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Geocaching® app & GPS ~ Find a GeoTour
GeoTours are collections of geocaches that create self-guided, themed tours around historic sites, parks, cities, and mo
Find a cache ~ What is a GeoTour?
Plan your geocaching vacation with GeoTours GeoTours are collections of geocaches that create self-guided, themed t
Partner with us ~ GeoTours video introduction
Learn what a GeoTour can do for your area Get ready for more visitors! Find out about all active GeoTours around the w
Partner with us ~ Starting the GeoTour process
Are you a travel and tourism professional? You’ve come to the right place.  Geocaching is enjoyed by millions of people
Legal/land managers ~ Examples of agency/geocaching partnerships
Geocaching provides opportunities for land managers and police to engage with their communities and promote safe enjoyme
Geocaching® app & GPS ~ Geocaching® app: Premium vs. Basic membership features chart
Feature  Available to all users Search  Search for:
Find a cache ~ Advanced maps
Premium members can use advanced map features and filter options for the following maps as shown in the table below.
My account ~ Souvenirs
Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art displayed on your public profile. There are two main types of souvenirs. Geograph
My account ~ List of souvenirs
The list below includes all souvenirs. While souvenirs for geographical location are still discoverable, souvenirs for s