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The HQ Duck Dash Is On!

On August 30, 2001, Founder Jeremy Irish activated the world’s first trackable, along with a series of other tags based on the seven deadly sins. These Deadly Ducks headed out into the world to travel from geocache to geocache.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of trackables, Geocaching HQ is hosting our first worldwide trackable race: the HQ Duck Dash.

The Deadly Ducks listed on the map below are competing in the following categories:

  • Best Trackable Photo
  • Most Story-Worthy Moment (Best Log)
  • Furthest Distance Traveled
  • Most Geocaches Involved
  • Most Geocachers Involved

Winners in each category will be awarded eternal bragging rights, and you’re invited to participate! Find a Deadly Duck near you and help it achieve its mission.

IMPORTANT: To complete the race, these trackables need to make it to an event on International Geocaching Day, August 20, 2016. They’re counting on you to help them get there!

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Latest Movements

The map below shows the most recent whereabouts of the Deadly Ducks and other trackables registered for the HQ Duck Dash. See how many you can help find and move!

Watch this video or visit our Help Center to learn more about trackables.

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