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Geocaching in Florida

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Events, Past and Present...

9/19/2018 Pinellas September Meet Eat & Greet by PinellasGeoEventTeam
9/22/2018 National Public Lands Day @ San Felasco Hammock by jjt002
9/22/2018 National Public Lands Day at Koreshan State Park by BabyRuthie
9/22/2018 CITO for and Souvenir and Clean Roads by SassyMama0
9/22/2018 CITO on Sample VII by Paragons of Science! & pencilpoints
9/22/2018 Cleaning up our City Park by PWCinPC
9/22/2018 LMSP CITO VII REDO by jedireitz
9/23/2018 Welcome Home by TeamFelixG
9/23/2018 Join us at Disney 2.12 by Kingsnu
9/23/2018 Loggers Run CITO by -DOLFINANDO-
9/24/2018 BOOMSTICKS Gets Perked Up!!! by DirtyD13
9/27/2018 BOOMSTICKS Presents: Remember that time when...... by DirtyD13
9/29/2018 September Cache and Coffee at the "Sun" by mama11ama
10/4/2018 Uh Huh, Yep, Roger, You Bet, Sure, Okay, 10-4!!! by DirtyD13
10/5/2018 BOOMSTICKS Presents: It's Friyay!!!!!!! by DirtyD13
10/5/2018 Quickie at Buckies by LizardSally
10/6/2018 Brevard Museum Nature Trail Blazing Work Day by seastar255
10/6/2018 The Farthest South I Have Ever Been by DougyB
10/7/2018 DirtyD13's 100th event hosted - $100 Giveaway!! by DirtyD13
10/9/2018 Turn and Burn, Part 1 by SmuversNinjas
10/10/2018 Hello Miami! by Mikkisek
10/11/2018 Sunset on Navarre Beach by nana18 and billanddeanna
10/13/2018 Sarasota County Parks Cleanup #7 by JaredG-D
10/13/2018 10th Annual Range Pass Renewal Tailgate Event by Team OCD & WeRTogether
10/16/2018 October Oxtails Orzo Orichette Oranges by ikolor and Radioman
10/17/2018 Pinellas October Meet Eat & Greet by PinellasGeoEventTeam
10/18/2018 Hot Diggity Dog, It's Almost Finders Fest! by Forest Minions
10/18/2018 The Brits are back by John&Jelene
10/19/2018 Hookers & Beer & Kayaking! by Forest Minions
10/19/2018 AFDB Anti-Probing Summit & Night Gauntlet Launch! by Forest Minions
10/19/2018 Off Road Adventure Rise and Shine Breakfast by Forest Minions
10/19/2018 Chili Challange by Forest Minions
10/20/2018 Florida Finders Fest 2018 by Forest Minions
10/20/2018 Ghosts of Geocaches Gone by Fandango739
10/20/2018 A Starry Night… Doorway to the Universe by Forest Minions
10/21/2018 Jovial Juniper Jaunt! by Forest Minions
10/21/2018 IceCreamMan's Sunday Social by Forest Minions
10/26/2018 Halloween Haunting Event by Africacher & Loraxxxo
10/27/2018 Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle of Grog by Team_Shawnuff, jdawg569
11/2/2018 Halloween Walk in the Dark 2018 by Tallahassee Night Cachers
11/8/2018 GIFF Night of Giggling by Jawsc
11/9/2018 TCD's 🎬2018 GIFF viewing 🎥 by Team Cache Divers
11/10/2018 Trek Ten Trails 2018 Celebration Event by TrekTenTrails
11/10/2018 2018 GIFF Viewing Party - Clearwater,FL by Capt Biggins
11/10/2018 GIFF 2018 in Florida Panhandle by WeRTogether
11/10/2018 2018 GIFF Viewing Party by youkfish
11/11/2018 SCGA Gets Fired Up for GIFF 2018 by FloridaJim
11/11/2018 Boca Raton Geocaching International Film Festival by -DOLFINANDO-
11/12/2018 2nd Annual "GIFF comes to Gainesville" by Bandid Boy/Holly Girl, JJDP, Stejenwell
11/17/2018 Taylor Creek Kayaking Clean-Up by coleclan
12/1/2018 A Wily Cacher Christmas by randco

Latest Caches Hidden...

9/22/2018 Welcome to Hendry County - West by Annaryu
9/22/2018 Hanging at Oak Trails by draconta
9/21/2018 Keystone Tranquility by FloridaPanther
9/21/2018 Listen to your heart by Elektrazz
9/21/2018 Ice and sleet and snow make for a slushy drive by Elektrazz
9/20/2018 That is the camo! by hapyhunter
9/20/2018 Remember when.. gas tank by Kasnody
9/20/2018 Not Your Usual GRIM by LoxHuntress
9/20/2018 LGA GRIM by LoxHuntress
9/20/2018 A Cachey Tune by Fpscc

Latest Trackable Items...

9/23/2018 12:00:00 PM BFF Travel Bug was placed in Welcome To Florida.
9/23/2018 12:00:00 PM God Bless America was placed in Welcome To Florida.
9/23/2018 12:00:00 PM Duplebug #12 was placed in On the Road - Again! #2.
9/23/2018 12:00:00 PM RaNDy Robot was placed in Exit 217 TB Rest Stop.
9/23/2018 12:00:00 PM 2017 Trackable Resolution Tag was placed in Baker County TB and Coin Stop Over.
9/23/2018 12:00:00 PM Affenfaust was placed in Two and a Half Caliber.
9/23/2018 12:00:00 PM USA Flag Tag was placed in 2018 JGC Crystal Springs Road Park.
9/23/2018 12:00:00 PM Hopper-Popper was placed in 2018 JGC Oceanway Center & Park.
9/22/2018 12:00:00 PM Finn was placed in Seekin the Beakin.
9/22/2018 12:00:00 PM Malibu Marauder Dog Tag was placed in Koi Land Trackables Hotel.

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