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Events, Past and Present...

1/18/2017 Pinellas Meet & Eat - January 2017 by turtletrax38
1/21/2017 Saturday Morning Meet and Greet - Sunset Beach FL by Grey Wolf and Wild Rice
1/21/2017 Travel bug handoff and swap by GC Parrotheads
1/21/2017 TAG from NH comes to NH Street by That's a Given
1/21/2017 Brevard Zoo Work Day by seastar255
1/21/2017 Happy 2017 Meet and Eat by SuncoastGeocachers
1/21/2017 Fuzziebear3 - Meet N Greet Flash Mob by 7 Seas Cruiser 352
1/23/2017 Mobile Munchie Monday 2 by Montaukjen & kpub66
1/23/2017 January Slump Buster - National Pie Day by Team Cache-N-Run
1/24/2017 Quesadillas, Tacos, Nachos, Doughnuts in January by ikolor and Radioman
1/26/2017 Happy New Year Slocala Meet and Greet by themountainaires
1/28/2017 2017 Meet & Greet at the Creek by BabyRuthie
1/28/2017 Meet and Greet at GSE Hampton Track by FSUDad
1/28/2017 Naples International Event :-) - Meet the Tourists by Strombus and Wellner
1/28/2017 New Year, New Cache and Coffee at the "Sun" by MCF1nder
1/28/2017 Meet the Maker ( a.k.a. Q ) Gadget Cache Designer by Major_Boothroyd
1/29/2017 Tentacle Arm Kragle Outside Sprayer by jjt002
1/29/2017 Scavengers! by -DOLFINANDO-
2/2/2017 Groundhog Day Geo-event by RonC
2/3/2017 Heating up for the Geo Xtreme Race by Funfinderone and horseshoechamp
2/3/2017 Goat Island CITO by BabyRuthie
2/4/2017 An X-Tream Bonfire, Meeting of the Minds by horseshoechamp / Funfinderone
2/4/2017 Geo X-treme Race 2017 by memomls
2/4/2017 X-tremely Perked Up!!!! by DirtyD13
2/4/2017 Yak Attack Ulumay by Dale n Barb
2/4/2017 Geocaches, Geocoins, Geo-friends Oh My! by Dale n Barb
2/4/2017 Let's Meet and Eat Ice Cream! by Muskoka Pearl
2/4/2017 Greetings from HQ (Boca-style) by Rock Chalk
2/5/2017 An X-treme Morning After Breakfast by gatorman83
2/5/2017 Bean and Bagels Meet and Greet by Team_Shawnuff
2/5/2017 Superbowl Madness by Africachers
2/9/2017 Good Luck PhMJ & SassySaki by memomls
2/11/2017 "No Frills" Eleven - a meet & greet by rnrgrl
2/11/2017 Take a Hike - Take 2 - Prairie Creek Preserve by Goodsun1
2/11/2017 BOOMSTICKS Presents: Alexander Springs Paddle CITO by DirtyD13
2/12/2017 SMH: Milkshakes and Pudding???? by DirtyD13
2/12/2017 FINALLY!!!!!! Lake Cypress or Cypress Lake?? by DirtyD13
2/17/2017 Washington DC Escapees II by Grove at Arlington
2/18/2017 Barr Hammock Preserve CITO by CachingWithKidz
2/18/2017 Meet the White Clouds FL by White Cloud 65
2/19/2017 Meet and Greet in Port Charlotte by piker
2/19/2017 The Tide Is Right by scout1950
2/22/2017 GIFF Film Planning by alienchauncey
2/25/2017 Fort Fraser Trail Meet and Greet by FSUDad
2/25/2017 WC's 1st. Lake City CITO Event by willcast
3/5/2017 Pinellas Geo Event - 10 years in the making by PinellasGeoEventTeam
3/10/2017 9th Annual Moonshine Run Friday Meet and Greet by framptoncomesalive
3/10/2017 A Little Shine Around the Fire by horseshoechamp
3/11/2017 9th Annual Baker County Moonshine Run 2017 by horseshoechamp and Friends
3/11/2017 C'mon and get Crafty with the Champ by Funfinderone / horseshoechamp
3/12/2017 Moonshine Hangover? Breakfast Cure by Hawkhaven & Fl Geotravelers
3/14/2017 Pi(e) Comes In An Infinite Number of Flavors? by Obilon
3/31/2017 RANDCO's Trivia Night IV by randco
4/1/2017 LMSP Geo-Event VI by jedireitz
4/1/2017 A Unique Gainesville CITO v2.0 by jjt002
4/2/2017 LMSP Geo-Event VI CITO by jedireitz
4/8/2017 (OFTFFF) 5th Ocala's "First To Find" Frenzy Fest by OFTFF crew

Latest Caches Hidden...

1/22/2017 SCC Steeplechase - Prince of Peace by Hoosier Ranger
1/21/2017 FINAGLE by bocadixie
1/21/2017 I like turtles 🐢 by meeesh24 & bradytyler1
1/21/2017 Tree Philodendron by K.E.T.
1/21/2017 Push, Push, In The Bush by Lou_Ang
1/21/2017 Welcome to Lagoon Greenway park by kimleea
1/21/2017 Just a short walk by kimleea
1/21/2017 Fetterbush by K.E.T.
1/21/2017 Rosco's Hideout by pensacolacacheseeker & rvcacheseekers
1/20/2017 Silver Orchids by Faces59

Latest Trackable Items...

1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM TB Porsche 906 - Deutschland was placed in Orlando Airport TB Hotel.
1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM Heickchen's Brockenhexe was placed in Orlando Airport TB Hotel.
1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM Holiday Ammo Can Tag was placed in Orlando Airport TB Hotel.
1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM The Last Charge was placed in Path of Progress.
1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM All "Tangled" Up! was placed in Southern Travel Bug Hideout.
1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM MEGA-Phone II Geocoin was placed in Outpost 27.
1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM Just a Little Pixie Dust was placed in Pirates Treasure.
1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM Lineellas Jamaica Travel bug was placed in Exit 217 TB Rest Stop.
1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM GYPSY was placed in Exit 217 TB Rest Stop.
1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM DrF 1000 Finds was placed in The grass cache.

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