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Events, Past and Present...

09/25/2016 CITO @ Hike & Seek by BabyRuthie
09/25/2016 3rd Quarter CITO Redux - Huguenot Park by IstKnight
09/27/2016 Midnight Meetup - September Sloshes by [JJDP]
09/27/2016 West Melbourne Ice Cream Social #5 by SgtMajH
09/29/2016 Hello World! - Ocala by ZaNaBoZa
10/01/2016 Range Pass Renewal Tailgate Event - Year 8! by Team OCD
10/01/2016 4th Annual Florida Pre-Zombie Get Together by memomls
10/01/2016 Erna Nixon Park CITO by SgtMajH
10/01/2016 Rockdale Pineland Preserve CITO by MulderNScully
10/02/2016 Silence is Golden(doodle) by Nakdimon
10/03/2016 ...........So Are The Days of Our Lives!!! by DirtyD13
10/04/2016 Did I Ever Tell You About Big Red???? by DirtyD13
10/05/2016 Co To Jest? To Jest Piwo!!!! by DirtyD13
10/05/2016 A little bit of Yorkshire Visits Orlando by CoinKezza
10/06/2016 Orange You Glad I Made This Event???!!! by DirtyD13
10/08/2016 Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Work Day by seastar255
10/08/2016 Wedding Cachers / Crashers Welcome! by AwayWeGo.US
10/09/2016 A little bit of Yorkshire visits the space coast. by CoinKezza
10/09/2016 International EarthCache Day 2016 by MulderNScully
10/09/2016 Beer Me!!! by Africacher and Loraxxxo
10/10/2016 Oh, We Can? @ Bow-Wee-Ghens!!! by DirtyD13
10/11/2016 When 10 + 10 = BEER!!!!!! by DirtyD13
10/16/2016 Meet the TowerClockMan at the Clock Tower by Towerclockman
10/17/2016 In Memoriam: Weigh the losses in trial by Hermine by rragan
10/19/2016 Pinellas Meet & Eat - October 2016 by Bedwards Mesmond
10/20/2016 Weenie Night in Ocala by Forest Minions
10/21/2016 Night Gauntlet/AFDB Contest by The Forest Minions
10/21/2016 Ocklawahaboy's Riverboat Rally: Parts Unexplored by ocklawahaboy
10/22/2016 Twelfth Annual Florida Finders Fest by Forest Minions
10/22/2016 Movie of the Month: October by Nakdimon
10/22/2016 Fallen Stars - 2016 by Cache House
10/23/2016 A well deserved paddling by Clan Riffster
10/23/2016 ICM's Sunday Ice Cream Social in the ONF by IceCreamMan
10/28/2016 Halloween Walk in the Dark by Tallahassee Night Cachers
10/29/2016 October 2016 Meet n Eat by SuncoastGeocachers
10/29/2016 Dr Evil visits Florida by Dr Evil.
11/03/2016 GIFF Comes to Jacksonville by memomls
11/03/2016 GIFF 2016 in Florida Panhandle by WeRTogether
11/05/2016 Trek Ten Trails 2016 Celebration Event by TrekTenTrails
11/05/2016 2016 GIFF Viewing Party - Clearwater,FL by Capt Biggins
11/06/2016 SCGA Gets Fired Up for GIFF by FloridaJim & Black Jeep
11/07/2016 Martin County GIFF Showing by Butterdish
11/12/2016 Pasco Geofest 2016 by WestPascoEventTeam
11/12/2016 Unicorns and Knockerballs by jbean2921
11/19/2016 Movie of the Month: November by Nakdimon
11/19/2016 Funcoast Bash 3 by Team Cache Divers
11/25/2016 9th Annual Black Friday Event by Dale n Barb
12/03/2016 RANDCO's Annual Christmas - Meet, Greet & Eat by randco

Latest Caches Hidden...

09/30/2016 Waiting For A Bus At Tanner Hall by p10trk
09/29/2016 Eye Opener by susanbimini
09/29/2016 Cacher at work #27 by auyantepuy
09/29/2016 McmillAmends by JeffGamer, flaminrosy , kevinochoa , epicalex24
09/28/2016 Just around the Corner by TravelingManatee
09/28/2016 Stop 4 What? by Team Ratpack
09/27/2016 NOELL'S CASE by SherlockFL
09/27/2016 Bela Lugosi by 90corvettedriver
09/27/2016 Where Caching is a Pleasure - Lake Park by Blackhawksbread
09/27/2016 Stony Defense by Marionette1987

Latest Trackable Items...

10/01/2016 12:00:00 GONIL 2014 Geocoin was placed in Fill your cavity.
10/01/2016 12:00:00 FSUDad's Traveling LE FFF X Geocoin III was placed in Jim & Maxie's Hwy. 441 Motel.
10/01/2016 12:00:00 Den standhaftige tinsoldat - The brave tin soldier was placed in Chained.
09/30/2016 12:00:00 Zap Zone Ticket was placed in Fallen Creek Cache.
09/30/2016 12:00:00 AMTG 00 Do Over Little Cow Bell....3 Dark Green Beads was placed in Raw Honey and Hot Boiled P-Nuts.
09/30/2016 12:00:00 Barney Bear was placed in Howard Barton's Travel Bug Resort.
09/30/2016 12:00:00 Maine Black Bear was placed in Howard Barton's Travel Bug Resort.
09/30/2016 12:00:00 Seeking Signal was placed in Howard Barton's Travel Bug Resort.
09/30/2016 12:00:00 Travel Flag Hawaii was placed in Howard Barton's Travel Bug Resort.
09/30/2016 12:00:00 Generic Travel Bug was placed in Hanging low, by the water.

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