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Premium membership

Tips for using the additional website features and functionality available to Premium members.

1. Premium member benefits

1.1. Benefits of Geocaching Premium

The support of the Premium community is a big part of what keeps this game going. Premium members gain unlimited access to all of and the Geocaching® app’s best features. It’s our way of saying thanks for making geocaching possible!

What Premium supports

In 2000, started as a hobby site with 75 geocaches. Today, it’s home to over 3 million geocaches placed worldwide. These caches are collectively logged 100 million times each year. That’s 100 million moments of discovery, exploration, and adventure to be enjoyed and shared by family and friends all over the world.

Here are just a few of the efforts Premium membership makes possible:

Geocaching HQ remains a strong, independent organization. This company is committed to building the best tools and services for geocachers to create, share, and play this game.

Premium: Geocaching tools made easy

These exclusive features leave the challenge where it belongs: in finding a geocache.

Learn more about Premium member features.

1.2. Full access on the Geocaching® app

The official app for geocaching is even better with Premium membership.

In the app, players of all membership levels can attend events, find easy geocaches, log trackables, and message other players. Premium members gain access to the app’s best features:

Download the app for iPhone or Android. Have questions about using the app? Visit the App Help Center.

1.3. Exclusive sneak peeks for Premium members

The Premium community helps make geocaching possible. To say thanks, we like to give these members a first look at:

Past highlights: encoded instructions for new souvenirs, a first look at new trackables, and beta access to My Lists.

Interested? Go Premium.

2. Buy a Premium membership

2.1. Buy a Premium membership

You can buy or renew a Premium membership from your membership details page.

  1. Select your country on the right.
  2. Select the 1-year auto-renewal or 3-month auto-renewal option.
  3. Choose your payment option.
  4. Select Review Order.
  5. Review your order and select Place Order.

You will receive a confirmation email that your premium membership has been created or renewed. You can also buy a membership through our international retailers.

To update your membership details and billing method, visit your membership details.

2.2. Buy a Premium membership from vendors outside the United States

Some international users are not able to pay via our PayPal or credit card payment options to purchase Premium memberships through If this is the case, try shopping through one of our international distributors.



Czech Republic




The Netherlands

European Union

We are always looking to add additional resellers to better serve our customers. If you would like information on becoming a distributor of Geocaching Premium memberships, please contact:

2.3. Gift membership

Upgrade another player

Select GIFT MEMBERSHIP from a geocacher’s public profile to upgrade their account or follow these steps.

  1. Fill out the gift membership page form.
  2. Select Continue.
  3. Enter your payment information.
  4. Select Review Order.
  5. Select Place Order.

Tip: If you upgraded the wrong person, email us:

Purchase a Geocaching Premium Gift Card

Visit Shop Geocaching or one of our international distributors to purchase a Geocaching Premium gift card.

2.4. Redeem a gift membership

Congratulations on receiving a Geocaching Premium membership gift card!

Add a gift card to your account

  1. On, select Upgrade in the upper-right corner.
  2. Enter the Gift Membership Number "XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX" into the Enter Gift or Promo Code field.
  3. Select Apply.
  4. Select Review Order.

Add a gift card to your recurring Premium membership account

You must stop your recurring membership before you apply a gift card. The expiration date will extend for an additional year.

  1. In your Account Settings, select Membership.
  2. Select Edit Membership.
  3. Select Stop Recurring Membership to cancel the auto-renew feature of your membership.
  4. Select Renew Membership.
  5. Enter the Gift Membership Number "XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX" into the Enter Gift or Promo Code field.
  6. Select Apply.
  7. Select Review Order.

If you wish to stay a Premium member after the new expiration date, you must buy a new Premium membership.

Free trial Premium membership card

  1. Go to
  2. Enter code under "ENTER GIFT OR PROMO CODE" field to redeem.

30-day free membership with GPS device

Some manufacturers include a 30-day free trial Premium membership with their devices.

If you are a Premium member and apply a 30-day free Premium membership from a GPS purchase to your account, your Premium membership will extend an additional 30 days.


Unfortunately, we no longer support Garmin free 30-day Premium memberships due to performance and security concerns with the Garmin Communicator Plugin.

3. Changes to Premium membership

3.1. Edit payment information

  1. In your settings, select Membership.
  2. Select Edit membership.
  3. Select Update Payment Method to update your information.

Switch payment method from credit card to Paypal

  1. In your settings, select Membership.
  2. Select Stop Recurring Membership.
    This will not affect the expiration date of your current Premium membership.
  3. Follow these instructions to purchase a new membership on then choose Paypal as your payment option.

Incorrect payment information

If you’ve received a notification to update your billing information

  1. Go to your Membership page.
  2. Ensure your credit card information is correct – double-check your billing address and expiration date.

If your payment is unsuccessful, your membership status will revert to Basic. Contact your bank or credit card company for further information.

Note: For Premium memberships created through Apple App Store, Google Play or PayPal, contact them directly to edit your billing information.

3.2. Cancel your auto-renewing Premium membership

Membership purchased on

  1. In your settings, select Membership.
  2. Select Edit Membership.
  3. Select Stop Recurring Membership.

Membership purchased on Google Play or Apple iTunes/App Store

Uninstalling the Geocaching® app will not automatically stop your subscription. You have to cancel your subscription via the Apple iTunes/App Store or Google Play store. Canceling a subscription will not refund subscription payments.

Note: You are subject to the cancellation policy of the store through which you purchased the membership.
U.S. versions: Apple policy, Google policy. Terms may differ for different countries.

3.3. Change Premium membership from quarterly to annual

When you switch from a quarterly to an annually renewing Premium membership, you don’t lose any Premium membership time that you paid for. Your new membership will start on the day the previous membership expires.

  1. In your account settings, select Membership.
  2. Select Edit Membership.
  3. Select Stop Recurring Membership to cancel your current renewing Premium membership.
  4. Purchase an annual membership.

3.4. Geocaching® app: Change Premium membership from monthly to annual

When you switch from a monthly to an annually renewing Premium membership, your new membership starts the day your previous membership expires.

  1. Cancel your existing membership through iTunes or Google Play.
  2. Purchase an annual Premium membership through the app by selecting the annual membership option.

Tip: Uninstalling the app does not automatically stop your subscription. You must cancel your subscription through iTunes or Google Play to stop recurring payments.

3.5. Update/edit your Premium membership purchased with PayPal

Change your subscription from monthly to annual

  1. Cancel your current monthly subscription on Paypal.
    This will not affect the expiration date of your current Premium membership.
  2. Follow these instructions to purchase a 1-year auto-renewal membership on

Change your payment method from PayPal to credit card

  1. Cancel your current subscription on Paypal.
    This will not affect the expiration date of your current Premium membership.
  2. Follow these instructions to purchase a new membership on
  3. Choose credit card as your payment option.

Subscription canceled by PayPal

PayPal will cancel subscriptions if your credit or debit card information is out of date. This does not affect the expiration date of your current Premium membership on You will receive a notice by email when your Premium membership is due to expire.

If you wish to continue your Premium membership past the current expiration date, follow these instructions to purchase a new auto-renewal membership on You can do this any time between now and the expiration date of your current Premium membership.

3.6. Can't pay with PayPal


PayPal cannot recognize information if there are errors or unexpected characters in the text fields. Please pay particular attention to:

Verify your PayPal account

If your PayPal account is Unverified, there’s a limit on the total amount of money you can send from your account. Verify your PayPal account to raise the limits.

3.7. Still Basic after upgrade to Premium

After you upgrade your account to Premium, you might need to log out of your app and back in again to see the change in membership status.

If you are using a GPS, you need to upload a List or Pocket query to your device.

If you still experience the issue, email us a screenshot or copy of the receipt that you received via email.

3.8. Request a refund

Depending on where you purchased your membership, different refund policies apply. Review our cancellation and refund policy for details on how to apply for a refund and to make sure you meet the eligibility guidelines.

If you are a European Economic Area resident and purchased your Premium Membership on, you can change your mind and cancel your subscription by withdrawing within 14 days of purchase. To cancel you may use the form below and send it to us via one of the means provided here or you may email us via our Help form, selecting the "Payment questions" > "Cancel auto-renewal/ subscription" from the dropdown menu.