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Events, Past and Present...

12/3/2016 RANDCO's Annual Christmas - Meet, Greet & Eat by randco
12/3/2016 200 Months! by -DOLFINANDO-
12/4/2016 Jeep CITO Woman by LizardSally
12/4/2016 The 111° - 112° Sector by crypto51
12/5/2016 Panhandlers Holiday Gathering 2016 by PanhandleGeocachers
12/10/2016 Pinellas Annual Merry Meet, Eat & Greet Christmas by Pinellas Geo Team
12/10/2016 Meet and Greet at Street Audubon Center by FSUDad
12/11/2016 Waterway Park North CITO by Dale n Barb
12/14/2016 121416 by BanditBoy/HollyGirl
12/15/2016 Team Slocala's December Meet & Greet by OFTFF crew
12/17/2016 A White Elephant 🐘 Geocache Exchange Meet & Greet by rnrgrl & Froggy girl
12/17/2016 An Event for the Books 2016 by Fandango739
12/17/2016 2016 Christmas Party at Glenn Shoals by horseshoechamp
12/17/2016 Happy Holidays to You! by riaria, dolfinando
12/17/2016 Thirsty Event III: Santa Claus is Coming to Town by -DOLFINANDO-
12/18/2016 A Charlie Brown Christmas SCGA Style by Dale n Barb
12/18/2016 The Ugly Sweater Party by lucky7!
12/18/2016 Quick Disney get together III by Kingsnu
12/20/2016 Tacos, Grilled Cheese, Gyros, Donuts, Pizza- Dec by ikolor and Radioman
12/20/2016 Weeki Leaks by Clan Riffster
12/24/2016 The 10th Reindeer by Clan Riffster
12/24/2016 Ice My Cookies by Africacher's
12/26/2016 Who needs NYSE??? 2.Siesta Key TB Exchange is it ! by Joesie168
12/30/2016 Ending 2016 in Disney Springs by Goreelka
12/30/2016 Saying Good-bye to 2016 - a TAG Event by TallahasseeAreaGeocachers
12/31/2016 In With the New-Out With the Old 2017 by memomls
12/31/2016 A Great Way to End 2016 CITO by TallahasseeAreaGeocachers & Leeanne
1/1/2017 First Light 2017 by seastar255
1/7/2017 1st annual Treasure Coast Geocaching club event by Ki4mjo & hobolos
1/8/2017 Swansea Visits the First Coast (Again) by 4Swans
1/13/2017 Colorado comes to Kayak Day 1 by the crazy Colorado crew
1/14/2017 Colorado comes to Kayak Day 2 by Barasaur
1/14/2017 Fourth Annual Long Leaf Planting by PWCinPC
1/14/2017 SCGA's 10th Annual Picnic in the Park by Dale n Barb
1/15/2017 Watson likes a Clean House. by Barasaur
1/17/2017 Meeting with geocachers from the Czech Republic by mdenergo
2/4/2017 An X-Tream Bonfire, Meeting of the Minds by horseshoechamp / Funfinderone
2/4/2017 Geo X-treme Race 2017 by memomls

Latest Caches Hidden...

12/5/2016 Coconut Seat by Mr. & Mrs. Magic
12/4/2016 Sidewalk Soldiers by draconta
12/4/2016 Cool Caches #2: Ducks Are Great Cachers!!!!! by BengalsNASCAR
12/3/2016 Lift Station 1799 by Ibisman68
12/3/2016 Late Turkey by hapyhunter
12/3/2016 Hanging out in the oaks by tinkerkaren&hubby
12/3/2016 Left Straight or Right by tinkerkaren&hubby
12/3/2016 Kevins Yatch by Team IDC
12/3/2016 A easy one for Kevin by Team IDC
12/3/2016 Another Easy one for Kevin by Team IDC

Latest Trackable Items...

12/5/2016 12:00:00 PM Cache Fighter Travel Tag was placed in Holy Tustanuggee.
12/5/2016 12:00:00 PM Puzzle Solving 101 Remote Solver TB was placed in Puzzle Solving 101 - The Final Exam.
12/5/2016 12:00:00 PM Miki´s Ente was placed in Chameleon.
12/5/2016 12:00:00 PM The Wandering Gecko...... was placed in FORMULA CACHE.
12/5/2016 12:00:00 PM Mkuya's MEGA Switzerland 2014 (Silver) was placed in FORMULA CACHE.
12/5/2016 12:00:00 PM The Blue Travel Bug was placed in FORMULA CACHE.
12/5/2016 12:00:00 PM PATIENT # 236 - CLARENCE was placed in FORMULA CACHE.
12/5/2016 12:00:00 PM Mega Piratemania Trackable (1) was placed in FORMULA CACHE.
12/5/2016 12:00:00 PM Kate Austen was placed in FORMULA CACHE.
12/5/2016 12:00:00 PM TEP 013 - MOGA 2008 Geocoin was placed in Where is the Fire??? (Station).

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