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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex #AlwaysExploring

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex brings to life the epic story of the U.S. space program. We offer a full day or more of fun and educational activities, including the Kennedy Space Center Tour featuring the Apollo/Saturn V Center with an actual Saturn V moon rocket. In addition, enjoy the Shuttle Launch Experience®, 3D IMAX® space films, Astronaut Encounter, Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted and many other interactive exhibits.

Join the trackable expedition! #AlwaysExploring

Custom Earth Marble trackable items are earned after completing our official Kennedy Space Center GeoTour and showing your passport at the Visitor Complex. From there, help our trackables explore the planet. When you find an Earth Marble, keep it moving by placing it in another geocache and watch how far it travels. Learn more.

These limited edition Earth Marbles are crafted from recycled glass, kiln-fired, and made to last and be shared for generations to come. Each unique piece depicts Earth’s many mountains, deserts, forests, icecaps, and more than 50 rivers across all seven continents.

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