to the address associated with your Facebook account that will include a link to create a new password.

Recover your username

  1. Log out and visit the Recover your Username or Password page.
  2. Enter your email address and select Continue.
  3. Check your email inbox and spam folder for the email that shows your username.

1.6. Edit home location

  1. Next to your username in the top right corner, select the down arrow to select Settings.
  2. Select Home Location.
  3. Choose one of three options to set your home coordinates:
    • Enter your street address.
    • Enter your home coordinates.
    • Drag the pin to a particular spot on the map.

Tip: For best results choose the coordinates of your home, or a location that is within 2 or 3 miles (3 or 4 km).

How home coordinates improve site functionality

Home coordinates are private

Your home coordinates are private; other players and reviewers cannot see them. However, reviewers can see the distance from your home coordinates to your caches. This allows reviewers to ensure cache owners are within reasonable distance to their caches to maintain them.

Setting your home coordinates is not required for geocaching. You can choose to set them at any time.

1.7. Authorization for GSAK or other geocaching tools

When you use partner applications like GSAK or Project-GC, you may be asked to give authorization or “authenticate” your account.

Screenshot: Allow Access

If you accidentally deny authorization for GSAK, please follow these steps:

  1. Launch GSAK and select access > Get another access token.
  2. Log in with your geocaching account.

1.8. Find member ID

  1. Next to your username in the top right corner, select the down arrow to select Settings.
  2. Select Membership.
  3. Your membership ID is listed near the top.

1.9. Language preferences

Thanks to community volunteer translators, most of and the Geocaching® app is available in 22 languages. If the language is not translated into your language it will default to English. The Geocaching® app defaults to the language settings of your phone.

Available languages



Norsk Bokmål

Set your language preference

On you can change your language preference in two places.

In the footer

  1. In the lower left corner of the site, select Choose language.
  2. Select the language of your choice

In your account settings

  1. Next to your username in the top right corner, select the down arrow to select Settings.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Under “Language”, select the language of your choice.

Tip: Main pages of are translated, however cache listings are not required to be translated. Online translators are helpful in these situations.

1.10. Edit time zone, distance units, and date format

Account preferences such as time zone, distance units, and date format can all be edited to suit your geocaching experience.

Account Settings

  1. Next to your username in the top right corner, select the down arrow to select Settings.
  2. Select Preferences.
    • Under Time Zone, select your preferred time zone.
    • Under Distance Units, select Imperial or Metric.
    • Under Date Format, select your preferred date format.
  3. Select Save Changes.

1.11. Can't stay logged in

If you cannot stay logged in on, try these options:

1.12. Disable account

Each member ID on is a historical record in our system and cannot be deleted. Therefore, your account can only be disabled, not be deleted.

Before you disable your account

Disable your account

  1. Next to your username in the top right corner, select the down arrow to select Settings.
  2. Select Membership.
  3. Scroll down and select Disable Your Account.
  4. The prompt will ask, “Are you sure you want to disable your account?”. Select Disable.

1.13. Merge accounts

There is no way to merge accounts on, but there are a few workarounds.

Create a new team account

  1. Create a new account.
  2. Re-log past finds on the new account.
  3. Transfer geocaches and trackables to the new account.

Tip: Mention in your logs that you are logging an old find with a new username. The cache owner will appreciate this information.

Make your existing account a team account

  1. Edit your username to your team name. This account keeps all historical data.
  2. Disable the unused account.

2. Email preferences and Message Center

2.1. Add or change email address

  1. Next to your username in the top right corner, select the down arrow to select Settings.
  2. Select Email Preferences.
  3. Add a new email in the blank field and select Save.
  4. Select Verify this address to validate your email.

Tip: Set an email as Primary to receive notifications at that address.

2.2. Subscribe to email newsletter

The Geocaching Weekly Newsletter contains recent news from Geocaching HQ and the worldwide geocaching community.

To make sure you’re in the loop on what’s new, subscribe to the newsletter:

  1. Next to your username in the top right corner, select the down arrow to select Settings.
  2. Select Email Preferences.
  3. Under “Updates” select Weekly Newsletter.

Tip: Set your home coordinates to receive customized content from your area.

2.3. Not receiving emails from

If you are not receiving emails from, please check the following:



2.4. Message Center

This article is about functionality of For functionality on the Geocaching® app, go here.

Geocaching’s Message Center allows you to contact other players and send answers for EarthCaches and Virtual Caches.

Updates about “Found It” logs and Instant Notifications will still be sent to you via email.

Send a message

Message Center in top right corner

  1. Select Messages in the top right corner.
  2. Enter the username into the “To:” search field.
  3. Compose your message.
  4. Optional: Attach a jpg, png, or gif files.
  5. Select Send.

Tip: Turn notifications for messages on or off in your email preferences. If notifications are turned off, a yellow dot on the envelope icon indicates unread messages.

Hide a conversation

  1. Select the conversation you want to hide.
  2. Select the red x Delete button to hide this conversation.

Hidden conversations will show up again if you write or receive new messages from that player. We do not currently have the option to delete a conversation.

Block another player

  1. Select a conversation or enter the username into the “To:” search field.
  2. Select Block on the right hand side.
  3. Follow the prompts to block the player.

Blocked players cannot see they have been blocked. It is not possible to block a Lackey or Community Volunteer account. Other privacy policies remain the same.

Unblock another player

  1. Enter the player’s username in the “To:” search field
  2. Follow the prompts.

You’ll receive all messages sent while they were blocked.

3. Profile and Dashboard

3.1. Access profile


To see your personal Dashboard select your username in the top right corner on

You can access features from your Dashboard and see recent logs from yourself and your friends. Find out more.

Public profile

From your Dashboard, select View profile on the left hand side to see your public profile.

You can edit your public profile to

3.2. Update profile images

Update your profile photo

  1. In your account settings, select Choose File.
  2. Select an image from your computer.
  3. Select Save Changes.

Your profile photo displays universally across

Add images to you public profile

To add images to the About tab of your public profile, use images that are already stored online. If you want to use images from your computer, you can upload them to an unpublished cache listing to store them online.

Follow these steps to add images to your public profile.

  1. In your account settings, go to the Bio text box.
  2. Use the HTML tag <img> to add an image.
    <img src="paste your URL here"/>
  3. Select Save Changes.

3.3. Image gallery

You can view all the photos that you attached to geocache or trackable logs in your gallery.

Edit image details

  1. Access the Gallery tab on your public profile.
  2. Select the image you would like to edit.
  3. Select View Log.
  4. Select Edit Image above the image.
  5. Select Edit Image Details.
  6. Edit the Name, Date Taken, or Notes.
  7. Select Edit Details to save.

Tip: To delete an image, select Trash Can Delete Image on the “Edit Image” page.

3.4. Geocaching statistics

Geocaching statistics are a Premium feature. As a default, other Premium members can see your statistics on your Public Profile. To make your statistics private, go to your statistics and unselect the checkbox Show my statistics on my public profile.

Edit Your Geocaching Statistics

To customize your statistics, select Show more and unselect the statistics you want to hide.

Show more Geocaching Statistics settings

Lab Caches in statistics

Lab Caches are included in these statistics:

Lab Caches are not included in the following statistics, because Lab Caches do not include the appropriate attributes to be integrated into these statistics:

Lab Caches are not included in Pocket Queries and will not result in any Souvenirs being awarded.

FTF (First to find) does not have a built-in feature to show FTFs. Use statistic generating websites like GSAK to display your FTFs.

3.5. Status types on profile pages

Signal's profile


Basic membership for

Premium Member

Premium membership for

Charter Member

Continuous Premium membership since the first months they were offered. 
A Charter membership was a subscription level offered to financial contributors to in the first year that memberships were offered. A Charter Membership has the same features as a Premium Membership.


Community volunteer who reviews and publishes cache pages.

3.6. Stat bar customization

The stat bar graphic includes:

  • Your geocaching username
  • Your hide count
  • Your find count
  • A short quote

Insert your stat bar on another website

Copy the HTML of your stat bar and insert it in another website’s HTML.

Customize a stat bar for use on other websites:

  1. Go to your stat bar page.
  2. Choose the geocaching logo or Signal the Frog as your image.
  3. Add a short quote (optional).
  4. Select Generate Stat Bar and review your changes.
  5. Copy the displayed HTML and paste it in another website.

If you just need the URL of your stat bar, copy the relevant part from the HTML (see the red section below).

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="'s+go+geocaching&uid=457aa896-3133-409e-84fa-169764730e22&bg=1" alt="Profile for Signal the Frog"></a>


Select another logo for my stat bar

On your stat bar page you can only choose from two logos.

However, a geocaching community member has created the free Statbar Modifier where you can submit and use family-friendly logos for your stat bar. Please refer to RangerFox's Statbar Modifier site for more information.

4. Geocaching friends

4.1. Find another geocacher's profile

Find another player

  1. On your Dashboard, select Find another player from the left hand side.
  2. Enter a username or a the first characters of a username.
  3. Select Go.
  4. Pick the username you want to find.
  5. Select Pick a User.

Tip: Find out how to add another player as a friend.

Find the owner of a cache

  1. On the cache page, select the username next to A cache by _____, underneath the cache name.

4.2. Add a geocacher to Friends List

  1. From the left hand side of your your dashboard, select View friends.
  2. Under Add a friend, enter your friend's username.
  3. Select Send Invitation.
  4. Enter a message for your friend.
  5. Select Request Friendship.

Once your friend has accepted your friend request, they will be added to your friend list.

See all pending friend requests under Pending Friend Request.

4.3. Accept or block friend requests

There are two options to respond to a friend request:

If you no longer want to receive friend requests from other players:

  1. In your account settings, check Block friend requests from other geocachers.
  2. Select Save Changes.